Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #110 (April 18-24)-- He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

(98) Family Picture (April 24, 2011)_20110424_001
[I didn't plan it at all, but we all sort of coordinated! Of course, all we had time for was the family picture, where you can't even tell. I may have us dress up in the same outfits just to take pictures sometime!]
As I said in a previous post, this week has been full of adjustments. Graves is not really a fussy baby, but it's still so different from Annie. Peyton and I are both getting used to that. And Ann Peyton is still having a bit of a rough time. Things are getting better, though!

She has never been what I would call a "strong willed child", but I have seen SO much stubbornness from her this week. She's started to do a lot of things that remind me so much of myself as a little girl- she's sort of OCD about certain things (like having all her blankets covering her at night) and she's so sensitive these days. On top of that, she's been acting out and saying "NO!" a lot. It's really been a struggle for me to know how to discipline her because I want her to know she does not have the power in this house; I want to "bend her will without breaking her spirit" as Dr. Dobson says. The trouble is that she seems to be a child with a very delicate spirit. I feel like I have been second guessing myself all week- I either feel like I'm being too harsh or too soft. We also decided to try time out again because she's started hitting and Peyton thinks it may be related to her getting spanked more lately.

How about some happy stuff, though? The Good News is that CHRIST IS RISEN! CHRIST IS RISEN, INDEED! Our Easter was a bit frazzled and I really didn't spend Holy Week truly dwelling on the Lord's sacrifice like I try to do, but in the end, this is what matters. We are Easter people. And we have every reason to celebrate the risen Lord. Today and every day. I am going to try to spend more time focusing on that next week.

Now, for the week's happenings...

Everyone slept great on Sunday night (I fed Graves at midnight, four o'clock, and then eight o'clock on Monday morning). AP woke up around the same time on and my mother in law called about that time to say that she and Peyton's grandmother, who was in town, wanted to come by and see Graves. I didn't really have time for a shower, so I let AP watch some cartoons and I put up laundry and just brushed my teeth and washed my face. I fed AP breakfast and straightened a little and then Granny and Ms. Denise and my sister in law, Elizabeth and her little boy, Simeon, came over. We had a great visit and it was fun seeing Granny. Ann Peyton really liked seeing her, too (and playing with her cousin!).Granny Visits Baby Graves_20110418_008
Granny Visits Baby Graves_20110418_004

After they left, I fed Ann Peyton lunch and put her down for a nap and then I fed Graves and FINALLY got my shower. Naptime was phenomenal. AP was tired and she slept over three hours and Graves slept most of that time, too. My mom and Cookie came over and brought a few groceries and a treat from The Yogurt Shop. We had a nice time and when they left, I got on the computer and uploaded and edited pictures and got them organized. Ann Peyton woke up and it was time to feed Graves and then Cat, a friend from our Sunday School class, came over to bring us dinner. She stayed a few minutes and then AP and I had a snack and watched Army Wives. She played a little and then had her real supper and I snuggled with Graves some. Peyton had had a meeting at church and when he got home he played with AP and then we gave her a bath and put her to bed.
Ann Peyton_20110418_011

I guess she wasn't tired from her long nap, because she ended up talking to herself and playing in the dark until almost 11:00. We gave Graves a bath, too, and I fed him and then we watched a couple of episodes of Parenthood and I finished my Weekly Happenings Post from last week. We went to bed pretty late and Graves woke up around 3:30 to eat.

I woke up again to fed Graves around 8:00 on Tuesday and when I changed his diaper her squirted me (from his behind) and made a mess all over himself, me, and the carpet. Peyton wanted to get some groceries anyway, so he took AP and they went to Kroger for carpet cleaner. I got to get a LOT more sleep because he didn't even wake me up when they came back. When he did wake me up, he had this:Breakfast in Bed_20110419_002What a sweet hubby, huh?

