Friday, May 13, 2011

Letter to (One Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

You are one month old today. I can’t believe how fast the time goes. But then I can, because I’ve done this before. This month…adjusting to having you in our lives, adjusting to being a mother of two and a family of four…hasn’t been entirely easy, but it has been entirely beautiful. We are so blessed by having you in our lives. It’s so hard for me to articulate how much we already love you and that love grows stronger each and every day. I am amazed at my capacity to love. Although everyone told me, I can’t believe my heart is big enough to hold so much love for you AND your sister. It’s like as our family grows the size of my heart grows, too! Maybe that’s why I feel like it’s about to bust sometimes!

You are a big little guy! When we took you to the doctor for your two week check up you weighed over eight pounds (almost exactly what your sister weighed at two MONTHS) and you measured very long! You’re already outgrowing some of your newborn stuff and lots of 0-3 mo. stuff now fits! In disposables, you still wear newborn diapers, but I think we’ll be moving up to a size 1 after this package. By the way, we had to get a lot more cloth diapers, because the number you go through in one day is UNREAL!

You were a champion nurser from day one and continue to be. I lost all but five pounds of my “baby weight” within two weeks and I have joked a lot that I have a great little “machine that sucks the pounds right off”. You nurse every two to three hours during the day and you’ve had a lot of good nights where you’ve gone four hour stretches. Some nights, you are still up every two hours, though. You sleep in our room in a Pack N Play and each night I swaddle you up and turn on the vibration and sometimes the music if you need it. It’s our little routine ;) You aren’t on much of a schedule yet and I’ve been surprised at how okay with that I am. We are pretty flexible these days and I know it will come in time.

You are generally a pretty content little baby, but you have had some tummy problems in your short little life. It’s just gas, but I know it’s hard when you can’t tell anybody what’s hurting you. We’ve tried gas drops, even the prescription ones, but the things that help you the most are having your warm rice sock on you (it worked wonders for your sister, too) and laying on Papa’s chest on your tummy.

By the way, you are a baby who LOVES being held. We don’t have to hold you ALL the time, but there are times you just want someone to snuggle with you and hold you close. [I think that’s another reason you like your rice sock some much; it feels like you’re cuddled up in nice, warm arms.] This is a big difference from your sister, who was so independent at a very young age. We really just held her for our own personal pleasure! It’s such a good thing for Mommy that you demand a little more, because sometimes I get obsessed with “being productive” or “getting things done” or just having time to myself and I forget to enjoy you enough. It’s especially good since you’re the second baby and there is so much more going on this time.

In some ways, you are a lot like your sister, though. You both LOVE being outside in the fresh air. We’ve been taking you two on long family walks when we can and you’re both so content just riding in your strollers for over an hour!

It seems like you also like activity. On the days we stay home all day, you are not at your best. You’d much rather see your grandparents or have a little outing. It’s weird you’re already noticing this!

You are doing so much, so fast! I guess it’s because you are bigger and stronger, but you’ve done physical things much earlier than your sister, it seems. You’re already gaining a lot of head control and you “scoot” a little if we put you on the floor. You can even roll a little onto your side. You make that Annie Baby look lazy!

Speaking of that Annie Baby—she had a hard time getting used to you at first and you two still have your moments (as I know you always will), but she’s warmed up to you and really does love you. I think she knows you are here to stay and she’s finally started to show some affection. She’ll sometimes want to hold you or kiss you and almost always wants to wiggle your toes and tickle the bottoms of your feet. She coined one of your first little nicknames, “Baby Graves”, and mostly refers to you by it. I hope she continues to use her little pet name until it becomes embarrassment for you. [I’m sure your papa’s nickname for you, “Gravy Baby”, will prove to be an embarrassment earlier….at least for your poor Momma!]

We love you so much, Graves and we love watching you grow and change. It’s so much fun to already see you growing out of clothes, attempting new skills, and forming your own preferences about things. I can’t wait to learn more about you and see the ways you make our family better and more complete. You are an amazing little boy and we adore you forever.


Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Just for funsies (and because I do it in your sister’s monthly letters) I will be sharing what size outfit you are wearing in each month’s photographs. This month’s little diaper set is actually a preemie. I bought it because I couldn’t stand the cute. Fortunately, it’s the same size (maybe even a little bigger) than most of your newborn things.

Graves- One Month Old_20110512_017

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Carrie said...

That's cute that AP calls him "Baby Graves." Jude used to be "Baby Jude", which I thought was super cute when Aubrey said it. However, David really got into calling him "Baby Jude" too and started calling him that exclusively. He told me it was his goal for that to stick and for Jude to ALWAYS be called "Baby Jude." Yeah, I had to put a stop to that, and "Baby Jude" is now just Jude. Hahaha!