Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #112 (May 1-8)-- Bouncing (Slowly) Back

(100) Family Picture (May 8, 2011)_20110508_001Please look at Baby Graves. The Hair. The Eyes. Ohmiword.
Every week I feel better and better and more like my old self. Ann Peyton is really being a lot sweeter to Graves and taking an interest in him and for the most part, her tantrums have subsided. She still had some, but I'm chalking that up to normal toddler behavior (of course, we don't tolerate them).
This is kind of random, but Peyton and I have been reading a couple of books (Crazy Love and Radical) that have really made us realize how much we needed to scale back on some things. So we've been trying to evaluate all our purchases and embrace a more minimal lifestyle. I'm not saying we do a great job- I still buy WAY too much kid clothes and probably a lot of other stuff, too! Anyway, one thing I was convinced we "needed" was a double stroller. Peyton wasn't sold on the idea and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that usually when I run errands and almost always when I go walking, I like it to be a family thing and I wait until Peyton's home or I just go by myself. Also, the places I would take them (the grocery store, Target, Walmart, ect.) all have buggies anyway. [I think I'd feel ackward going in a smallish store with a big ole' double stroller, but that's me.] So, I agreed to try without one. I didn't realize it until this week, but it actually benefits me because I have to wait for someone to go with me (Peyton, my mom, Cookie) or until I can get a babysitter, which I really prefer anyway. To me, errands are so much more fun and low stress with a "helper" and with Peyton's schedule and both our parents in town I think it will be easy enough to only run errands to Target, Kroger and drive-thru places like the bank by ourselves.

Okay, so now for our Happenings:

Sunday was kind of a long night with Graves, but I decided I needed to just get moving when AP woke up on Monday morning. I played with her some and we just enjoyed our time alone together. I fed her breakfast and responded to some emails and then we watched The View and folded laundry. I fed Graves and then took a shower while AP played in the bathroom. I had an early lunch, but Annie didn't want any, so I took pictures for Peyton's birthday post and then just went ahead and put her down for her nap a little after noon.
AP and Graves_20110502_004

She took a nice long nap and I started more laundry and fed Graves again. I got on the computer and worked on a few blog posts and my mother in law stopped by with some yummy food and a gift card for Peyton's birthday. After she left, I uploaded and edited pictures and finished Peyton's birthday post. Everyone woke up and I fed Graves and we played a little and then Peyton got home.

Our friend, Tara (our youth minister's wife) brought Newks and a yummy "dirt cake" over for supper and then we all went for a walk. When we got home, we sat outside and ate supper and then we got AP ready for bed and put her to sleep. We watched TV and I folded clothes and then I finished last week's Weekly Happenings post and went to bed. Graves slept pretty good that night.

Tuesday was Peyton's day off and so I slept pretty late. Once I got up and we all got ready, we ran a few errands.Ann Peyton_20110503_002
AP and Papa_20110503_001[Don't worry, even I have lines I won't cross- he's wearing a swimsuit. Because, um, she's two. It was time.]
I made a return to Babies R Us and then we went to two of my favorite consignment stores in Brandon. I got some tennis shoes for later for $2.99, but that was all. We headed home and put Annie down for her nap and then we finished a movie we started last week. My sweet friend, Kellie, from Mother's Day Out, dropped by for a visit and right before she left, Peyton's sister, Elizabeth, came over. Annie had so much fun playing with her cousin and Peyton, Elizabeth and I had a good time talking. Play Date with Simeon_20110503_003
Play Date with Simeon_20110503_008[Girlfriend needs a barrette in the worst way.]