Anyway, after I got up and moving, I organized some of the kid's shoes for later and then fed Graves and then we all went for a nice long walk. Peyton pushed Graves in the big stroller and I strolled Ann Peyton in the umbrella stroller. We saw lots of ducks and turtles at the pond. Annie fell asleep on the way home and Peyton transferred her to her bed. When we got home, I fed him again because I wanted to make sure he didn't get dehydrated. Peyton worked in the garden and I wrote on a blog post and then took a shower.
Garden_20110419_010 In addition to all the food members of our church have brought us, we had lots of turnip greens for dinner this week!

My showers are getting later and later in the day; I may be bathing at night before this is over with! Once I got in, I realized there was no hot water. Peyton said something was wrong with the water heater and he fixed it really quickly, but I was already in there so I just took a freezing cold shower. Those are probably one of the things I hate most in life! Peyton and I talked a little bit and then I got ready and we woke Ann Peyton and Graves up and got them ready because we had our annual Ultreya picnic that evening. Of course, I undershot how long it would take with two and Ann Peyton's diaper had leaked and we were a little late. The picnic was really fun, though, and I was so glad to get out. Everyone was kind of surprised to see us there, but I had asked the neonatal doctor at the hospital when I could take him out and he said whenever now that it's warm. [Dr. Denney had told us last time to wait six weeks with Ann Peyton. I LOVE our pediatrician, but I had to get a "second opinion" on it. Ha!]

When we got home, we got everyone ready for bed (I had fed Graves before we left) and I changed AP's sheets on her big girl bed. It took me awhile because of the bedrail and I had to use a flat sheet because we only have one fitted sheet for a twin bed. We put her to bed and then I cleaned up the kitchen and straightened around the house and fed Graves and went to bed myself.
Graves_20110419_003We have a very similar picture of Annie- I need to do a comparison post!

He woke up at about four on Wednesday morning and I fed him and it took him awhile to get back to sleep. I changed his diaper before I fed him, but I realized I didn't pull the flaps out (it was a disposable) and HE had a leaky diaper. I got him changed and we went back to bed around six. Fortunately, Ann Peyton slept really late, like until a little after nine and then she watched cartoons for a few minutes while she had her milk. I woke up Graves and fed him and then we all had breakfast and watched The View. AP pitched a couple of fits for no reason and really didn't want to mind me. I spanked her once and I felt sort of bad. It's so hard to know how to discipline her- she's so sensitive and I don't want to break her spirit, but I don't want her to feel like she has all the power, either. I got brave after that and I decided to try a shower again after I got Graves sleeping in his swing. I hurried really fast and talked to Annie the whole time and she did fine and didn't try to get in. I made up our bed and she played on it while I got ready and then it was lunch time for her. I fed Graves and then got her lunch ready and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. Ann Peyton_20110420_001

I put her down for a nap and got on the computer for a little bit and then folded a bunch of laundry and watched The Good Wife. I don't know why I can't stay on top of the laundry when I'm clearly not doing any cooking or "heavy cleaning". I started cloth diapers with Graves this week, and I'd forgotten what doing it with a newborn is like, so that could be it!

Annie woke up and then I woke up Graves to fed him. Peyton got home and my mom and Cookie came over to bring some homemade chicken salad. We had a fun visit and we took Annie and Graves outside and Annie took a dip in her pool. After they left, Peyton and I took the babies on another walk. When we got home, Peyton fed AP dinner and I fed Graves and then I put up stuff/straightened in the nursery while Peyton and Annie played. We put AP to bed and I ate dinner and then fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and fed Graves and took a shower and went back to bed.

Ann Peyton woke up around 8:30 on Thursday and I got up and fed Graves. My mother in law called and said she wanted to stop by for a visit and play with Annie so I could get some things done. I took that to mean take a shower, so when she got here we talked a little bit and then I hopped in the tub and got ready.
Ann Peyton_20110421_002Annie and DeeDee played dress up while I was in the tub!

She stayed for a little while and when she left we all hung out and watched The View and then I fed Ann Peyton lunch. It was thundering and she got scared, so I ended up letting her just snack with me on the couch. She stood up and grabbed for my Coke on the table behind us and I told her to sit down and she almost squished Graves (who I was nursing). I put her down for her nap and he went to sleep, too. I straightened up a bunch of piles around the house, swept the living room, push up our Christmas china (I know that is insane, but it's snowmen so we actually do use it through February), and uploaded pictures to Facebook.

