Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #113 (May 9-15)-- Two Steps Back

(101) Family Picture (May 14, 2011)_20110514_001
Well, I think this is a new record for lateness on the WH posts (and maybe a new record for how long I've gone without blogging in recent history!).  I'll be honest- last week kind of felt like "two steps backward" to me.  Don't get me wrong, Graves is doing wonderful and Ann Peyton had finally (I think) gotten completely adjusted and that's what's important.  I just felt like I didn't accomplish much and that's not my favorite feeling.  Oh well, do better next time!

It was so nice to sleep late on Monday. Peyton was home and he got up with Ann Peyton and let me sleep in. I woke up pretty rested since Graves had slept pretty well Sunday night. Once I woke up, I had a little breakfast, brushed my teeth and washed my face and then we went for a walk. A friend from church called to say she had a baby present so we met her at our house after the walk. It was pretty warm outside and I felt DISGUSTING from not having a shower and being kind of drenched in sweat.

I took my shower and after that I scrubbed the shower curtain liner because it was getting gross. We gave AP a bath and Peyton had one, too. The sun must have worn AP out and made her super hungry and she ate a big lunch and went right down for a nap. I fed Graves and Peyton and I talked and he read the introduction to Radical Together out loud and then I finished up a post and put up laundry. When Annie woke up, I got Graves up, too and we got ready to go to Peyton's parents for a late Mother's Day celebration. Annie was in a terrible mood (I think she was still tired) and did not want to help me clean up her toys. She even went to time out and I finally just told her we weren't leaving the house until she did it. We were about twenty minutes late, but we made it. My inlaws just got a new fence in their backyard so the kids could play back there and Annie had a blast playing with her cousin Simeon and sliding and swinging on the swing set. Graves was awake almost the whole time, too (I think it's the longest stretch he's been awake yet!) and was so content the whole time. My brother in law (who is a pizza chef) made a bunch of yummy pizzas and my sister in law had made a cake. It's funny because even after dating for four years when Peyton and I got married I don't think I could see myself going over there and hanging out with his family for three hours without him there. But now it just seems natural. I know I am so blessed; so many people I know have trouble with their in laws, but mine are just so good to us!

When we got home, I fed Graves and read some books to AP and then I put her right to bed. I caught up on blogs and started a post for the next day. Peyton and I talked a little when he got home and then went to bed.

Tuesday was a really long day (although I did get a huge nap break in the middle of it). Peyton had a manager meeting and a meeting with the financial planner in the morning and then was working that afternoon. So I was solo parenting for about fourteen hours. I felt so tired all day. It was the one day we were staying home all day and I had planned to be productive, but I ended up really not accomplishing a lot. I hate that feeling but I have to remind myself that getting everyone fed, bathed, and diapered is something. And when I factor in my own meals, showers, and bathroom breaks, sometimes it's a lot. Ha!

Anyway, Annie got up when Peyton left around eightish and I went ahead and got a shower before Graves woke up. We did our usual dishes and laundry routine and Annie had breakfast and I also scrubbed the kitchen counters. I folded laundry and watched The View and she played and then Graves woke up and ate. I got AP's lunch ready early and put her down for a nap early too because I wanted her to go to sleep early since we were planning a little day trip for Wednesday. She played in bed for almost an hour and then slept for almost THREE more. Whoa. I got on the computer and worked on a post, but I couldn't get the spacing right and I fooled around with it forever. Then I watched Army Wives and ate lunch and fed Graves again. Graves got fussy after that, so I just held him and watched part of The Good Wife until Annie woke up. I hate that I didn't do much during her nap, but in the end I'm glad because the evening was long enough without being more tired.

When AP woke up, we read and played in their room and I tried to soothe Graves some more and once he finally got calm, I folded and put up laundry in their room. I fed Graves and got AP's supper ready and gave her a bath. Of course, Graves started melting down right as it was time for her to go to bed. I fed him and got him calm and then did her nighttime routine and put her in bed. She had kind of a hard time getting to sleep and Graves cranked up AGAIN. Whew, it's a good thing I love that little boy so much! I finished the episode of The Good Wife and got on the computer again and finally finished my post. I talked to Peyton some and then went to bed.

