Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #109 (April 11-17)-- And Then There Were Four

(97) Family Picture (April 17, 2011)_20110417_001

First of all, I have to say that I feel like this week's post is super long. I think they all are, though. When I see other people do this type thing, they are NEVER as detailed as mine. It's just my OCD, but I have to write down EVERYTHING. I feel like I need to apologize. Ha! I hope everyone realizes that I mostly do these for myself, and I'm not vain enough to think anyone is really hanging on every word about when I wash dishes, have a bath, or flood the toilet. Just had to say that.

Onto the week's Happenings...

was a good, busy day. Ann Peyton woke up at six, despite talking to herself until 10:00 the night before. She was still really tired though and just laid between us in bed for about an hour. She didn't make a peep, but her eyes were open the whole time from what I noticed when I'd occasionally glance at her. Once she really woke up, we watched a few cartoons and then Peyton (who was off for the whole week!) got up with her and I slept a while longer. Once I got up, we all went for a walk, but we cut it a little short because it started sprinkling. I started some laundry, rinsed off the tub toys that AP had played with outside in her pool, and cleaned off her stroller because it had a ton of pollen on it. I took a bath and I noticed that the shower curtain had some mildew spots on it, so I scrubbed it and then got myself and AP ready for the day. I got kind of flustered and AP was SO cranky (I'm sure from being tired) and I really lost my patience with her a few times.

We met Carrie and the Howie kids for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. It was yummy and everyone was pretty well behaved. Annie did have to be taken to the bathroom for a little disciplining, though, because she's started hitting me and that is totally unacceptable. Also, unlike our last trip, our server was SUPER sweet and helpful. When we got home, I put Ann Peyton down for her nap and I finished up a blog post and then took a nap myself. When we woke up and I folded laundry and then we went for ANOTHER walk in an attempt to get Graves to come on. We walked for awhile and when we got home, we fed AP supper and she played a little and then it was time for bed.
I straightened the house a little and Peyton's brother, Michal, came over to watch Peyton do our taxes. I sat in on the lesson, too, so I could learn how to do them. He uses TurboTax, so it's really not that hard. It did take a while to do, though. I folded two more loads of laundry, went through a pile of papers, replaced batteries in one of Annie's toys, and (this is redic) took down the last of her birthday party decorations. Then I ate supper and cleaned up the kitchen. Once we finished, Peyton and Michal moved our bed over about two inches because it was too close to the vanity on my side and was really hard to make up and also helped me take some stuff to the attic. They hung out a little longer and I organized stuff in the attic for about an hour. I read my Bible and went to bed. I was up a lot during the night, feeling really sore and crampy.
I woke up for the day at around 7:30 on Tuesday (Graves's due date!) pretty sure I was in labor. I took a bath and ate something and confirmed it. Peyton's mom came over to watch AP and we headed to the hospital around 10:00. By 4:30ish, we had a baby! After he was born, I fed him and everyone in our families passed him around and then he went to get his bath in the nursery. Graves's Birth_20110412_021

I ate some hospital food and moved rooms. I also changed into my own clothes. Yay! Last time, I didn't know you could take the gown off whenever you wanted, but this time I knew better. Peyton had sweetly gifted me with an XL Fraggle Rock tee from Target (what a push present, outdid yourself!) and I wore that and his boxers. We played with AP some and then my parents took her home and Peyton went to get us some real dinner. My friend Morgan came while they were gone. Company is so much fun! Peyton got back and then they brought Graves back to nurse again. Morgan left and Peyton went home to get AP to sleep and I took a bath and blogged a little. I didn't sleep a whole lot Tuesday night. The pain medicine I was on made me kind of jittery and I'd wake up, startled, thinking bizarre things like "I've got to get my cell phone fixed" (already done), "Is it time to push???" (clearly already done), "I want to give Peyton a big hug" (sweet, but weird) or "Ohmigosh, WHERE is Annie's Charlie Brown book???" (also, totally random). It was crazy and it made me itch really bad! I also think I was just still running on a lot of adrenaline. I ended up calling the nursery and sending Graves because he was still spitting up a lot and I was by myself and was scared to go to sleep with him doing that.
I was up at about 6:30 on Wednesday, straightening and organizing my HOSPITAL ROOM. Ha! They brought Graves in to eat and then I talked to my mom and Peyton on the phone. AP had woken up several times during the night. I took a bath (and a shower) and got ready. Even though Peyton hadn'tbeen here as much as he was last time, several things did make this hospital stay better. For one thing, I really enjoyed the WiFi. Obs. Also, this time I actually got dressed (in cute pjs, but still!) and blow dried my hair and stuff and it made me feel SO much better!
Day Two at the Hospital _20110413_005

