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Weekly Happenings Post #107 (March 28-April 3)-- Babykins Number ONE Turns TWO!!!

(95) Family Picture (April 2, 2011)_20110402_001

This week was so much fun and it went by really fast. I've seriously gone into high gear with the nesting urges, although most of them this week were channeled into getting ready for Annie's birthday party on Saturday. It was a big success and we had so much fun. It's hard to believe I have a two year old. Peyton asked me the other day if I ever still thought it was weird that we were parents. [We used to just look at her and say to each other "We are parents. We are grown ups. How is she really ours??", but it's been awhile.] I told him that I thought it was a little weird that we were soon going to be parents to TWO children, but more than that, I think it's so weird that I have a LITTLE GIRL. Peyton touched on it in his letter, but she's really not a baby at all any more. When we mention her to other people we rarely say "our baby" now; it's mostly "our daughter" or "our little girl". I took awhile, but I finally had gotten used to having a baby, but I think it's so strange now that I'm old enough that I have a "little girl". Anyway, onto our Happenings...

We had another fun and busy Monday. Ann Peyton slept until around 8:30 and then we all got up. I took a shower and then worked on painting Graves's armoire again (I messed it up last week) and I tried to do a really good job. The tape helped, but I still tried to be careful and it took awhile. Peyton did some work on the computer and AP watched a movie with him. We all got ready and went to Babies R Us again, but they didn't have the kind of monitor we had decided on. I did get some sheets and mattress pads for the Pack N Play, since that's where Graves will start off. Annie and I also went by Target to exchange some sheets for her bed and get a few other things (hangers, storage boxes, and a treat for me- new pjs for the hospital!) and then we came home and ate lunch. It was pretty late by the time I put her in bed, but that worked well since she slept a little later than usual. She took a long time to get to sleep (about two hours), but she only tried to get out twice and she didn't really call for me that much. She finally fell asleep and of course, after about an hour, I had to wake her up. I'm just thankful she's adjusting to the bed as well as she is! I finished last week's Weekly Happenings post, addressed birthday invites, and started working on my header for April.

Once she woke up, we spent a couple of hours in her room. I made a TON of progress getting things sorted and organized and put up in Graves's closet. Annie ate dinner and went to bed pretty late and then I got back on the computer. Peyton and I talked for a little bit and I read my Bible and went to bed.

Monday night is a paragraph in itself. It took me FOREVER to get to sleep and then Peyton came in the room and it woke me up. Around 4:30, after about an hour of good sleep, a cat woke me up. [We usually put them in the laundry room at night and they can go out the kitty door or stay in just that room, but I guess we forgot.] Ann Peyton woke up twice around that time, too, I think once it was that that same cat came in her room. She woke up a third time between 5:30 and 6:00 and would not go back to sleep. We brought her in our room and she stayed in the bed for a couple of hours, but I couldn't get any good sleep. Peyton got up with her and I slept for about another hour.

I got up around 9:00 on Tuesday and Peyton took AP with him to run an errand to the Board of Pharmacy. The power was out because they were cutting trees in our neighborhood, so I took a bath in the dark and didn't get to blow dry my hair. I changed the sheets on our bed and addressed and mailed birthday invitations for the following Saturday- yes, I was a little behind! When Peyton and AP got home, we all went to Cellular South to see about changing over from AT&T. Peyton loves his iPhone, but they had a lot better rates and my phone has been acting crazy lately- won't make calls, going straight to voice mail, ect. The worst was last week when it sent our doula a message from three weeks ago that basically said "Where are you?". That freaked her out! Anyway, obviously, it's really not safe for me to not have a consistently working phone these days, so this week I finally made it a priority. We stopped by Subway for lunch, since we had a coupon.