Graves only woke up once and that was great because I woke up around 6:00 on Wednesday to get ready for our little day trip to see Granny. She lives about an hour and a half south of us and I slept the whole way down (okay, I did wake up for doughnuts!). Graves slept, too, and AP just played quietly with MonkMonk the whole way. We got there and had a big lunch and good time visiting. Peyton's mom and sister and her little boy happened to be going that day, too, so that made it even more fun! We stayed for several hours and had a good time just playing and talking.
Trip to Granny's House_20110511_010

Trip to Granny's House_20110511_056

Graves and Ann Peyton both did great on the trip back, too! They both slept almost the whole way home and fussed maybe the last fifteen minutes of the trip. When we got home, we unloaded the car and Cookie called to see if we wanted to come over. Peyton dropped me and the kids off and we had dinner (tuna croquettes, cabbage, and macaroni and cheese with my dad's homemade cookies and an ice cream Snickers for dessert) and watched American Idol. He wanted to see the new fence his parents had put up in their yard, so he headed over there. We got home and put Annie straight to bed and I straightened the house, unpacked all the bags we took to Granny's, read my Bible, and cleaned up the kitchen.

Thursday was a fun day. Peyton got up with AP and I slept about thirty more minutes. I got up and started laundry, got a shower, and gave Graves a bath and took his monthly pictures with PigPig. AP and Graves_20110512_003
Peyton gave Annie her bath and I fed Graves and got our stuff together because we decided to meet Carrie, Aubrey, and Jude for the first time since Graves was born. I was a little apprehensive about having four kids at a restaurant, but it went fine. Annie did get a little out of control and so I tried doing time out in the bathroom for the first time. It worked pretty good! It was kind of hard to get a good conversation in; we were there for an hour and half and we probably talked maybe twenty minutes? After lunch, we stopped by Target for diapers, wipes, and a few other groceries. It was about a fifteen minute trip, but with both kids it took thirty. I was glad to show myself I could do it, though!

When we got home, I fed Graves and put Annie down for her nap and talked to Peyton a little before he had to leave for work. I wrote Graves's monthly letter and checked my email. Then I uploaded a bunch of pictures and organized them and wasted some time on Twitter and Facebook. Graves got fussy and I fed him again and when AP woke up she had a snack and I folded laundry. A guy came to fix our DVR (we downgraded and needed a new receiver) and he was here for about two hours. We played in the nursery and put up laundry and then I fed Annie supper and we cleaned up and got ready for bed. Graves had been SO good all evening, but once Annie went to sleep he got really fussy. For a while, nothing was working- I gave him gas drops, held him, used the rice sock, ect. and nothing helped. I was so glad when Peyton got home and could help a little with the screaming baby! We both fell asleep on the couch (Graves was in his swing) and when Graves woke up to eat I realized that our sheets that I had been washing were still in the dryer. So I put them back on at 3 AM and went to bed. Ha!

I was just exhausted Friday morning. I think the combination of the long day Tuesday, our road trip on Wednesday (even though it was easy, traveling wears me out), and not sleeping well on Thursday just all added up. I was so tired and on edge, even with Peyton being home all morning. I slept kind of late and got a bath by myself, but I was still close to tears most of the morning. I just felt so anxious- not like worried anxiety, though, just like every cry/whine was fingers on a chalkboard. I'm not used to that nervous, want to claw someone's eyes out kind of anxiety, so it was really disconcerting. I really didn't do much and it was noon by the time I opened the blinds, started laundry, and did dishes. Peyton decided to put Annie in panties that morning and I kept going with it all day. Long story short, there were too many accidents for me to believe she's really ready. Peyton was meeting another pharmacist for lunch and I feed Graves and AP ate lunch and then I got them both to sleep. I finished Graves's monthly post since Blogger was messed up on his month birthday and ate lunch myself. I just watched TV and relaxed for most of their naptime.Ann Peyton_20110513_015
Annie taking care of MonkMonk.  She really thinks he's her baby- she got him a drink, a book, the rice sock and covered him up like this.  So sweet!

My friend Morgan and her little girl, Mary Milton, stopped by after Annie woke up and brought me a milkshake and a big hanging basket of flowers for my birthday. We had a nice visit and the girls had fun playing. After they left we cleaned up and headed over to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice. We had a good time just sitting outside and visiting and Annie loved blowing bubbles and playing in their yard. It's really cute because she's gotten SUPER attached to my dad and asks for him to push her in the swing and stuff. We got home late and Peyton and I talked and went to bed. Graves slept really well that night!