Peyton and AP got there and she had on an outfit that had been left out waiting to be put up. It was a 4T. HAHA! Day Two at the Hospital _20110413_010
Day Two at the Hospital _20110413_011

My mom and Carrie both came for a visit around that time. I hate that I took ZERO pictures with any of Graves's visitors! [By the way, I apparently am not the baby fashion coniseur that I pretend to be on the internet. Carrie was shocked that AP was in the redic outfit and Graves was wearing one of those paper shirts because he had just had a blowout diaper in the nursery.] My mom brought Annie a change of clothes and Carrie and I really enjoyed talking about birth stories. After they left and Peyton and AP left, I fed Graves and then Morgan brought lunch and visited a little. Darlene also stopped by to see Baby Graves and we had a wonderful time catching up. After she left, Graves had a MAJOR blow out and then had another one DURING the diaper change. Whoa. Our preacher stopped by and then my mom's friend, Sandy, and her daughter came to meet Graves. He had just eaten and was SUPER fussy, trying to burp. They didn't seem to mind, though ;) We both took naps and Peyton got back shortly after that. We talked for a while and he snuggled with Graves and then I took another bath and shower. Peyton left to go get Annie and I fed Graves again and he went to the nursery to get weighed. I got on the computer and wrote thank you notes until bed time.
On Thursday, we got to leave the hospital. I really did enjoy my stay, but I was ready. The first night, after being in labor all day, I loved being there relaxing, but by the second day I was getting antsy and by Thursday I was seriously ready to get moving. Peyton had a manager meeting and so his mom came over and kept AP. I feed Graves, ate breakfast, got ready, signed papers, talked to Dr. McMinn and the neonatal doctor, feed Graves, ate lunch, got everything packed up, and changed him into his going home outfit. Whew! It's funny how things are different with the second. Peyton and I talked about it and there is NO way he would have gone to that meeting when AP was born, but it's just different this time around. For one thing, it's the second, so we both know what we're doing more and he knew he wasn't going to miss anything being gone for few hours. Also, as a person (not just as a mom), I'm a lot more confident. Talking to the doctor by myself wasn't really a big deal and I knew I could handle everything else, too. It's nice to be more independent and I know I partly have AP to thank for that. She really made me grow up!Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_004

When we got home, Peyton's mom has straightened the house, organized, our fridge and cooked lunch during AP's nap. They had also gone to the grocery store that morning. Wow, what a sweet mother in law I have! AP woke up from her nap shortly after we got home. She warmed up to Graves a little bit and kept pointing to him, saying "Baby Brother!" a lot. She did have a few big melt downs over the course of the afternoon. One thing Peyton pointed out that I hadn't really noticed, is that lately she's been getting really embarrassed/shy about things. She got that way around Graves a lot. She'd go over to him and be warming up and then she'd act funny when she noticed we were watching her. Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_018

We had a nice afternoon at home and I got a lot done.I kind of just organized and put up stuff around the house and did laundry. My mom and Cookie came over for a little visit and that was fun. I put up laundry in the nursery and we got AP ready for bed and put her to sleep and then Peyton watched a movie and I got on the computer. Graves and Peyton_20110414_003

I started to read my Bible, but I was so tired. I was such a slacker about that this week. It ended up being a pretty long night. Graves was up fussing probably at least once an hour, sometimes a couple of times. I realized the next morning that I had left the ceiling fan on and even though he was all wrapped up he was probably cold. He wasn't hungry and he wasn't acting like anything was hurting him, so that's what I went with anyway. I felt so bad about it! Annie also woke up once, but Peyton just got in the bed with her (PUSH OVER!) and she went right back to sleep.AP and Peyton_20110415_002

