Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #111 (April 25- May 1)-- Our New Normal

(99) Family Picture (May 1, 2011)_20110501_001

Last week was OH SO MUCH BETTER! I feel like we're starting to fall into a (very flexible) routine and get back in the swing of things. Ann Peyton has warmed up to brother a bit more (see these adorable pictures) and I think my emotions are starting to level out a LITTLE bit. I'm very thankful things have gone as smoothly as they have!

was pretty busy, but super fun. I was somewhat productive and spent a lot of time with friends and I think both contributed (along with just getting adjusted and hormones leveling out) to me feeling a lot more like my old self. I fed Graves around 8:00 and Peyton got up with AP about the same time. They played for a bit and let me sleep and then I got up. Peyton decided to pull out our awful trash compactor after what happened with the trash bag busting in it the previous weekend. It's been gross, but that made it even grosser. Anyway, he removed the whole thing and there's a big hole in our kitchen now! I unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded another full load and then Peyton also took our little fridge that we had been planning on getting rid of to the garage. I reorganized some stuff in the laundry room and cleaned where the fridge had been and and then I worked on Graves's closet a little. I really feel like the nursery is almost completely organized and the laundry room is getting sort of close. I want to get every room in our house to be extremely organized this year. After that, I hopped in the shower and Peyton gave AP a bath. I mentioned that we needed to give Graves one, too and he carefully dunked his bottom half (up to his belly button) in the tub with Annie and then did his head. AP helped wash his hair and I was really proud of her for touching him. The whole thing did kind of make me nervous, though! I got ready and had lunch and tried to get AP to bed and then Carrie came by for a visit.

Annie had had a late breakfast, so I thought she wouldn't eat lunch, but she was screaming like I've never heard her in bed, so I decided to get her out and try to get her to eat. She actually ate really well and then I fed Graves and put her to bed. She pitched a HUGE fit and kept getting out and I kept having to put her in time out (we decided to do time out instead of spanking, at least for awhile- I'll do a full post soon). This was all while Carrie was holding Graves! She finally fell asleep, basically mid fit. I think she was overly tired from missing her nap the previous day. Carrie stayed for a long time (David was off so he had the children) and it was SO nice to hear some good advice and encouragement from a pro at doing the toddler/infant thing! After Carrie left, I fed Graves and then my sister in law came over to pick up some of the locally grown beef we bought that we weren't going to use. She and Simeon visited for awhile and they brought ice cream! Annie woke up while they were here and played a little and when they left Graves had fallen asleep, so AP and I had some good quality time together. We went outside for a few minutes, read books and looked at pictures on Facebook (one of her favorite activities). Karissa, a friend from Sunday School, came over to bring dinner and she brought AP a new book, too! We had fun talking a little and Graves woke up and she held him a little. After she left, I fed AP dinner. I had to feed Graves, too and that was pretty difficult. I had to stop nursing him a couple of times to go get her something else because I wasn't going to make her wait ten minutes in the high chair for more food. She ate a bunch of the soup Karissa brought and I worked on a little project- cleaning the gunk from between the screens and the windows in the kitchen. It was AWFUL. Then I got both of them to bed! I started more laundry and wrote a blog post. I messed around on the computer and then Peyton and I watched TV and we both fell asleep on the couch! I didn't wake up until it was time for Graves's early morning feeding at four AM. I realized I had never eaten supper, so I got a snack, too and then went back to bed.

Peyton got up with AP around eight and I slept in again on Tuesday- pretty late this time! I kind of felt like I had wasted the morning once I got up, but I decided to try to accomplish something. I went through the various toy areas in the living room and straightened since the room was a disaster and I put up clothes in the nursery since both the kids were being supervised in another room. I also restocked our two "changing stations" with wipes, diaper liners, and the actual diapers I had washed. I started a new load of diapers (I'm definitely doing a load every other day now) and went through some of the stuff that had been in the mini fridge (mostly drinks and ice trays- things that don't need to be cold) and then scrubbed the kitchen counters. I fed Annie lunch and got her to bed (of course, since we didn't have company for her to embarrass herself and her mother in front of, she went down SUPER easy) and then I fed Graves again and took a shower and got ready for the day (at about two o'clock). I got on the computer and started looking for what I wanted to be my May background and had a little snack. I organized a little more in the laundry room and tried to clean up some more piles in the kitchen.

