Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proud Owners

I have to say that feel like I've been pretty successful in at least one of the goals I set for myself this year- to take more and better pictures. And that's due in large part to a great motivator- our new camera!

I briefly mentioned that we ended up getting the Canon Rebel T2i. We narrowed it down pretty quickly to the Rebel and the comparable model of Nikon (I can't even remember the actual name of the model). We read several reviews, experimented in the store with both cameras, and asked around to people we knew. In the end, there really wasn't much support for one being better than the other and, aside from a few really small features, they were very, well, comparable. We actually ended up deciding on the Nikon, but it was back ordered the week I was getting off bedrest and I wanted to make sure we had it for Graves's birth.

Well, obviously it wouldn't have mattered, but I'm glad we ended up with a Canon. For one thing, even though I know I've barely scratched the service, it's been nice having a few weeks to practice and read up on how to use it. Also, we didn't even consider this, but our point and shoot is a Canon and so the software is basically the same. It seems like such in a minute thing, but I'm sure it would have stressed me out to have to learn a whole new software program. This was as easy as figuring out how to plug in the camera and where to click to upload the pictures!

Like I said, I probably don't know even the smallest fraction of all there is to learn about this lovely piece of equipment, but I can already tell such a huge difference in the quality of our photographs. It kind of makes me sad that we waited so long to get it, but in another way I'm very proud of us. Peyton and I both wanted to make sure that we made taking pictures a priority and it wasn't something (like sewing for me or bike riding for him) that we had good intentions about, but never really got into the habit of doing consistently. Although I'm no photographer, documenting our days is something (maybe the ONE thing) that I usually feel like I do a good job on consistently. I think this thing will be MORE than worth it in the months and years to come!

Recently, my friend Carrie sent me a link to what appears to be a really great, comprehensive photography series that's not geared toward a specific model or make of camera. I'm SO excited about it, but if y'all have any other good tutorial sites, suggestions, or even your own personal tips, PLEASE leave them in the comments!

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Christi said...

503 photography has a great online program for teaching you how to use the camera. It's not cheap, but I figure you (I) invest so much into a camera that learning how to use it properly is a good thing. The classes do fill out insanely quickly though. I had surgery after mine started (I just audited) so I have it on the computer to go back and learn from.