On Friday, when everyone woke up, Peyton let me sleep in a little bit. He had a haircut that morning, so I got up and watched AP and Graves for the first time by myself. It wouldn't have been too bad, but the toilet got clogged and I tried to plunge it and flooded it (you'd think I'd learn just to wait on Peyton; I do that like once a month!). Annie was standing beside me and she slipped in the water. So she was crying hysterically and we were sitting in nasty toilet water and she had it all in her hair and I couldn't even bath her because I couldn't lift her into the tub. UGH. Fortunately, Graves slept through that whole mess and I just cleaned her off as best I could and changed her (and my) clothes and we did some laundry and then I fed Graves. Peyton got home and helped me give her a bath and then Annie and Graves took naps. I ate lunch, wrote a blog post, and did dishes. The thunder scared AP, but Peyton went in there and got in the bed with her again. I told her he could not make this a habit- it's a "big girl bed" not a "big Papa bed". Ha!
After everyone woke up, we got in the car and headed to do some errands. Graves did not really like the ride, so I hurried in and out of everywhere while everyone else waited in the car. We went to Target to make a return, to Shoo Choo Train for some baby booties, to Babies R Us to look for socks and then to Hudsons to get some more comfy shorts for momma here- all the errands I meant to do Tuesday morning before I started having hardcore contractions. After that, we went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice and we had a nice, relaxing time there. We pretty much all went straight to sleep when we got home!
Saturday was Peyton's first day back at work and my first day to have both the children by myself all day. I was a little nervous, especially since Saturdays and Sundays are kind of longer anyway (there is just one long shift at the pharmacy, instead of two and everyone else has their husbands at home so I don't want to call anybody to do anything). It really went pretty well, for the most part, though. Ann Peyton and Graves both woke up around the time Peyton left and I fed Graves and AP hung out and watched a movie in bed for a little bit. Annie and I had breakfast and started some laundry and then I decided I needed a shower. [I opted for a shower, since it would be quicker that my typical bath.] I put Graves in the Pack N Play and trapped AP in the bathroom with me. Well, she got so mad because she couldn't get in and then he started screaming, too. I finished up super fast and ran some more water and popped AP in the tub, right BEFORE I remembered that I wasn't supposed to lift her. I let her enjoy the bath and I put Graves on a pillow from our bed and dried my hair and then I got Annie out, since there was no way she could get out on her own.
I fed Graves and then got Ann Peyton's lunch ready and got her down for a nap and by the time I did all that, it was almost time for him to eat again. I did a few things around the house and then fed him and he went to sleep. It was his longest nap of the day and it overlapped by almost two hours with Annie's! Graves_20110416_002
Ann Peyton_20110416_001