Annie had lunch and then I put her down for her nap. I worked on re-editing some old family pictures that I had realized were done in a different font. It bugs me SO much when things aren't consistent and I wanted it done this week since I was using them at her party. When she woke up, we went over to my parents' house for a visit. We had fun and when we got home, it was bedtime. AP had one of the hardest nights she's EVER had. It was stormy and the thunder scared her. She also kept saying she was hungry, so I fed her a little snack. It literally took almost two hours of her fussing/whining/screaming to get her to sleep. I wrote my thirty eight weeks post, uploaded some pictures, and did a few other things on the computer. I read my Bible and went to bed.
Wednesday was pretty full. We woke up when Ann Peyton did, around 8:00, and got quick showers. My mom came over at nine to help us work on the nursery. We got Ann Peyton's big bed made up with new sheets and a makeshift dust ruffle. [The bedskirt has to be extra long because her bed rail is between the box springs and the mattress and the part of the skirt that is typically covered by the comforter is exposed. We couldn't find a long enough one, so we used a flat sheet under a regular beige one. It doesn't look quite as makeshift as it sounds! I'll do a whole post once the nursery is finished.]
Graves's Armoire_20110328_005 (1)
[This is how bright it was. It looks much better now!]

Peyton also dropped the crib and we made it up with Graves's bedding and then we worked on sanding some of the paint off the armoire, because the blue I used was just way to strong. To recap: I painted, but didn't tape and it looked messy, so I repainted it with cream, then taped and then repainted again with the blue. We ended up deciding to sand it and kind of destress it by rubbing some cream paint over the blue. It sure has been a process!

Annie and I left my mom and Peyton still working and got ready and headed to Fernando's (my FAVORITE Mexican place) to meet Carrie, Aubrey, and Jude. We had a nice lunch and the food was SO good. The girls did get a little crazy toward the end; they are so funny! After we got home, I put Ann Peyton down for her nap and I got busy around the house. I washed dishes, ironed our clothes for our church pictures that were that afternoon, and started (ha!) reading for the lesson I was supposed to LEAD in Bible study that night! We had to wake Annie up and we all got ready. I ended up almost making us late because the one dress I knew would work I had to pin so my bra wouldn't show and for some reason, it took forever. We had our pictures made, and they were typical directory shots. We all looked like ghosts we were so washed out. Peyton looked pretty much elderly the circles under his eyes were so bad, I looked like a really pale elephant, and it wasn't even flattering of AP. I know I'm biased, but I think she's very photogenic, so I knew it wasn't just us.

After we finished with pictures, we went by Cellular South. It seemed like the only plan they had was going to limit our minutes, but Peyton really wanted to keep his iPhone. I had really wanted a phone that had some sort of "data plan" where I could tweet, check my email, ect. but at that point, I told him I'd just get a Go Phone. I'm so sweet, aren't I? Ha. We ended up not being able to get anything anyway because the plan was still in Peyton's mom's name from when we were DATING. Wow. We stopped by Sonic and I finished reading my chapter for Bible study in the car and then headed back to the church. The Bible study went really well; fortunately it's an easy group, and everyone really contributes no matter who is teaching. We fed AP supper and put her to bed when we got home and then I spent most of the rest of the night in the attic- I brought some of AP's Winter stuff up and got down a lot of baby gear and just organized some. I also got down a few dresses and shorts for myself. Peyton and I ate leftover spaghetti and watched Army Wives and went to bed. It SO sad- one of the main character's child died this week. My worst nightmare. Surprisingly, I didn't really let it effect me that much. It was kind of another rough night. I had terrible indigestion and ended up spending the early morning asleep on the couch in a semi-upright position. Yuck.
Ann Peyton_20110330_014
So sweet!


[Gooby, professor looking husband needs a haircut!]

Annie slept LATE (until around 9:00) on Thursday. I had an OB appointment and I got ready and left her and Peyton in bed watching cartoons. My appointment went really well- I definitely made some progress! I also almost finished Crazy Love during the wait. I went by the post office to mail some things I sold on eBay on the way home. When I got home, I straightened up a little bit and then worked on putting up some of the neutral clothes (sleepers, bibs, socks, plain white onsies, ect.) that I had gotten down from the attic.