Saturday was my twenty sixth birthday! Peyton had to work and we had a pretty uneventful day. Annie and I got up and I had breakfast (she didn't want any) and then I hopped in the shower before Graves woke up. He woke up and I put him in the bouncy and Annie in our bed and finished getting ready. I tried to pump a bottle, but I didn't get much so I got to work on laundry and dishes. I also dusted in the living room while AP had a late breakfast. We played and folded laundry all morning and then AP ate a little lunch and went down for her nap. I fed Graves and read blogs and ate my lunch. I pumped again and was more successful that time! Graves got fussy so I just held him and watched TV. I told Peyton that as much of a "lap baby" as Graves is, he is either going to have to buy me a sling or buy me a maid. Ha!

Annie woke up and Graves fell back asleep, so I put up laundry in their room, cooked her some veggies, and fed her a snack. I fed Graves and then I let AP play on our bed again while I got ready since Peyton and I were going to a Better Than Ezra concert that night. I still had some time before Peyton got home, so we put up two baskets of laundry PLUS all the clothes that had accumulated on the loveseat in our room.

Peyton got home and I got everyone ready and AP and I straightened up a little and then we dropped the kids off at my parents' house and headed to the concert. It was kind of a bust. Better Than Ezra still hadn't even taken the stage when we had to leave to go get Ann Peyton and Graves. The tickets said 8:00 and we left around ten. UGH. We did have fun "people watching", though. It was the weirdest crowd- lots of people older than us (I guess they are an early nineties band) and we spotted several guys wearing SOLID WHITE WALKING SHOES that basically looked like orthopedic shoes with thick soles. Not knocking them; it's just not what you expect at a concert, you know? We picked up the children and my mom said Graves did great but (big surprise!) she had to hold him the whole time. Annie, of course, had the time of her life with Mickey. He had even shown her some of his tools! We got home and just chatted a little and went to bed so late! Basically the night looked like this: asleep by one, up again to nurse at four, and up for the day around six thirty. I could not do that long term!

On Sunday, we all got up and got ready for early church and despite waking up a little late (yes six thirty is still "a little late", when the four of us have to be somewhere at 8:30), we made it pretty much on time. Also despite me forgetting some post birth products that I hopefully about to be all finished with. The sermon today was basically all about being faithful and courageous in life's daily tasks, even when most likely no one will notice. I was SO tired, but it was SO good. I fed Graves between church and Sunday School. [Sidenote: in a year of breastfeeding Ann Peyton I used our church's nursing room NOT ONCE; in a month of breastfeeding this little Piggy I haven't walked in the building without needing to use the room. Also? he's about to outgrow my favorite church outfit. I think it's related ;)].AP and Graves_20110515_001
They both had on blue and I wanted to get a picture.  This is the best one I got, ha!  I'll have to get some soon because Graves is about to outgrow that bubble!

When we got home, I fed Annie lunch, started laundry, and got her to down for a nap and then I fed Graves and ate my own lunch. AP took a super long nap from about 12:30 until I woke her up at 4:30 and I spent a lot of that time sleeping myself. It wasn't a solid chunk because I had to wake up to nurse again, change Grave's diaper and reheat the rice sock/reinsert the paci, but it was better than nothing and completely guilt free! I set my alarm and woke up to get ready for night church. I got ready and got Annie up and fed Graves and we headed to church. We're doing a new study called Modern Parables. It was good to be back after the break we took after Crazy Love.

When we got home, we all went for a walk and then I gave AP a bath and fed Graves. I cleaned up the kitchen and read my Bible and Peyton went to get a few groceries. I got on the computer for a while and stayed up too late.

AP and Graves_20110515_004 coordinating again!

AP and Graves_20110515_005 She kept pointing to parts of her body (EYE!) and telling us what they were and then pointing to them on Graves!

AP and Graves_20110515_006
I love how she's opening her mouth as she inserts the paci! 

Well, this week is almost half over.  I'm going to save the details for next week's post, but it's been a good one.  Having Graves here is such a blessing, but he is so much more needy that AP was as a baby and I'm realizing that I have to be gentle with myself and adjust my expectations.


Carrie said...

I know it's pretty much impossible to get anything done with a baby who wants to be held all the time. Boy, do I know! :) Give yourself a break! Also, I think it's hilarious that you never used the nursing room with AP! I use it EVERY week. Ha!

Elizabeth said...

Definitely give yourself a break! I had to nurse Simeon multiple times while being at church, it is normal and good but is a little frustrating at times. I'm so glad y'all are doing well. It sounds like y'all had a productive week, keeping two babies healthy and happy is major!