Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #108 (April 4-10)-- The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

(96) Family Picture (April 10, 2011)_20110410_001

Y'all.....this waiting is getting tough. I hate to be a complainer, but I'm getting pretty ready for Graves to make an appearance!
I feel like all I did this week was organizing and laundry. I was waaaay behind on washing a bunch of kid clothes I've bought at various sales and stuff and I think the nursery will just be a work in progress for a while. Anyway, here's the rundown of our week:

I think everything just finally hit me on Monday, I was so tired. I seriously spent the week before, leading up to AP's birthday, feeling like I had more energy than I had ever had in my life. Monday was a different story, though. AP woke up around 7:00, but she watched cartoons in bed with me for over an hour. We got up and moving and had breakfast and then I cleaned up the kitchen. Peyton had put up the roast the night before and rinsed out the crock pot, but there were still a bunch of dishes, so I loaded them up and started the dishwasher. I got some laundry going, too, and then I did a organizing in the kitchen. I had put Easter candy in some jars that usually contain our sugar and flour and I wanted to leave it in them, so I found new jars for the sugar and flour. I also put together a little box of fun stuff for AP to play with in her high chair.Jars_20110408_003

We watched The View and I folded laundry and then it was bath time. That's when things went downhill. AP wanted in the tub, so I finished my bath super quick and put her in. Once she was in, though, she kept wanting me to help her because her little foam letters wouldn't stick to the tub. She was SO whiney about it and I finally just decided to get her out. She wasn't happy about that either. I got ready and I told her not to do something several times and she kept doing it. I spanked her and that, of course, made things even harder for awhile. After almost two hours of on and off fit throwing, I fed her lunch and put her down for her nap. She loved the "meat" (roast) from the night before and she went down for her nap pretty easily. I sent a few emails, made a phone call and filled out the rebate form for our camera lens. Then I ate lunch and fell asleep for awhile myself.

I ended up waking her up so we could go to an kids' clothing overstock sale. I was really tired and there was bad weather and so I debated just going early the next morning, but I thought what if I went into labor Monday night and missed my chance? HA! Also, Tuesday was Peyton's day off and I really wanted a nice lazy morning at home, since it might be the last one for awhile! Anyway, I dropped her off at my parents' house and headed to the sale. I was checking out and my dad called and told me to leave right then since the weather was really starting to look awful and it looked like a tornado could be coming. I finished checking out and hurried back to their house. I got a TON of cute stuff, but I mostly limited myself to things for next Summer. Their closets are getting so full and I decided that I'm going to try to declare a moratorium on eBay shopping through the rest of April and hopefully May. I do think Graves could use a few more newborn things, but I'm not sure how long he'll be in them anyway and I'm sure he'll mostly wear footie sleepers around the house at first anyway!

Peyton had a meeting at church after work and he stayed at the church until the storm blew over and then he came over to my parents' and we all had tacos and some yummy Mexican rice that Cookie made. Annie was in SUCH a good mood over there. We put her to bed right away when we got home and I got on the computer for awhile. I went through emails and did a few other things. I read my Bible and then I watched Army Wives and folded laundry and went to bed.

Peyton was off all day on Tuesday and we just soaked it up! I was kind of over stressing too much about everything. In fact, the other night last week after the wedding reception, Peyton and I went and "parked" like we did when we were dating. We just sat in the car and kissed, like we were teenagers. He asked me why I was so much more into doing that than I typically would be. My response? "I think I just have a lot of peace because my house is totally clean." His response? "Umm, I will clean your house for you every day!". Ha! Anyway, all that to say it's been really nice having it super clean from the party and all I felt like I need to do is a bit of straightening and maintaining each day.