I put AP down for a nap and ate lunch and watched The Good Wife. I folded several loads of clothes and then she woke up. We spent most of the afternoon finishing up organizing the nursery. I still have more to wash, but everything that is clean has been put up. That was a good feeling! We read and worked puzzles and then I fed Ann Peyton supper and cleaned up the kitchen. I did dishes and scrubbed the counters. I folded another load of wash and then it was bedtime for Annie. I put her down and then I went crazy with some nesting. I had a bunch of piles of papers and stuff on the buffet in the living room and Peyton had cleaned out some junk drawers that morning and left some of it for me to decide what to do with, so I tackled all that. I went super fast and when I finished and sat down at the computer, it was like I could hardly think to formulate a post! I think that's what Peyton feels like all the time, ha!
Darth and General_20110331_002
I had to take a picture of them being so affectionate!

I finished up my April Happenings post and changed my blog design for the month and then I cleaned bathrooms and fixed us pita pizzas for supper. I uploaded all our weekly family pictures to a flash drive to put in a digital frame for the party and put up a bunch of laundry. It was really late, but I decided that I would at least read the next chapter in Mark. ([A few weeks ago, I started reading through the book without reading commentary, applications, ect- a challenge from our pastor, but I kind of forgot about it, lately.]

Friday was super productive- maybe one of my most productive ever, ha! Annie and I got up and got ready while Peyton worked on some pharmacy stuff. We went to Target to make a return and to try to get some printer ink and a phone charger for an old phone of Cookie's that I decided to try out. We made the return and got the charger, but they didn't have the magenta ink I needed (Walmart didn't have it when Peyton went the night before, either). We met Peyton at AT&T and got the phone situation worked out and then he had a a business lunch and Ann Peyton and I drove to Brandon to Office Depot in search of the ink. We found it! Once we got home, I got to work. I fed AP lunch and got the bedrooms and the study dusted while she was eating. I could have gotten more done but the sirens went off at noon (first of the month) and they scared her. After that, I vacuumed the study and the bedrooms. I did a really good job and used the suction tools. I loathe vacuuming and our vacuum is so heavy it kills my back when I'm not thirty eight weeks pregnant, but I knew Peyton wanted to use the time he had left before the party to make the yard look nice, so I decided to suck it up and do it. I have to say the sweet birthday girl made it a lot easier. Between reading magazines on our bed, playing with her Wheely Bug, and climbing in and out of her old car seat, she entertained herself really well for close to an hour!

I put her down for a nap once I finished and ate some turkey slices and raw broccoli for lunch- pretty healthy compared to the endless stream of Bagel Bites that I've been consuming! I changed out the ink in the printer and started to work printing some of AP's monthly pictures with PigPig and putting them in frames. I started to work on a little art project for the party and got out some stuff from last year that I planned to reuse and did a little bit of decorating. I got the mantle finished before she woke up. About the time she got up, my mom came over. She was going to help me figure out what serving pieces to use, but she and I ended up FINISHING Graves's armoire first and it only took about an hour. I was really pleased with it. We discussed what to use for the party and Annie and I had a snack of Saltines with peanut butter- which is like a dessert to her, she loves them so much. My mom took AP home so I could go to the grocery store by myself and I was so thankful. I cleaned up her room a little bit so I wouldn't have to do it when we got home and then headed to the store. I made a quick detour by TJ Maxx and Old Navy, just for fun. I don't know if Annie would have even fit in the cart at Kroger and it would have probably undone me to try to entertain her the whole time. I got almost everything I needed, but I ended up having to go to Party City for napkins and plates.