Ann Peyton_20110426_005She fell asleep reading!

Annie and Graves woke up from their naps and I fed Graves and then we all got ready and were going to head to my friend Morgan's house to see her and another friend, Sara Ashley. was my first time to drive in two weeks and I HIT A POST IN OUR CARPORT. I was looking behind me, trying not to hit the 4Runner and I swiped the post. My car got a flat tire and I couldn't go anywhere, so they came over here! I did a little straightening really quickly. When they got here, we had Newks and I tried to feed Annie supper, but she wasn't too interested. We had a fun time and they ended up staying until nine. I knew AP was hungry, so I let her try eating supper again. She took a long time and I fed Graves AND got the dishes unloaded and reloaded. I got her to bed, but it was super late. After she went to bed, I read blogs and then Peyton and I watched TV and I filled out some paper work for the pediatrician appointment the next day. Graves was kind of fussy all night and I slept on the couch and he slept in his swing.

I woke up a little late, but we all managed to get ready and get out the door to go see Dr. Denney for Graves's two week check up on Wednesday. We had originally planned to schedule AP's two year check up, but Dr. Denney had been sick and he was pretty full. I decided we should all go anyway- we love doing stuff as a family and plus, I thought it would be good for AP to see Dr. Denney when she wasn't sick or needing a shot. He was running a little behind, but once we got there it was a great check up!Graves and Dr. Denney_20110427_001
After we left, we ran a bunch of errands. Peyton needed to go by the MPHA office and the Walgreens district office and then we went by Broadstreet and got muffins and I fed Graves in the car. After that, we had a lot of business at the bank (nothing big, just depositing some birthday money for the kids and my last pay check from MDO and that kind of thing) and then we stopped at Sephora so I could get some blush. I wear a lot of drugstore make-up, but for some reason, I like my blush and lipstick to be a little better quality. We made a final stop at the cleaners and Wear It's At so I could drop off a dress and look for a few more newborn outfits.

When we got home I fed Graves while Peyton tried to get AP to sleep. Ann Peyton had fallen asleep in the car and didn't really want to take a nap. She finally fell asleep, though, and I did too and then the tornado sirens promptly started going off. We didn't end up having to take cover, but EVERYONE was up for the afternoon. Fortunately, it was Peyton's day off, so he took Annie outside and let her swim in her little pool. I fed Graves again and then we went outside and hung out with them for a bit. Peyton washed her hair and gave her a bath in the pool and then they went on a walk. I got on the computer and once they got back, I fed Annie supper and did dishes and Peyton dropped off the recycling (we have to take it somewhere; they don't pick it up in our city). When he got home, I ate supper and then Annie and I cleaned up the den and and then we put her to bed. We started a new documentary, The Botany of Desire (it was about plants- weird but good), and I fell asleep on the couch before ten! I woke up and fed Graves and then went back to bed. He ate again at four and then six and then eight.

Annie slept REALLY late on Thursday morning and I did, too. Peyton went to run some errands and the rest of us didn't get up until after nine. Once we got up, AP had breakfast and I started dishes and then fed Graves. I put him down and took Annie in the bathroom with me so I could get a shower and get ready. We read books between me blow drying and straightening my hair and putting on makeup. Once Peyton got home, I headed to Target to get a few baby things (diapers, more pacis, a a few sleepers and PANTIES for Ann Peyton- we're going to try, but I'm not pushing anything at this point); I also got a skirt for me. Then I went by TJ Maxx to look for a couple of newborn outfits (he has maybe four cute ones), but I only found one thing and it's for later. I did find myself a dress, too. I was so disappointed at the selection at Target- they had at least five cute girl outfits I wanted, but nothing I liked for a boy!

