Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture Post: Welcome to the World, Baby Graves! (04.12.11)

Now that I've gotten all the pictures from Graves's big entrance uploaded, sorted, and edited, I thought I'd share them! We took a lot, but honestly, I wish I had more, especially more of us before the birth. It was truthfully one of the times I've felt closest to Peyton and confident in myself. Such powerful emotions. Oh well, we'll know next time ;)

Graves's Birth_20110412_002
Sitting on the birth ball between a contraction.

Graves's Birth_20110412_001
Another shot between contractions during the early part (probably the hardest part for me) with our wonderful doula, Carol Anne

Graves's Birth_20110412_003 Yeah, kind of hard here too! This was when I was really resting between them. I think one was starting. I wish I had gotten more during the actual labor and delivery. I was kind of preoccupied, though!

Graves's Birth_20110412_005
Ahh, rest!!!

I skipped sharing a few here- contrary to popular belief,I do have a line, and actual delivery photos (even though they're not that graphic and really don't show a whole lot), are it!

Graves's Birth_20110412_007
But there he is!

Graves's Birth_20110412_008
Falling in love already!

Graves's Birth_20110412_017
Afterward with Carol Anne

Graves's Birth_20110412_018 Dr. McMinn wasn't there (super sad), but her stand in, Dr. Sullivan-Ford was A-MAZING!

Graves's Birth_20110412_049
I just loved our precious nurse!

Graves's Birth_20110412_021
Everyone from the waiting room got to come in finally!

Graves's Birth_20110412_023
Giving instructions, I suspect!

Graves's Birth_20110412_026
This was Annie's first time to touch him!

Graves's Birth_20110412_030
Texting while Peyton fixed me a Cokie. I have my priorities, right?

Graves's Birth_20110412_032 Peyton's how Mr. Randy is pushing up his glasses for a better look!

Graves's Birth_20110412_033
I think he looked super cute in this picture. He's already changed so much!

Graves's Birth_20110412_036
Minnie and Graves

Graves's Birth_20110412_040
My mom does that face with babies all the time. She had to leave an Annieglass show for Batte and that's why she's so dressed up. Don't y'all love her lipstick, though?

Graves's Birth_20110412_042
I did this last time, too....I was so hungry, I just ate what they brought me. Peyton thinks it's hilare and he always takes pictures!

My dad took these on his camera and I thought they were so cute:
This was Ann Peyton's first time to meet her brother. She wasn't super interested.

I seriously look like a witch there was so much make-up under my eyes, but I love this picture of me and the babies.

Peyton tried to get her to pay attention to him, but she was really enjoying her milk!

She was so shy around him at first, but she's already really warmed up. She hears him cry and she immediately says "Baby Graves!!! Needs paci!!!" It's so sweet.

So there it is. One of the most amazing days of my life, captured forever. I am so thankful for the invention of photographs. Seriously, besides our family and other intangibles, they are probably the THING in this world that I value most. I feel that sentiment all the time when I look back at pictures of our family over the last two years. As y'all know, one of my favorite activities is looking back at pictures taken on this week or day a year ago and two years ago. Before I had a family, I loved looking at pictures, but I was never good about actually making myself take them. I knew I had to change all that, though. I am lazy in a lot of areas, but I try not to ever let that be one of them. I may not be a great photographer, but photographs are so special to me. They can't ever compare to the human mind in capturing and storing memory, but photographs (and music) are the best aids for that task- one of life's most fulfilling tasks, if you ask me!


Heather said...

I know Rachel from MC. She's a super sweet girl, so I know you had an awesome nurse! I've got to get better at taking pictures...I see yours and realize how bad a job I sometimes do at documenting events in our family.

Carrie said...

1.) I cannot believe you are SMILING and looking beautiful while in hardcore labor! I think I had a perma grimace on my face!

2.) Rachel was my nurse when I had Jude.

3.) Graves is SO CUTE!

4.) I can't wait to see yall again and hear all about life with two so far! :)

Candy said...

I am in awe of you, Sarah Denley! You did great and look great too. Really you do. Congratulations! I just got to read all of this that he was here. He is a beautiful little boy.

Nathalie said...

Beautiful pictures! Congrats again on the arrival of Baby Graves and great job on the delivery!! You should definitely be proud of your family and accomplishments!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

He is beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Katie Smith said...

love that you are already talking about "next time" - I know someone already said this, but as another person who has run a marathon, I think that pales in comparison to natural childbirth! you are inspiring. can't wait to see more pics of Annie and Graves together and hear/read more about how it's all going.

The Taffs said...

Congratulations! He is so handsome and that looks like one proud big sister!

Ashley said...

Love you so much!!! Thank you for posting pics--it's the next best thing since I couldn't be your doula ;)

Anna Walker said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome!
Congratulations! You are a gorgeous new mom!
Graves is so cute, I love how unique his name is! Your little family is so amazing!