I got to my parents' house late and my mom got out some platters and stuff for me to use and we ate our Red Beans and my mom and I gave Ann Peyton her bath and then headed home. I finished up the little craft project (which took longer than I expected), finished printing monthly pictures, swept and mopped all the tile and laminate floors and cut up some melons (which also took longer than I expected). During all this, AP woke up. I rocked her, but she was pretty inconsolable. Finally, we brought her in our room. She did that same thing that she did last week where she wouldn't really focus on us or say anything. It's really scary and I got so concerned that maybe she has something wrong with her brain or something. Peyton said he didn't even think she was really awake. I'm telling y'all it's scary! I hope it's not "night terrors" or something. My theory (in the light of day, when I'm not too exhausted to think), is that she wakes up in her bed and doesn't really remember where she is. Peyton is SUCH a softie (honestly, I never thought he'd be one too spoil our children and I still don't think he'll get her a new BMW for her sixteenth birthday or anything like that, but he really is sweet). He got her a little snack and then got in her bed with her. [Which was actually a treat for him- she's VERY possessive of her bed and usually says "Papa, OUT!" if he tries to crawl in and snuggle.] It was around 2:00 AM when I finally got to bed.
AP and Peyton_20110402_003

I slept until about eight on Saturday and AP didn't wake up until nine. I got a shower, finished a little note to go on each party favor, and started sweeping and dry mopping in the living room. Peyton was already outside working in the yard! My mom came by about an hour before the party and I'm so glad she did. Once again, I don't think everything would have gotten done without her help. Actually, I know it wouldn't have. She cut up fruit and fed Annie breakfast while I got dressed, put up laundry, and finished with the favors. Peyton came in and got a shower and gave AP a bath and then he went to get doughnut holes while I got her dressed and took her picture with PigPig. My mom made some berry tea and I uploaded, edited, and printed a copy of the picture in record time. I was putting it in the frame when people started arriving!
(24) Twenty Four Months Old_20110402_003

Her party was just wonderful. Several of her little friends came and almost all our family was there. It was pretty laid back (we basically ate and opened presents), but it was perfect! I'll do a full recap with pictures later.
Annie's Second Birthday Party_20110402_019

After the party, my friend Logan stopped by. She had another engagement, but she wanted to see the birthday girl and drop of her present. My mom helped me clean up a little and then she and my dad went home. I put Annie to bed and Peyton went over to his parents' house since his grandmother was in town for the party. I got on the computer for a little bit, ate lunch, and devised a place for the two bigger presents Annie got. Then I just rested until she woke up ;) We did puzzles and played in her room until Peyton got home and then he watched her while I took a little nap. We got ready because we had a wedding reception to go to that night and then we dropped AP off at Peyton's parents' house and headed to the reception.

We had a great time at the party. The food was wonderful and we got to visit with a lot of friends. Peyton and I had a nice chat on the way home and Annie was in such a sweet mood when we picked her up. She feel asleep on the way home and we transferred her into bed. Peyton wrote her monthly letter and I (almost) finished cleaning up everything from the party. I think last year I let presents and wrapping sit out for half a week, ha! I read my Bible and went to bed.

We had a nice, relaxing day today (Sunday). We got up and went to early church together and then Peyton had to work and I went to Sunday school. The topic was on the "Clash of the Kingdoms" and it was all about our broken sinful nature vs. our new nature in Christ.
Ann Peyton_20110403_010

It was really good! We came home and I fed Ann Peyton lunch and emptied and loaded dishes and started laundry. My friend Kellie came over to bring AP a present and something for Graves, too. So sweet and when she left AP started pounding the door and crying "Keeeeellie!!!".
We played a little and then it was naptime.
Ann Peyton_20110403_014

During Ann Peyton's nap, I uploaded, organized and edited a bunch of pictures and folded some laundry. I also got a roast cooking in the crock pot. When she woke up it was almost time to go back to church. This was our last week of the Crazy Love study. We had a nice time and when we got home Peyton was back from work and we fed AP dinner and put her to bed. We ate supper and I worked on finishing up this post. I'm planning to fold some more clothes and read the Bible and go to bed.

Dr. McMinn really acted like she thought Graves definitely be here before my next appointment (which is Friday). If he doesn't decide to come, though, we have some fun stuff to do. There's one final kids' clothing sale tomorrow and then on Tuesday Peyton is off. We have a wedding to go to on Saturday and then on Sunday our Crazy Love group is having a little party. We'll see what of that I make it to!

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