When I got home, Peyton was playing with Annie and Graves. It was the first time I had left him with both of them (he kept AP by himself the day we got home from the hospital- I went to a wedding that night, ha!). Anyway, he said he had a good time and he was starting to enjoy Graves more. He always likes babies more once they're about six months old, but I had been obsessing because he hasn't really had as much to do with Graves as he did with AP when she was born. I think it's just that we're busier and also, he's been spending more time with Annie, which I think is typical for most families. The other night he said he thought it was cute the way Graves makes little sounds when he nurses (y'all- I could NEVER nurse the child in public; he sounds like a baby pig!) and I broke down in tears and told him it meant so much to me when he made positive affirmations about the baby. Ha! I'm redic.

After he left, I put the I fed Graves and got Ann Peyton some lunch and then I put them both down for naps. They neither one napped for very long and I didn't get much done. I got on the computer for a few minutes and then, as I was eating my lunch, Graves woke up crying. And then so did Annie. I got her out of bed and held Graves while I finished my lunch. We played a little and then I fed him again. I put up some laundry in the nursery and then I decided I needed to really be productive so I swept and mopped the kitchen, sun room, laundry room and bathrooms. I used to never do that when one child was awake, let alone two, so I was proud of myself. I just let AP play in the living room and I got Graves settled in his car seat in the kitchen with me, that way I could put up the gate between them when I needed to go do the bathrooms. It took a while, but I got it done and it felt so good!

Kind of reminiscent of a Where's Waldo? book, no?

We folded more laundry (WHERE does it all come from??) and then my mom came over for a visit. She played with Annie and we talked and I fed Graves and then we fed Ann Peyton supper and she went home. My friend Ellis was coming over so I let Annie stay up and see him. He read her a few books and then I put her to bed. Ellis stayed and played with Graves for awhile and we ate the pizza that Nick, a friend from church, had brought us and after he left I got on the computer. Peyton and I talked for a little bit and I put new batteries in Graves's swing and AP's little night time soother and then I read my Bible. I got on the computer and worked on my new header for May. I went to bed super late, but it was good to be so productive!

Annie slept late again on Friday. Getting her to bed later worked out really well this week! I got up and fed Graves and Peyton made us all breakfast and then I took a shower and got ready and went and picked up my dress from the cleaners while Peyton took Annie and Graves out in the backyard. I haven't been that ambitious yet, ha! They took forever to find my dress (I kind of paniced a little) and it cost a fortune. I don't see how people do it who dry clean a ton of stuff. When I got home, I cleaned up the kitchen. I scrubbed the top of the stove and the oven door and even took of the knobs and soaked the drip pans. I also put AP's high chair cover in the wash. We fed her lunch and and put her down for a nap. I fed Graves and then wrote a blog post and ate lunch. I fed him again and then I had to wake up AP from her nap because we were going shopping with my mom. It ended up being so late we only made it to one place- a baby store where I had some credit to use. I got Graves an itty bitty pair of swim trunks! After that we headed to my parents' house for Beans and Rice. We had a fun time and got home sort of late. I fed Graves and read some blogs and then Peyton and I talked and I started some laundry, wrote thank you notes, finished my May header and went to bed. Or, tried to go to bed rather. Graves was up off and on all night. He's a decent sleeper, but we've had about three tough nights and Friday was one of them for sure!
Peyton got up with him early Saturday morning (5:30ish) and took him in the living room. When I came in there again, he said he might have fallen asleep on the couch. It upset me so much, because I know bad things can happen in those situations and that's why I waited so long to ask him to help. He promised me that he'd do better and I went back to sleep. He ended up taking Graves and going to the grocery store because we were out of milk and AP had FAH-REAKED out the day before. When they got home, Graves had a pink paci in his mouth. He had had a meltdown at the store and Peyton bought it. It wasn't even the kind he takes ;)
Peyton was supposed to go play paintball with his brothers Saturday morning and he had REALLY been looking forward to it, so I told him just to go. It was a pretty tiring morning, but better than I had thought it would be. I left Graves in the Pack in Play in our room because I was worried I'd fall asleep watching AP, like I did a few times when I was pregnant. I made myself get busy, though (should have done that when I was pg- once I get going, I do okay). I had breakfast (AP had eaten hers while Peyton was still home) and scrubbed the drip pans I had soaked and put them back on the stove and put the clean high chair cover back on and scrubbed the actual chair. I took AP in the guest bathroom so I could get a quick shower before Graves woke up. She played and and once I finished getting ready, Graves woke up and I fed him and then read some books with Annie and fed her lunch. I put her down early for her nap and Graves fell back asleep, too. I straightened a little, and ironed some clothes because a friend was coming over to take pictures of Annie and Graves, and then I ate lunch and just relaxed and watched TV. They both ended up sleeping a long time (I put AP down at 12:30, but she didn't fall asleep for over an hour and then slept until 4:30!), so I took a nap, too.
My friend, Sara Ashley was coming over and I got Annie up and was planning to fed Graves, but she had a bad leaky diaper. It's bad with disposables, too, I'm really just ready for her to be out of them! I striped her bed and Sara Ashley got here and I fed Graves and changed his diaper. He teeteed all over EVERYTHING, practically in his own face and it went up his back in his hair, so I gave him a quick bath in the sink. [We still haven't gotten an infant tub (the one AP used was a friend's) and Peyton insist we don't really need one. He's been reading Radical and he also doesn't think we need a double stroller. Ha!] Sara Ashley took pictures of the kiddos, but she didn't have her camera and had to use ours and nobody was dressed for them, so we mostly just visited, buy did take some good ones with our camera. These are two of my faves:
Ann Peyton_20110430_011

