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Flashback Friday: {Repost} One Last Post Pre-Mommy {April 1, 2009}

Occasionally, I like to do a repost as my Flashback and today is just the day for it. I happened to be browsing my archives recently and I found the last post that I wrote before Ann Peyton was born. It's nothing incredibly sweet or sentimental, just a fun meme I copied from a friend, but I thought it would be fun to reshare. And maybe if I was superstitious, I could count on it being the last post pre Graves! By the way, I did put in some edits- they're in bold.

One Last Post Pre-Mommy

So, I totally copied Jamie on this one, but I thought it was such a cute idea. She did her 25 things but she also did 25 things about her husband, Michael, as well. I also thought this was a great idea --Rita is doing 25 things, but each thing is an entire post. I might do it later, but who thinks I'll have time for that any time in the near future? Yeah that's what I thought. And since I don't think Peyton will be hiring a nanny to enable my blog addiction, um we'll see about doing that one in a few months....maybe. Um, two years later and I'm on number seven. Gotta get on that. So here is my list about Peyton:

25 Random Things about Peyton:

1. He is kind of a green freak. Little things like recycling and turning off lights are really important to him. As are bigger things, like reusable diapers. Well, this hasn't changed, obs. Cloth diapering two should be twice the fun ;)

2. He has already decided that he wants to be called “Papa”. I think she’ll call him Daddy some too, though.
She does. And it's precious. Unless you think it's weird. In which case, I don't want to know about it.

3. I have made him into a freak-he actually likes to go shopping with me. And I swear I heard the guys at the gap snickering because he says things like “Sweetie, the other one is really more flattering”, as if he’s Clinton Kelly or something.
Yeah that, embarrassing.

4. He also recently saw a very “
tackily” dressed little girl and told me “If you ever dress my little angel like that I will kill you”. Doesn’t he realize he wouldn’t even know that was tacky if it wasn’t for me? I think he realizes it now.

5. Now that I’
ve made him sound really questionable, I will say in many ways he is a “guy’s guy”. He loves atheletic/outdoorsy things, GI Joes, and loved being a Boy Scout. I think we will have to try until we have a boy, too. Good, we can be done, now. JUST KIDDING. We are so, so not done!

6. He has already come up with a host of nicknames for Ann Peyton. He started calling her “Scooter”, but I said that was kind of boyish so he calls her “Annie Scoot”.
HAHA! I'm glad he settled on "Annie Banani". Calling Graves "Gravey" is a little more questionable, though.

7. He loves hats. In the winter he likes to wear Fedoras and now he’s looking for a straw hat for the summer.
He's acquired several since I wrote that.

8. He recently told our cat, Darth, she was a “beautiful Egyptian princess”.
He rarely speaks to Darth in such a way anymore.

9. He’s really protective of the cats. I hope this is a
forshadowing of how he will feel towards his daughter. Of course, it was.

10. He has
SOO much energy. It’s because he has ADHD. I want John Rosemond and the other people who think it’s a fictional disease to come live in my house. He does control it well, however. I used to call him Tigger, becuase of all his “bounciness” and I said I was like Piglet, because I am a worrier. Our children are going to be anxious little hyper-active worrywarts. So far, I haven't seen any hyperactive or anxious tendencies. Time will tell.

11. But when it runs out, it runs out. He is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up. When he was little his parents thought they had lost him, but he had fallen asleep in his toy box with the lid down. He also feel asleep on the bathmat while the bath water was running over him ruining the carpet outside the bathroom.
I do have to brag on him. Some of the women in my Bible study were saying how hard it is to get their husbands to get up and help them on Sunday morning. He IS hard to wake up, but once he's up, he's always willing to do whatever I need to help me get Annie ready.

12. He is always thinking about changing jobs. I finally just made peace with it. He wanted to teach school for awhile, own his own drug store, or be a nurse. He even went to seminary for awhile (not to be a preacher though; I think he would have liked to start some kind of apologetics ministry or something like that).
He still thinks about it a lot and I think he will eventually do something different, but I think he's really gotten to where he feels like he's in a good place with pharmacy right now, especially since he's become more active in pharmacy organizations and helping Walgreens start up different initiatives and things.

