Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skillz Set: First Scribbles

Okay, I know this is of no interest to anyone, but I'm sharing anyway because I already scanned it for sentimental reasons (as I do with lots important papers- birth announcement, birthday invitations, ect) and then I figured since this blog is my baby book in a lot of ways, I wanted to put it up.

Without further ado, one of Annie's first pieces of artwork:

[Our scanner makes those weird lines when there is a lot of white open space on a page.]

She has only just now started to be interested in coloring. Until recently she mainly wanted to eat the crayons (we still struggle with that from time to time). Maybe it's that I always put her in her high chair to color (it's so much less mess and it's just a great area for her to do "art" without getting crayon on the walls, furniture, ect; we also do play dough in the high chair) and she's often provided with crayons at restaurants. Either way, until late, she's thought they were edible.

Needless to say, I was very proud when she actually started making scribbles instead of just ingesting brightly colored wax.

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