Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday: Big Guy/Little Girl {June 2, 2009}

So, remember last week I said that Ann Peyton was the same size Graves is now when she was two MONTHS old?

I was looking through some pictures of her around that time to do a little comparison and I actually found one where she is wearing one of the sleepers that Graves wears now (I did buy a few neutral ones). It's actually getting a little short on the big guy!

Here he is:Ann Peyton and Graves_20110430_002

And here's the flashback of Annie:

Ann Peyton_20090602_001

Ann Peyton_20090602_002
Ann Peyton_20090602_003
AP and Peyton_20090602_001
AP and Peyton_20090602_002
[And yes, the spinny part of that play mat was about as much fun as it looks. Awkward. Live and learn. And have another one and do better round two.]

Incidentally, I also found this picture (that I took with our old camera because I didn't know how to scan at the time) which led to this post which led to this BFF. Propoganda_20090602_001
How random/cool/divinely orchestrated is that???

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Catherine Sledge said...

Hello! So two things:
1. AP laying on that thing is cracking me up. Poor baby looks like she is thinking "what the heck is this thing that I'm laying on and why am I laying on it"--ha! It's crazy to see the comparison and see how big Graves is already!
2. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but we would absolutely love to hang out with y'all! I talked to Taylor about your comment on my blog and he felt the same way when we met Peyton that day. FB message me soon and we will work it out. :) I would imagine that y'alls schedule is a little more limited than ours, so let me know what works best for y'all. I'm excited!