Ann Peyton woke up and I fed Graves and folded laundry. Darlene came over and brought us, as Peyton put it, "a ten course meal". It was fun to visit with her and catch up on everything going on at MDO and AP loved seeing her.

Ann Peyton_20110421_006 one of those fits

AP, Graves, and Me_20110421_001action shot-- getting ready to go someplace!

After that we got ready for the Maundy Thursday service at church. It's a really neat service and they slowly dim the lights in the sanctuary and extinguish candles one by one as someone reads the Passion. At the end, the sanctuary is totally dark and a someone bangs a cymbal. Then they turn on the lights and we sing "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord" and I usually cry. It's so powerful! We had planned to keep Graves with us but send Ann Peyton to the nursery, but there ended up not being a nursery that night. Annie made it almost all the way through the service. I didn't realize she had such good voice control, but she did really well with whispering (apparently, she and Peyton have a "whisper game" that they randomly play sometimes to practice for such situations).

We got home pretty late and fed AP dinner and Peyton got her ready for bed while I fed Graves and talked to my sister in law on the phone. She came in the living room and kept saying "Momma, rocka" and I told her I'd rock her after I got through feeding Baby Graves. And then....she hit him. Not hard, but ohmigosh, it blew my mind. It didn't really bother him at all and I was still on the phone and feeding him, so I called Peyton to come get her. He was tougher on her than he usually is, but he didn't realize it was so intentional- he thought she was just flailing her arms around throwing a fit. Either way, she told Graves and me that she was sorry and then I talked to her and we put her to bed. I folded laundry and we watched a Parenthood episode.
Graves_20110421_005 Y'all- look how big my little buddy is already!

Graves_20110421_001This picture just screams "I was born in Rankin County". Pitiful, Graves, pitiful!

I fed Graves and tried to go to bed. He was not having it, though, and was up fussing until almost three in the morning.

So, I was VERY thankful that my sister in law offered to take Ann Peyton with her and her husband and their little boy to the Ag Museum on Friday. I had planned to let Graves sleep as long as he could just this once (his diapers are unreal and I know he's getting enough food!), but I ended up having to wake him up around eight (I was so um, uncomfortable). AP woke up right after I finished feeding him and she was kind of cranky. I think she's getting more like me and is not a morning person. She wanted to watch cartoons in our bed, but I needed to get moving and I don't want that to be an every day thing anyway (although, I may start letting her watch thirty minutes in the morning, I haven't decided). I ate breakfast and got her dressed and got some stuff together and then Elizabeth and everyone got here and we switched her car seat into their car.
While they were gone, I took a nice long bath and then spent a good while uploading videos onto the computer. I fed Graves again and they got home right after that. Annie had a great time seeing the animals and was reportedly very well behaved. I fed her a little lunch and then put her down for a nap. During her nap, I ate lunch and straightened around the house and read my Bible and got on the computer for a little bit. She woke up and played a little and when Peyton got home, we put Graves in the nursery with the monitor on since he was napping and he mowed the yard and vacuumed out the cars while AP and I played outside a little. I fed Graves and then we went over to my parents' house for Beans and Rice. My sister's boyfriend was there and we made him hold Graves ;) We got back pretty late and put Annie straight to bed. I fed Graves and went to bed pretty early myself. It was a good thing because he was up every two hours that night!

Saturday was the first day I really felt a semblance of my old self. It was a really good day, despite how I mentioned last week that I usually kind of dread Saturdays because they are so long. Ann Peyton woke up around 8:00 and Graves was still sleeping, so I let her snuggle in bed and watch a video for a little bit. I fixed waffles (Eggos, ha!) for breakfast after that and she was in such a good mood all morning! I fed Graves and started some laundry and we played and then I put Graves in his swing and brought her in the bathroom so I could take a shower. I got ready while she played and then did a few things around the house and fed her a little lunch. Ann Peyton_20110423_007acting like her normal self for a while- praise the Lord!
Graves_20110423_008 (1)[An unamed friend told me "no" when I asked if this outfit was heinous at a consignment sale. Should've been a yes, friend. I was counting on you!]

