Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue Jean Baby

Even though the world didn't end today as predicted, I do believe that I spotted one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse this past week...

Ann Peyton_20110516_001

Ann Peyton_20110516_003

Ann Peyton_20110516_004

Ann Peyton_20110516_006

That's right, baby's got her blue jeans on!

Albeit, they have gingham, eyelet, AND ricrac on them, but still.  Y'all.  DENIM.  

And because I have a weird inability to include song titles or lyrics in a post without including a videographical reference, even a poor quality one,  here ya go:


Amy said...

AP looks so cute in hr blue jeans!
and, on a totally unrelated note.... we used to sing, "baby's got her blue jeans on" all the time when we were growing up, but my dad would change the lyrics to "amy's got her blue jeans on..." and i was probably in high school before i realized those weren't the actual words to the song - ha! :)

Anna Walker said...

Cute outfit! Those blue jeans are just darling! Does she not normally like to wear blue jeans? I didn't really start wearing pants/jeans until like 2nd grade!