Saturday, April 2, 2011

Letter to (Two Year Old) Ann Peyton

I've not written a birthday letter to you yet. I'm not quite the voracious writer that your mother is, and I just don't settle down enough to do this sort of thing. We just finished having your second birthday party this morning. It was a 'tea party'. Some of your friends came- Hank, Aubrey, Simeon, and Mary Milton, and all of you had fun running around and being, well, kids. This is one thing your mother and I have talked about very much lately. You're not as much of a baby anymore. Yes, we know you've grown up all along. But there seems to be something more as of lately.

We moved you into your big girl bed last week and it's been going well. You really only fought having to be in it one night. Your mom sat by the door and put you back in the bed each time you got out. Once she was firm with you, you stayed in the bed. Now you even wait for us to get you out in the morning. There were a few nights you had some bad dreams and we couldn't quiet you down for 20 minutes, but you were able to go back to bed after a good snack of goldfish and orange juice!

You're also doing a great job of praying with us when you go to bed now. It's absolutely wonderful and a blessing for us to hear you repeat the Lord's Prayer when we say it together now. You have special ways of pronouncing 'ebil' and 'heavenin' and that makes it all the more wonderful to hear you pray with us. You even get your stuffed monkey to fold his hands together as the three of us do.

Now it's certainly not always happy days at home either. You've started to throw small fits with us. You'll get frustrated and throw yourself on the floor, tuck your hands under your chest and become non-responsive to us. Of course, we expected some small tantrums and it certainly could be worse, so we just let you lay on the floor for a minute until you've come around and then we solve the problem, whatever it may be.

This is where I want to say how much of a special blessing and opportunity it is for both your mother and me to guide you through times like these. I feel like you're quickly growing up and developing your own personality. You have preferences that are coming out stronger every day. Some things make you nervous and other things make you so happy, and it's wonderful to watch you develop in this way. But, it's also scary at times. We both know that we're helping you develop who you are, and we're influencing who you'll become and this makes us nervous at times. We always do what's best for you, even if it means letting you sweat out that tantrum or teach yourself that hard lesson to learn. It's an absolute inspiration to watch you grow and develop. Each day it seems to be happening more and more quickly. Just yesterday you learned the word 'xylophone' the first time I read it to you. We never know how you'll surprise us or what you'll experience new each day, but we're so blessed and appreciative that we can be there for you to show us. We love you and look forward to each day of your third year of life.

Papa (and Momma)

P.S. (From Momma): Your birthday outfit today was a 2T. Never thought you'd get there, baby girl!

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Miss Southern Prep said...

What a sweet letter! Happy 2nd birthday to Ann Peyton--she is just adorable!