13. He
OVERCOMMITS. He has such a hard time saying “no” to people. This has become less of a problem. He's realized that he HAS to choose his priorities and I've gotten more laid back about not being upset when he tries to fit so much into a day.

14. He wants to live a lot of other places besides Jackson. Mainly NYC. I could live here forever, and just take visits to other places. But it’s a big dream of his so we’re going to do it.
Still on the agenda. Probably in about three years.

15. He likes casseroles. I hate food mixed together (I even eat my red beans and rice separate). He loves foods mixed together. I am a good wife and fix this stuff occasionally and eat cereal or a grilled cheese for dinner ;)
I do like a few casseroles now and he's gotten to where he really likes "separate" dishes like fish or brisket.

16. He loves to play chess and wants me to learn how to play with him.
Also still on the agenda.

17. He also really wants me to watch all the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies. Which I have no desire to ever do.
Again, still on the agenda. And still no desire.

18. He has led about four youth boy’s bible studies on purity at our church (which he’s only been a member of for maybe three years, if that). I think it’s an issue that’s close to his heart. That makes me feel good about raising children with him. I hate it when parents are scared to talk to their kids about sex!
I'm still thankful it's something that we both care a lot about and that we're both very open and honest about.

19. He is a very loyal friend.
I will say he's not always the best about "keeping up", but he loves his friends dearly and would do anything for them.

20. He thinks Curious George should be the first book we read to AP.
It was definitely one of the firsts.

21. He has recently taken up watching Pete and Pete and Salute Your Shorts reruns.
Pete and Pete is one of his all time favorite shows and he actually talked about getting a Petunia tattoo in homage to it. I went beserk and told him that if he was going to get a tattoo (which I would HATE) he should at least make it something meaningful. To which he responded that it would be meaningful. Small squabble.

22. He has a great relationship with my dad. There were no boys at our house (even my parents three pets are girls), and Daddy has just loved having Peyton around. Once I asked him (when we were dating) what he’d do if we broke up. He said “Well, he could still come over,
couldn’t he?” I just looked at him like he was crazy. Then he told me that Peyton was like the son he never had. It almost made me cry. They are still close and I know it's a blessing for both of them.

23. He has recently taken to doing “projects”, like my Dad, though on a smaller scale. He installed a shelf in our laundry room and now he’s working on a vegetable garden. He was planning on building AP a swing set this summer, but I think he's decided to just buy one now.

24. He wants to live on a farm when we get old (or you know, now) and have chickens and cows.
I've began to embrace this dream a little more. I have to say though, the Target withdrawal will be a painful, painful process. It's less than five minutes from my house and that brings me a lot of peace.

25. I have resigned myself to the fact that he is going to be the “fun” parent. I think I’m okay with that. We’ll see. He is and it's fine. She still loves her momma and I'm the only one she likes to rock her at night. As long as we have our "things" it really doesn't matter to me. I do think I'm more "fun" than I thought I would be. We are all very silly and I love that!

By the way, in case your curious about something other than my husbands
quirks and idiosyncrasies, obviously I haven't gone into labor but.....BABY IS COMING TOMORROW! We're going to the hospital at 5:00 in the a.m. (see #11--which will be harder, waking Sweetie or giving birth?--um, probably the latter!). So this time tomorrow, we should be snuggling with Ann Peyton. Well, that was a nice way to do it last night. This time I have other plans and I'm equally excited to meet Graves on his own terms. Ha!

P.S. I will post pictures ASAR (as soon as resonable), but I'm giving you a heads up, I don't do cottage cheese pictures. You're not seeing her until she's clean! I do stand by that!


Carrie said...

It cracks me UP that you will put just about ANYTHING on your blog, but you won't post pictures until the baby is clean. Haha! Just a cute little SD quirk ;)

Virginia said...

This is pretty random, but do you have a red beans and rice recipe to share with blogland? :) Can't wait to see the all cleaned off little Graves!
PS- My brother in law's first and middle names are Sean Garvis but for some reason everyone calls him Gravy. Its not as bad as you would think ;)