Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Which Infection Overtakes My Body (Okay, I'm Being Slightly Melodramatic)

 TMI Warning: This post is about boobs.  No visual samples, but leave if you can't handle hearing about them.  [Which is not to say I don't have visual samples.  Because apparently, once one has a sister who is nursing school, and who moreover, was an active participant in one's child's birth, any boundaries one ever had with said sibling are nill and void.  And she sends you text asking for pictures.]

Soooo, just popping in to say hello.  And to tell you about the havoc that has been reeked on my body the past two days.  I feel so out of  sort, having not blogged but maybe two of the last six days (or something like that?).  IT'S SO UNNATURAL.  GAH.

Anyway, here's what's been going on:

I went to bed super early Monday night and slept TWELVE hours (with a few newborn nursing/snuggle sesh interuptions) and when I woke up I felt....MORE MISERABLE THAN I HAD WHEN I WENT TO SLEEP AT EIGHT THE PREVIOUS NIGHT.  WHHYYY?  WAAAAHHH! [MOMMY WHINE COMMENCES.]

Also, despite the fact that I had been freezing cold all night, even when snuggled up to Peyton, I was drenched in sweat and a little shaky.  So I took my temp.  100.7.  There's that. I did think, hmm, maybe matitis because my boobs had been hurting when I nursed during the night, but there were no specific sore spots and they felt fine that morning.  Mainly, I kept having chills and then getting crazy hot and I had one of the worst headaches of my life (which is saying something because in high school I was diagnosed with migranes.  Now, I think they were just tension or sinus related, but they were bad, okay???).

Peyton had already gone to work, my mom had recently had surgery and his mom was sick so, NO CHILD CARE.  Fun times, y'all.  I got through the morning by telling myself  "You pushed a (near) eight pound human out sans medicine, you can make it a few more hours until naptime".  Natural labor provides powerful coping mechanisms, yes it does.  There was one point when Graves (who is not always the best napper, but did, by God's grace, sleep phenomenally yesterday) was asleep and AP was in her highchair and I just escaped to the bathroom and sobbed, I felt so awful.

I did, with the help of Twitter Doula, Veronica, figure out that it was in fact mastitis.  One side of my chest had gotten a little sore, but nothing as painful as basically the rest of my whole body.  My throat hurt, my back and chest ached and my headache just got worse and worse.  And I kept having chills and then getting hot and I got so dizzy it was hard to even get up and walk around.

Fortuanly, we made it to nap time and I got to get some good sleep.  By the time the children woke up, it was only about an hour before Peyton got home. When he did get home, he took one look at my fire engine red boob and said "I'm glad you called in those antibiotics or we'd be heading to the ER tonight".  Incidentally, I need to thank the Lord for my OB (once again), who was sweet enough to call me in a script based on the the above description of symptoms.  Our family practitioner jerkwad wasn't going to get me in until Monday.  At which point, I'm pretty sure I'd either be dead or toxic.  Or not, but in really, really not good condition. 

Once Peyton got home, I basically took to the bed for the night save an impromptu family Newks trip, which I decided I was up to after a combined five plus hours of napping, but which, subsequently wore me slap out.

Today I'm a lot better.  Graves had kind of a rough night last night, but it was worth it to have had an easy day with him yesterday.  I'm going to really take it easy the rest of week.


Amy said...

bless your heart! thankfully i haven't experienced that, but have had friends that have and they say it is the WORST pain ever! and btw, i think you have every right to use the whole natural childbirth thing to your advantage. heck, i use the same line, "i just pushed an almost 9lb baby out...." but i was totally medicated, so i don't know if it has the same dramatic effect :)

Carrie said...

SD, I REALLY wish you had called me to help! We would have loved to have had Ann Peyton come over and play for a while to give you a break. Next time something like that happens and your family isn't available, PLEASE let me help!

Tara G. said...

Bless your heart- I had that nastiness several times and it's not fun!