While she was here, Stephanie, a friend from Sunday School brought supper. After she left, I fed Graves and folded laundry and then Peyton got home and he fed Ann Peyton supper while I put fresh sheets on her bed, straightened a little in her room and put up laundry and then we put her to bed. We ate supper and watched TV and I unloaded the dishwasher and got on the computer for a little bit. I read my Bible and went to bed. Graves_20110430_039
We got up super early yesterday (Sunday) for church. Peyton had to be there for confirmation since he was a sponsor. We got to the early service in plenty of time and it was a good service, but I missed a lot of it because Graves had a blowout all over himself AND me! I ended up going ahead and feeding him so I'd be on time for Sunday School. In Sunday School, we discussed ways we could be a more "missional" church. We stopped by and got doughnuts on the way home and once we got home, I took a nap. Peyton played with AP and then put her down for a nap (I had already fed Graves and got him down) and then he went to play Ultimate Frisbee. I worked on my Weekly Smorgasbord post and straightened around the house and started dishes and laundry.
I had to wake both the children up because we were going to my parents' house to eat a late lunch since my sister's boyfriend's parents were in town. We stayed for awhile and their neighbor ended up bringing us some food. Peyton went to evening church and we met him at home. We tried to get AP to eat supper (she had the worst diet that day- doughnuts and then Cheetos at the grandparents' house), but she wasn't interested. I fed Graves and then we put her to bed. Peyton cleaned out his closet and got some Summer things out from under the bed and I put up laundry. We turned on the news and saw that Osama Bin Laden had been killed! I finished my post and changed my background and then wen to bed.
This week I want to really challenge myself. I want to try to stay on top of the housework (and obviously taking care of the kids), but also add a few other things. I'm hoping to start back soon with my old cooking, cleaning, and activities schedules that I used last Summer. The main thing I want to be intentional about, though, is spending time with the Lord. I've gotten in the habit of praying spontaneously more, which has always been a struggle for me, but I need to make carving out a time for a true "quiet time" a priority!


Ellis said...

What happened to all of the good secular music this thing used to have? If I'm going to get a dose of hymns every time I happen upon the page, well, I'm done reading about my God daughter and the rest of your parenting lessons.

Just sayin'.

Carrie said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading! You can imagine how much that's stressing me out! Ha! Anyway, just had to say that the pink paci story cracked me up! I laughed out loud! That's such a Daddy thing :)