Peyton was really sweet and got up with Ann Peyton and I slept pretty late. Once I woke up, we got ready and had a light breakfast and then went for a walk. We took Annie to the park, but they were doing construction so we just strolled over to the library next door. We had a fun time reading books and Annie, of course, loved it. Trip to the Library_20110405_003
After we got home, we took baths and got ready and then went to Pan-Asia, a yummy (obviously) Asian restaurant, for a late lunch. We ordered several sides and appetizers and some sushi rolls to share, instead of ordering an entree. It came out to not be nearly expensive that way and it was really fun to have such variety. One of the rolls had salmon in it, though, and it did not appear cooked. They said it was steamed, but it looked/felt raw. Peyton explained that it was not AS cooked as we expected and they took it off the ticket. He HATES confrontation like that, so I was proud of him for saying something. Annie fell asleep in the car, so we drove around and talked awhile and then transferred her to bed when we got home. She stayed in her bed for about an hour and I messed around on the computer.

Peyton was going to hang out with his brother at his parents' house and Ann Peyton and I went along, too! I think I was trying to get out as much as I could before Baby Brother arrived and um, tied me down. We had a nice visit over there and ate some soup they had fixed and then we went by Hudsons because my mother in law told me they had a ton of cute baby clothes. They did, but I didn't find anything I really needed and I had just bought so much anyway. I did get some exercise type shorts for myself and a step stool (which we've been needing) for the house. We put Annie to bed right away when we got home and I wrote my thirty nine weeks post.(31) Thirty Nine Weeks_20110405_013
I cleaned up the kitchen, folded some clothes, and worked on getting some of the baby gear ready (I took the covers off the swing/bouncy seat/ect. when I put them in the attic so they wouldn't get dirty) and then I read my Bible and went to bed.Baby Stuff_20110408_004
Baby Stuff_20110408_001

Wednesday was a nice, fun day. Annie slept really late (nineish) and woke up in a great mood. She watched cartoons while I took a bath and got ready and then I gave her a bath and got everything together. I fed AP breakfast and made a quick trip to the attic and we left a little early for our weekly lunch date with the Howies. I wanted to stop by Leap Frog, one of my favorite consignment stores, to look for a few more comfy newborn outfits and possibly a diaper bag (they have a section of new stuff, too). We didn't buy anything, which was probably very good and we ended up being a little late for lunch. Luckily, Carrie was running behind, too. I can't imagine how awful I'm going to be with two kids! We ate at Cool Water Cafe, which was a little different for us, but it was good and the girls (and Jude, OF COURSE) were really sweet.

I put AP down for her nap when we got home and she took a long time to fall asleep (almost two hours), but then took a good, solid nap. I wrote a post for one of my other blogs and then straightened a little and did laundry. Then I took a little nap myself. We both woke up and Peyton got home and we all went outside for a few minutes and then AP and I headed to church. Peyton stayed home because his brothers were coming over. We talked about Martha and Mary at Bible study and it was really good- I can so relate to control freak Martha! Once we got home, I feed Ann Peyton supper and put up a bunch of clean clothes in her room and then got her ready for bed. I did some more with the baby gear from the attic- mainly raising the "mattress" in the Pack N Play (which was not easy being super pregnant and without the manual that was in AP's room) and putting a mattress pad and sheet on it. Baby Stuff_20110408_002I got on the computer for a bit and heated up a casserole that someone had given us when I was on bedrest and we ended up freezing. I started working on the past's months family finances, read my Bible and then went on to bed.

Annie slept late AGAIN on Thursday. We have been putting her to bed a little later and I guess she's just adjusted her routine. Anyway, once we got up for the day, we had breakfast and watched a little TV and then I did some more organizing in the nursery. I think that's all I ever do- but since I like to buy (sometimes WAAAY) ahead, the big closet in there was filling up. I decided to put everything for Ann Peyton that is 3T and up and everything for Graves that is over a 12 mo. in a box on the top shelf! I took a bath while she played in the bathroom and then Annie had lunch and I cut off a bunch of clothes from the Overstock sale and some things my mother in law bought for them on sale after Christmas while she ate. They'd been sitting in our laundry room since February!