After she left, we all went for a family walk. The babies LOVED it and we walked for about an hour and a half! When we got home, I fed Graves and we fed AP supper and let her play a little while I vacuumed and then it was bedtime for her. I got on the computer and got caught up on blogs and email and finished a post. Then I straightened the house, read my Bible, wrote some thank you notes and went to bed.
Graves slept pretty good, but he woke up early Wednesday morning and had spit up. I changed the sheets in the Pack N Play and went back to bed and shortly after that AP woke up. She had a leaky diaper (Peyton used the wrong kind of cover the night before). It hadn't gotten on her bed (somehow!), but her clothes (that Peyton let her sleep in, ha!) were SOAKED! I decided to give her a little bath and then we both got back in the bed and watched cartoons until it was time to feed Graves again. She actually held him for a minute after I got finished feeding him. We ate breakfast and I got a shower and then we just played and watched The View until lunch. Annie ate lunch and then I took her monthly pictures with PigPig and put her down for a nap. Twenty Five Months Old_20110504_008Annie just recently learned to "Eskimo kiss" and she loves to do it!
Graves was pretty fussy off and on during nap time, so I didn't get much done. Actually, I spent her whole nap time putting up all our pictures from April on Facebook. Once they woke up, we got ready quickly (Peyton helped me) and then we went over to my parents' house so Cookie and my mom could run errands with us while Peyton went for a bike ride. We went to Leap Frog, my favorite consignment store, and got a few things for Graves for this Summer and then we stopped by Olivia's Food Emporium- it's a place with frozen casseroles and stuff. When we got home, I fed Graves and we met Peyton and went for a walk. We hung out in the back yard after we got back; Peyton worked in the garden, Graves slept, and Annie and I played with bubbles. We fed AP supper and got her to bed and then I finished her monthly letter. I had realized my glasses were lost earlier and I spent a good while looking for them. We ate dinner and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and fed Graves and had dessert and went back to bed.
Graves had a really good night and I felt pretty good on Thursday morning. Annie and I got the laundry changed over and started the dishwasher before Graves woke back up and then we had breakfast and I fed him. I got a quick shower and we just watched TV and folded laundry until lunch and nap time.
Annie ate some lunch and then I got her down for her nap and fed Graves. He ended up being super fussy for about half of Annie's nap so I just held him until he fell asleep. It was nice to enjoy him like that ;) I watched Army Wives and ate lunch and relaxed. I also managed to clean up a few piles around the house and make an eye appointment since my glasses were still lost. Ann Peyton woke up and we read books and I fed Graves again once Peyton got home, we all got ready to go get barbecue and go to my parents' house, since they invited us over. We had a nice visit and watched American Idol. We put AP to bed immediately when we got home and I fed Graves and then got on the computer. I wrote a short post for my throwback blog, did a little work on our finances, and read blogs. Graves slept a good four hours between ten pm and two am and then he was up every hour and a half or so...
Sooo, I was very relieved when AP slept until after nine on Friday. I was actually able to get up and really get going. We had breakfast, started laundry and unloaded dishes. I picked a bunch of little leaves out of one of AP's favorite blankets that she dropped outside and then threw it in the wash (if you wash it before you pick most of it out, it gets stuck worse) and then I thought of one more place to look for my glasses- in the couch. I found them....and a ton of gross junk. So, I got out the Shark and vacuumed and then my friend Haley texted me to see if she and her little boy, Hank, could drop by for lunch. I told her sure and decided that we should all go ahead and get our baths, since that was one of the big items on my to-do list for the day. Ha! I hoped in the shower while Graves was cat napping in the Pack N Play and AP played in the bathroom with me. Then I put her in the tub and dried my hair and then bathed Graves in the sink. She was so mad when I got her out and pitched a GIGANTIC fit. After that, I got everyone dressed and we did "the company clean up"- this time that entailed cleaning the guest bathroom toilet (I actually had time to do my toothbrush routine), sweeping the den, making up ours and Annie's bed, putting dishes in the dishwasher and just general straightening .
I fed Graves again and then Hank and Haley got here and we had such a fun visit. Hank was asleep when they arrived and Graves was, too, so Annie, Haley, and I had lunch (Chick Fil A!). Graves woke up and we talked some more and then I fed him and everyone played and visited. They stayed a good while and it was so nice to catch up!Play Date with Hank_20110506_001
Play Date with Hank_20110506_004
After they left, AP helped me clean up and then I put her down for a late nap. It worked out good since she had slept so late that morning! I finished straightening and then, since I had so weird burst of energy, I decided to do my sweeping and mopping of the tile and laminate floors. I got on the computer and then I heard a crash and crying from AP's room. Then fan was knocked over and she was on the floor. I asked her what hurt and she said "ELBOW!". We rocked and (surprisingly) I was able to get her back in the bed. She went to sleep and I finished a blog post. Both the babies woke up and Peyton got home. We decided not to go to my parents' house for Red Beans since there was a big festival type thing going on near their house and we knew traffic would be a nightmare, so we ate some supper and then he mowed the yard and the three of us played outside and then we all went for a short walk. When we got home, I started more laundry, put up laundry in the nursery and did some organizing in the sun room. I cleaned out my car and then fed Annie supper and we put her to bed. I fed Graves and got on the computer. I read my Bible and went to bed. Whew! I think Friday made up for my lack of productivity the previous few days! Graves slept really well that night, too!