I put Annie down for her nap and fed Graves. He didn't really want to be in his swing and was kind of fussy during a lot of Annie's nap. I read a few blogs, ate lunch, and "put my face on" (that's what my mom calls doing your make-up). About the time he fell asleep, my friend, Sue dropped by for a visit. Annie woke up a few minutes after she got here and we had so much fun catching up. Graves woke up before she left and she got to hold him for a little bit. After she left, I fed Graves and straightened some more. I put up some stuff in the nursery and then AP started getting cranky. I read to her and showed her some YouTube videos of songs she likes and then Peyton got home and we went for a short walk.
[Peyton took this one!]

We fed AP supper and put her to bed and then watched a couple of Parenthood episodes.
Sarah Denley_20110424_001

We stayed up ENTIRELY too late, but we finally made it to the season finale! We both went to bed pretty late.
Sunday was Easter and we decided to go to Sunday School and the 10:45 service. I woke up an hour and forty five minutes before we needed to leave (Graves is still kind of unpredictable in how long he takes to eat- sometimes it's a quick as ten minutes, sometimes it's almost thirty) and we made it out of the house in time! Peyton is so sweet and always really helps me on Sunday mornings. I don't think I appreciated it enough until I heard some women in our Sunday School class talking about how they have to get their kids ready all by themselves. I'm trying to be more appreciative now!
We had a great Easter sermon at church and after we got home we fed AP lunch and I fed Graves and then started to get ready to go to my parents' house to do Easter baskets and hunt eggs (we decided not to do baskets, at least this year, but if they grandparents wanted to, that was their business). Anyway, things went downhill fast. We decided to skip AP's nap and she was already getting fussy and then Graves had a blowout diaper all over his church outfit and my shorts! Peyton got super frustrated because the lights in our laundry room were broken, not just burn out and then I picked up a trash bag and it busted all over the kitchen. Of course, it had diapers and other gross stuff in it. Yuck! We ended up leaving with Peyton saying a few choice words and me crying and then we had to turn around because we forgot multiple things.
Easter Festivities _20110424_005
[Both asleep in the car. And yes, she's two and she's still rear facing. Graves is going to catch up to her size in months, ha!]
We stopped by Peyton's sister's house to drop something off and when we finally got to my parents', we watched AP play with her Easter basket stuff and then ate some lunch and I took a little nap while my mom held Graves and Cookie played with AP. We dropped by Peyton's parents' house and visited with his dad and brother and then we headed home.
Easter Festivities _20110424_007
I fed Graves and then cleaned up the massive disaster that was the busted trash bag (yes, we just left it earlier). Ann Peyton was so tired and we fed her supper and put her to bed early! I started some laundry and then uploaded and edited pictures and finalized this post while Peyton played XBox. It took longer than usual because we took a TON of pictures this week (99 to be exact...of just life).
I'm planning on feeling even more back to normal this week ;) On Tuesday, Graves will be two weeks old, so I'll be able to drive and lift things heavier than him (e.g. his sister!). I'm excited about that and about his doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I can't wait to see how much he weighs!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I am very worried about the transition to two kids but you make it sound pretty easy. I know it will have challenges. Have you tried the book Love and Logic? It suggests giving your child two choices for everything but always choices that you are okay with either way. Example Ann Peyton, would you like me to put you in the car first or Graves. Do you want to read this book or that book etc? It helps them feel some control without you giving up all the control. Hope that makes sense. It made a HUGE difference for Evie.

Katie said...

I just wanted to encourage you with Ann Peyton and remind you that her whole world has been turned upside down in the past 2 weeks with the arrival of Graves. She will go back to being her sweet, normal self, but the fits/misbehavior are in part related to the major change in her life!

Anna Walker said...

Oh my gosh! I think that you're going to have a blast when everyone get's adjusted! You'll have plenty of cute and good moments, that they well outweigh the bad ones that may happen. Maybe pray to God [I'm sure you're already doing this though!] but you know, just for guidance, patience and wisdom! :D [But this is coming from a lady with no babies!]
Good luck with everything!