I put her her down for her nap and I accidentally fell asleep on the sofa myself. When I woke up, she was quite, so I went in to check on her, assuming she'd be asleep. Um, no. She was rocking in her big rocking chair. I went back over the rules for naptime and put her back in the bed with some birthday cards (that's her new favorite activity to do in bed- peruse birthday cards!). Peyton asked me later if I "got on to her". I said yes, why wouldn't I?? And he said that maybe I didn't hear her calling. [I know some people probably wouldn't put up with that, but she doesn't really invent reasons to get us to come in there. She's really independent about it and usually only calls us if she drops something, has a dirty diaper, ect. and it this point it's more important to me to focus on her staying in the bed than that we aren't going to come in there.] Anyway, first of all, I think she should know she has to stay in her bed until one of us comes, even if it takes longer than usual (I would have woken up eventually). And second of all, we don't have a monitor in there, but in the mornings even if our bedroom door is shut, I can hear her. I fell asleep sitting up on the couch, so obviously I wasn't in a deep sleep or anything. I'm pretty sure I would have heard her. By the way, I think I'm going to do a whole post soon about the bed transition!

After all that, she finally went to sleep and I ate lunch and folded laundry, made a few phone calls, wrote a blog post, and put the freshly washed cover on the bouncy seat. We went outside for a little bit when she woke up and I tried to read a little more in my book that we are reading on Wednesday nights since I didn't finish the chapter in time for Bible study. Annie kept crawling in my lap and saying "Hold you", though. Of course, I could not turn that down! We went inside and played a little more and then we got ready to meet my friend Morgan and her little girl, Mary Milton, for supper. We had Mexican and it was so much fun to catch up. When we got home, Peyton gave AP a bath and I straightened up a little around the house. We put her to bed and I messed around on the computer for a while and made a to-do list for Friday. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and read my Bible and went to bed. I didn't get into a "good" sleep until around three in the morning. I kept waking up every hour or less and I was having some pretty heavy contractions. I really thought something was going to happen!

AP woke up at 8:00 on Friday and we watched cartoons for a little while and then I got ready for my doctor's appointment. My mother in law came over to watch her and I grabbed a quick bowl of cereal and headed out the door. The appointment (or actually, the wait) was loooong and the jist of the appointment was that nothing had changed. Kind of a bummer after Thursday night. I did finish the extra chapter at the end of Crazy Love (it was a chapter from another one of Francis Chan's books) and about half a TV Guide. Ha! I ran by Motherhood Maternity to get some nursing bras and to Target to pick up hangers, batteries, and a new notebook for listmaking. I also found a neutral Boppy cover and TWO diaper bags I liked. They were pretty inexpensive, but they seem durable, so now after MONTHS of searching, I have two to decide between. [I ended up deciding on neither one, after all. Ha!] When I got home, AP was in bed for her nap and I talked to Peyton's mom a little and then she left.
Ann Peyton_20110408_004[This is one of my new favorite pictures of Ann Peyton.]

I watched an episode of The Good Wife, ate lunch, folded some laundry and organized my receipts. Peyton got home and Annie woke up and we went for ice cream and then to Petsmart so she could look at the animals. She LOVED both outings. Ice Cream Outing_20110408_005
Trip to PetsMart_20110408_004
Ice Cream Outing_20110408_008

We headed over to my parents' house for Beans and Rice and AP had so much fun playing outside, eating "BEANS!!!", and getting a bath. We put her right to bed when we got home and Peyton went over to one of his brother's houses for awhile. I worked on our family finances some more. I'm really tedious about it and not only do I catagorize everything in the program we use, but I also make "notes" telling what the actual purchase was, so I basically have an individual record of everything we've spent money on except for groceries. I'm weird and OCD, but it makes me feel better knowing EXACTLY where all our money is going. I read blogs for a little bit and then I did a little research on a couponing site. It's something I've tried before but never been very good at. We've saved a lot on groceries this month by just eating a lot from our pantry/freezer. We're bad about not eating what we have sometimes! I went to bed kind of late.