Ann Peyton woke up again late-ish (around nine) on Saturday morning [I'm scared if I decide that it's her new normal she'll stop doing it!] and I fed Graves and started dishes and laundry and watched some TV. Our friend, Lacey brought us our last Sunday School supper and visited a little bit. My, has it been nice! Poor Peyton is going to be awfully sad now that the food is about to run out! After she left, Graves was WIDE awake, but I really needed a shower, so I got him settled in his crib and put AP in the bathroom with me. Right as I was getting in, he started fussing and then AP started crying. I don't really feel like a human until I get my bath, though, so we were all better served by me just going ahead and taking it. I rushed through it and then AP played and I put Graves in the bouncy seat and got ready. Annie had lunch and then it was time for her nap. She took a long time going to sleep and had a dirty diaper and I really thought napping might be a no go for the day, but she finally went to sleep and took a pretty good nap.
While she napped, I got on the computer, had lunch and took my own nap! I'm not really that good at napping anymore, but I made myself on Saturday. I woke up with a headache and when she woke up Ann Peyton was kind of in a grumpy mood. We just kind of chilled out and read books for awhile. She took Graves's paci right out of his mouth and gave it to MonkMonk and then when I was feeding him, she thought it was taking too long and kept saying "Burp him!! Burp him!". That part was really kind of cute and funny, actually. After that, I let her listen to music on the computer while I worked on our finances for about an hour. Cookie came over to hang out because my parents were going out with friends for dinner and then Peyton got home. I folded a bunch of laundry and we fed Ann Peyton supper and got her ready for bed. Once she was asleep, we watched an episode of SVU and then Cookie left. Peyton started a movie and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and fed Graves at one and then went back to bed.
He was up a lot during the very early morning hours this morning (Sunday). He wasn't hungry so I'm not sure what was wrong. He's in our room and I'm trying to keep it warm enough that he's comfortable, but I was sweating and had to turn on the fan. I don't know if that was it. Anyway, I took him to Peyton around 5:30 and set my alarm to get up thirty minutes later. Peyton got up after me and gave Annie a bath and took his shower and fixed breakfast. We went to early church and we made it on time! I was so proud of us. Since it was Mother's Day, they played a little game at church where they gave carnations to the oldest mother, the mother who had the most descendants, the mother whose child traveled the farthest to be with her on Mother's Day, ect. Guess who got the flower for having the youngest baby (which our pastor explained by saying "who gave birth most recently)? You got it, yours truly! Peyton had to work, but I went to Sunday School. I had been worried about getting the kids to the car by myself because the parking lot is pretty big and Graves's carrier is already kind of heavy and I'm scared to let go of Ann Peyton's hand for even a second to put him in the car or readjust. Of course, it worked out fine and the lady parked next to me actually offered to help once we got to the car.
When we got home, I fed Ann Peyton some of the spaghetti Lacey had brought us and did dishes and started laundry. I put her down for her nap and fed Graves and worked on this post. Annie took FOREVER to get to sleep. I mean she rolled around and played in the bed for near two hours. She finally fell asleep and slept for about another hour. Graves was kind of cranky part of the time, but after I heated a rice sock for his tummy, he calmed down a lot. I blogged, ate lunch, rested a little and went in to retreive MonkMonk and deliver a cup of milk. Then I tried to be productive- I changed over laundry, consolidated some piles on the kitchen table, located my breast pump and bottles and made my first attempt at using it. I guess I'm just producing a lot more or something, because (hallelujah!) I didn't have to nurse on one side and pump on the other like I always did with AP! I tried to fold down the Exersaucer because I decided I wanted a few months without the humongo, heinous thing in my living room, but I couldn't figure it out.
My dad came over to look at a light that Peyton needed help fixing in the laundry room. It turns out the whole fixture may be broken. He helped me with the Saucer and then AP woke up. Daddy left and Annie and I played and I put up laundry in the nursery and addressed thank you notes. I fed Graves and started getting ready because Cookie had called and said that they all thought Peyton and I needed a break and wanted to watch the kids for us. Peyton got home and I finished up getting ready and AP and I cleaned up the living room and then we dropped the babies off and went out for Mexican and got Krispie Kremes after that. Peyton and I had a great time and it really was nice to have a break! We got home pretty late and got Ann Peyton down quickly and then talked a little and I fell asleep. I woke up to feed Graves and read my Bible and finished this post.
This coming week is looking fun. I think we're going to attempt a few more outings and hopefully I'll be able to accomplish a few things, too. Also, Saturday is my birthday and we're going to a concert. Exciting stuff!


Christi said...

Sounds like you had a great week. Happy Mother's Day.

Meghan said...

I love your blog because it is soooo real. "I actually had time to do my toothbrush routine" cracked me up.