Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picture Post: Welcome HOME, Baby Graves! (04.14.11)

I decided to save some pictures of Graves's first day home for their own post. Here they are!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_004Leaving the hospital

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_001 - CopyI cropped this one; I wanted a close up of his sweet face!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_006I know this looks awful, but Ann Peyton did the same thing. After researching it a bit, I felt like this was safer than buying something extra to stabilize her head (they aren't crash tested like the seat and they could cause the baby to flop forward). Anyway, I had to get a picture.

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_013Peyton's mom and Annie picked out some balloons for Graves!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_012Welcome home, Graves!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_018Annie warming up to "Baby Graves"

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_017She's so prissy!

I did some major cropping on this picture [I recently became very aware of what a, um, diverse group of blog readers I have and I want to respect that ;)], but Peyton took it while I was feeding Graves. He said he really regretted not getting one of the first time I nursed Ann Peyton, because of the expression on my face. I wasn't trying to simulate it at all; I really wasn't even paying much attention to him and I usually HATE pictures of myself, but I really do think this one is special and it's one of my favorites of myself.

I'm so glad to have both my sweet babies home and I'm so thankful to have Peyton home today, too! We are blessed beyond measure!


Holly Rutchik said...

What a beautiful picture of motherhood. I am the same way, I don't like pics of myself - but there is one from when my daughter was born where I am just looking at her and seem so happy - it's framed in our home - which is NOT what I would normally do. So, good for you. I liked the comment about your readership and having to crop. hahaha :)
What a special time for your family. Congrats!

Kristal said...

Love the nursing picture. Such a sweet moment. <3

Anonymous said...

So nice to see a nursing pic and a mama that researched car seat stuff before adding something unsafe. My little one's head flopped a bit too, but one I got the straps a bit tighter & kept the chest clip at armpit level it helped a whole lot. Good luck! It looks like you are doing an awesome job!