Peyton got up and went for a bike ride Saturday morning and AP and I stayed home and attempted to get a few things done. I did more organizing and when Peyton got home, we all went for a nice, long walk. That was one of the two things Dr. McMinn suggested to help bring on labor. The other one I haven't gotten quite desperate enough for yet ;) We took baths and ate lunch and then we ran a couple of errands. I decided I wanted to go ahead and get AP some Summer shoes before Graves got here, so we went by Stride Rite and Helen's Young Ages. We put her down for a nap when we got home and I fooled around on the computer and straightened a little bit and Peyton took a quick nap.

She woke up and I was about to go get her and I heard a big THUD and her screaming. From what I could tell, she kind of jumped/fell head first over the bedrail. So weird because there's a space at the bottom where she can (but isn't sopposed to) get out. Peyton thinks she climbed out through a little space at the top and stepped onto her bin of books and then fell. Either way, she's a lot tougher than she looks and she was fine within a few minutes. We all got ready and then dropped her off at Peyton's parents' house so we could go to a wedding of one of my high school friends.
Sarah Denley_20110410_002[I decided that I might one day want a picture of my pregnant self in something besides jeans, shorts, or boxers. Ha!]

The wedding was beautiful- such a reverent, worshipful ceremony and the pastor was very honest about how some days would be hard and "the vow would keep you" moreso than the other way around. It was lovely. We went to the reception and ate yummy food and talked to old friends and then we picked up AP. We put her to bed right away when we got home and I did a few things around the house and got on the computer. I read my Bible and went to bed pretty early.

We got up and went to early church today (Sunday). Peyton wanted to go early, so he'd have more time to do other stuff and I told him that was fine, but he had to wake ME up this week. He agreed and he did it! We all got up and got ready and made it out the door (pretty much) on time. Ann Peyton_20110410_002
Ann Peyton_20110410_001
The sermon was about how much God delights in forgiving us- how he will "leave the ninety nine sheep to go rescue one". Sunday school was more about dying to sin- really deep stuff, but I enjoyed it. We came home and had lunch and then we got out AP's little backyard pool for the first time. She had so much fun and we just relaxed. Swimming in the Carport_20110410_022
We put her down for a nap and Peyton left to go hang out with his confirmation guy and I worked on getting some pictures uploaded, edited and organized.Ann Peyton_20110410_009

I took a little nap, too and then Peyton got home and we all got ready and went to a pot luck dinner with our Crazy Love group, since we finished the book! The food was SOOO good and it was really nice to visit with everyone. I LOVE our Sunday night group. We let Annie play a little when we got home and then it was bedtime for her. I finished up this post and Peyton read and played some video games.

I'm REALLY hoping Graves decides to come this week. I do keep thinking of things I "need" to do before he gets here (one more trip to the attic, help Peyton with our taxes, one more load of laundry, ect.), but at the same's time! My due date is Tuesday and Dr. McMinn said she was comfortable with me going a week over, so that is good. I think I've mentioned, though, that Peyton had to put in for vacation awhile back so he's off this week regardless. It would be nice for Graves to actually come during his time off, ya know? Prayers would be appreciated.

By the way, here is the Tom Petty classic from the titular reference, one of my favorites for, oh, almost fifteen years...


Amy said...

a few thoughts on this post.....
1. i can totally see why that is one of your new favorite pictures of Ann Peyton - that's just about as sweet as it gets.
2. why in the world does your face not get pregnant? i am SO incredibly jealous!!
3. I can't believe you're still doing so's a struggle for me just to get up and down the stairs and i still have 3-4 weeks to go!
4. will graves use the pink bouncy seat? i ask, because that's what we have and if baby tippins is a boy - he will be snuggled up in a pink bouncy seat :)
5. i think graves is coming on wednesday - no science or reason behind it - i am just thinking wednesday :)

Christi said...

I love that dress. I'm so excited for your family.

thinking of you this week.