Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Could Change Your [Blogging] Life

I mentioned that I had several "picture posts" that I needed to do.  I wanted to share something new that I discovered because it is so LIFE CHANGING.  When we got our new camera, Blogger started taking even longer to upload pictures than it previously had.  Now, we have a pretty fast connection, but even with the new editor, I could only upload three pictures at a time or it would "time out" and I'd get an error message.

Which would make a post like this one, um, difficult. 

Solution?  Windows Live Writer.  It's a neat tool used for creating post and it's SO user friendly.  I still write all my "text only" posts directly in a Blogger draft, but if I have more than, say, two pictures, I want to upload I use Live Writer.  Sometimes, it still takes a little time to get the size and spacing of the photographs right once you're in draft mode on Blogger, but I feel like it's saved me countless uploading hours. 

I'm so, so not one to enjoy trying new things.  I'm a girl who really hates change.  So trying this out was something I put off way longer than I should have.  But, I'd suggest it to anyone who, like I did, spends way too much time waiting for stuff to upload!

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Allison said...

Picasa works well, too. They have an online storage site and an application you run from your desktop. Just move all the photos to the application (or tell it to automatically do this for you), then upload them to your online storage. Blogger automatically links to Picasa, so you only have to upload them once, and you can do it in a big batch from the desktop. You can sort them into albums in Picasa, too, which makes it easier to find the photos you want to use when you go to put them in the blog post.