I ate lunch, watched Army Wives, folded some laundry and did dishes, and then Logan stopped by for a very quick visit. And I still had time for a little nap myself before they woke up! Once they got up, we all just hung out in the nursery. I fed Graves and AP did puzzles and played. Graves started crying when I changed his diaper and it upset AP so bad she started crying, too. Pitiful. She also wanted his blanket and so I laid him on the floor and walked across the room to get one for her and she yanked it and he flipped over on his side. Ohmigosh. After a little bit, Graves went to sleep so I put him in the Pack N Play and AP and I had some much needed quality time just the two of us. My mom and Cookie came over for a little bit after that and for some reason, I just lost it. I was just really tired and I had this whole convo with my mom about how I couldn't understand why. She thought I was being ridiculous, but I mean Graves does still sleep pretty much the WHOLE day. They hung out a little bit and I think part of why I got upset was just that I was sort of lonely and I felt trapped not being able to drive for the next couple of weeks. It was nice to have them visit. Peyton got home and he took AP for a walk while Mom and Cookie helped me around the house. Peyton fed Annie supper and then we put her to sleep.
Graves got kind of fussy around eight o'clock and by ten he was in total meltdown mode. Annnnd, he stayed in it all. night. long. Seriously, Peyton and I just took turns staying up with him and nothing really helped. He was not hungry but he had a bunch of dirty diapers in a short amount of time and was kicking his feet so hard and gnawing his hands and just flailing around like he was dying. I got so worried, I called the nursery at the hospital. They said it was probably something I ate. Um, probably. I'm guessing the Lobster and Crab Bisque from Newks. I didn't even think about it because NOTHING I ate effected AP. Anyway, I stayed up with him until about two thirty and then Peyton took over for an hour. I got up with him again at three thirty and at five thirty I woke up with him asleep on my chest. I was so tired and just got hysterical because I felt so awful that I let him fall asleep in the bed with me on his stomach. The possibilities! We have friends who know a couple whose child suffocated (or actually I think it was ruled SIDS, so....) from falling asleep with his dad on the couch and now I'm terrified. Anyway, Peyton took over and I slept until it was time for him to go to work.
We all got up when Peyton left for work yesterday (Sunday). Graves was finally asleep and AP snuggled in bed with me for awhile. I called my mom and told her I thought we should cancel what we were planning on doing (her friend was coming over to help finish up with decorating the nursery). She said okay, but she'd still come over and help me. I decided I HAD to do something so I wouldn't fall asleep watching the children, so I did dishes and laundry, fed AP breakfast, swept the kitchen, and got things straightened. My mom got here and I was feeling better, so I told her not to call her friend. It was nice that she got here early, because she watched AP and I soaked in the tub and took a shower at my own (sloooooow) pace. Annie and I had lunch and I fed Graves and got ready and then my mom's friend, Lynn, (who always helps with decorating stuff), came over. We finished the nursery almost and got some done in the sunroom, too.Nursery_20110417_001
[I'll do a full post soon, but here's a sneak peak!]

When she left I fed Graves and we went outside with my mom and Annie who were having a "tea party" with cheese crackers. He went back to sleep (I tried to keep him up a little more yesterday- I think he may have his days and nights confused) and we put AP down for a nap. I got on the computer and just messed around for a little bit and then I read my Bible. AP took pretty long naps consistently last week and wow, what a blessing that was
My mom and Cookie came back over because I decided to go with Peyton to his youngest brother's Eagle Scout ceremony. I got ready and nursed Graves (I really didn't think I was going to get to go; he took forever to start eating!) and Peyton picked me up. We had a nice time and it was good to see everyone and they had delicious food afterward. It was good for me to get out of the house! The one bad thing about these situations (this happened last time when I went to a wedding two days after AP was born) is that awkward conversation when someone asked me when I was due. I feel worse for the other person, honestly. I mean if it's within a WEEK I'm not going to take offense, but they feel so bad. Oh, well! Graves was getting hungry so we didn 't stay too long, but he had fallen back asleep by the time we got home. Cookie and mom left and Peyton took AP with him to make a delivery to a pharmacy and I fed Graves. We got Annie to bed when he got home and then we watched an episode of Parenthood and then went to sleep.
I really don't even know what to expect for this week. I'm excited about having a relaxing day tomorrow, which is Peyton's day off. I'm sure mom and Cookie will be back over here a lot and (hopefully) we'll have some other visitors. I go crazy being here all day by myself (which is another thing that is totally different this time, when AP was a newborn I was really content being home all day every day for awhile, but it's so different with an active toddler who is used to getting out and about!).


Mary Louis Quinn said...

I thought it was so lonely being cooped up at home with a newborn, so I can relate to the emotional meltdown you had with your mom. Not to mention that when you are tired, things just always seem a lot worse! But I am tres impressed that you got out and about just days after you gave birth! I couldn't walk for a week nor did I put on anything but pj's for a week! :) It looks like y'all are doing great!

Anna Walker said...

Aw I'm so sorry about all the emotional stuff! I think it's so awesome how active you were after giving birth though, straightening and organizing, and it's lovely that you have so much family support!
PS we watch the same shows! Army Wives and Parenthood are great! :D