Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #114 (May 16-22)-- Infection Invades (SD's Boobs)

(102) Family Picture (May 22, 2011)_20110522_001We all look a little rough in this one, I think.  Oh, and that's Annie's new best friend, "ROBOT".  Peyton thinks it's hilarious because he's one of her favorite "dolls" these days.

Well, if last week was two steps back, this week was TWO HUNDRED steps back.  I did have a good excuse, with the sickness and all.  I just felt like I was on such a kick and after Graves was born, I bounced back (physically) really fast and was able to gradually start accomplishing a bit, so it's been hard going in reverse.  As a sidenote, I'm sure it seems like I'm obsessed with "being productive" and "accomplishing things" even though I rarely do much of either.  I guess it's just hard for me, because being a stay at home mom is,  in one sense, unique among most other jobs, in that one's motivation is basically entirely intrinsic (unless you have a taskmaster husband or something).  This is something I've always struggled with. I feel like if I'm not constantly evaluating my "output", I literally won't get anything done.  I know this because I was, in the words of my dad, a total lard ass for the first year of our marriage.  At the same time, I realize that there is a fine line and the primary reason I am what I am is not for the purpose of completing various projects or having some kind of ritualistic cleaning schedule a la Fly Lady.  I want to sit and savor these moments for their benefit as well as my own.

Also, this post should be more brief than normal (y'all are probably thankful!).  Blogger is REALLY upsetting me lately and after last week's outage, this week for some crazy reason it deleted the majority of my post.  I always type each day's events up before I go to bed and when I looked at it on Saturday night, everything but the first paragraph was gone.  So I'm doing this mostly from memory.

I honestly hardly remember anything at all about Monday.  I think we just stayed home the whole day?  I do know I spent a long time during nap time fooling around trying to figure out some changes I wanted to make to the design of my blog. Cant' remember much else. UGGHH.

Ann Peyton_20110516_008 Of course, she actually didn't like her jeans (I personally prefer dresses, too, because they are "waistless"), so I put on some somewhat coordinating gingham shorts/bloomers.

Ann Peyton_20110516_013 Annie loves to take care of her babies now.  She told me "they resting".

Tuesday was a busy day, though.  Peyton was off the whole day and he took Annie to fed the ducks while I took a bath and got ready because we were meeting all the ladies I worked with at Mother's Day Out for lunch.  They were so sweet to invite me back to their end of the year celebration!  I gave Graves a bath and when they got back Peyton helped me get AP ready.  He went to the grocery store while we were gone and when we got home we put Annie to bed.  She had fallen asleep in the car, but she still had a little quiet time in her room.  I got on the computer and then Graves got fussy, so I held him and we cuddled.  Peyton had to run up to the church for something and he took Ann Peyton with him.  I straighten up the house while they were gone.  When they got back, we got ready and went to our Ultreya meeting, which we were hosting this time (it's at the church, but there's still a "hostess" for every meeting).  I had a really bad headache when we got home and fell asleep super early on the couch.

Wednesday was one of the hardest days, physically, that I've ever had.  The morning was pretty long and we spent a lot of time eating extra snacks, coloring  in the high chair, and watching The View.  I let Ann Peyton curl up on the couch with me and look at pictures in my Facebook albums and identify all the people and stuffed animals and things she knew in them.  A few somewhat inconsequential toddler rules (you have to clean up your messes before naptime, you have to eat your veggies before anything else, ect) went out the window, but I was okay with it.  We made it!  Also, special thanks to Graves, who channeled a six week old Annie Baby and hardly fussed all day.

Once they took a nap, I took one myself and then ate lunch and had a bath and rested some more.  Annie woke up and we watched Army Wives and then Peyton got home and I rested for a couple of hours.  We went to Newks for dinner and then I went straight back to sleep.  Graves had a bit of a rough night, but I was already feeling better.

Peyton was home Thursday morning and I slept in.  Once I got up, I did a little laundry and straightening, but not too much.  Peyton's mom came over to visit and she played with Annie and gave her a bath.  Peyton cooked chili and a pork tenderloin, fixed our leaky sink, and took care of both babies most of the morning.  WOW.  I just rested while they did and then when they woke up we went to my parents' house for dinner.  We had chicken, corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes and bread and butter sandwiches.  My mom cut mine and Annie's with a heart shaped sandwich cutter.  We went to bed after we got home. 

We met Carrie and her kids for lunch on Friday at Mellow Mushroom and it took me literally two and half hours to get everyone ready and I was the only one who had a bath.  I did take a little break to get on the computer and fold some towels, but mostly we just ate breakfast, changed diapers several times, made sure everyone was dressed and ready, got various bags and snacks together (because I never know if AP will like what's at the restaurant and I'm too cheap to gamble) and nursed a couple of times.  Whew!

Lunch was a bit harder than last week.  AP got impatient waiting for the pizza and Graves was hungry AGAIN.  Luckily, I had a bottle I pumped earlier in the week, so I gave it to him.  It woudn't have been too fun to make Carrie sit all by herself with her kids while I went and fed him for twenty minutes (I think he's having a growth spurt because he nurses more often and for longer). 

Everyone took a nap when we got home and I got on the computer and didn't do much else, I don't think.  Peyton got home and he cut the yard while I folded laundry and then we all went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.
Graves_20110520_002 This is the bubble Graves wore as his "coming home" outfit.  It's about to get too little, but it's one of my absolute favorites (I like that it doesn't have a collar that gets all in his face), so we're trying to make the most out of it and he's wearing it for casual outings as well as to church for the next couple of weeks!

Peyton worked on Saturday so we were on our own.  We had a pretty laid back morning.  I folded some laundry and put up dishes and cleaned and put away all the stuff that we had to get out from under the sink for Peyton to fix the leak.  We watched TV and read books and just relaxed.   When Annie took her nap, I ate lunch and read blogs while I held a fussy little baby.  I also ended up giving him a bath because he peed AND pooped mid diaper change.  I think he's going to make a boy mom out of me yet- the night before he pottied and I caught the poop in his diaper like a catcher's mit and then on Saturday we had another boy first.  I can't really articulate that one though without sounding like a predator or using words from a Viagra commercial.  Anyway, after that my mom and her friend Lynn stopped by for a visit.

Annie woke up and "visited" and then we went over to my parents' house AGAIN because Cookie had been out of town for the weekend and wanted to see us.  It was nice- they ordered sushi and I took a little nap.  We stayed longer than I intended because a neighbor came over to visit and when we got home, I put AP straight to bed.  Peyton and I talked a little and I got on the computer, but then I decided I HAD to get some things done.  I did housework for over two hours and I was pretty proud of all I accomplished- I consolidated a bunch of piles around the house and deposited a lot of things to their proper place and then I dusted in the study and our bedroom.  I did a really thorough job in our room- I emptied out my open top vanity and cleaned it and all the little bottles and jars of stuff in it and I also took special notice of things I always miss (the ceiling fan, our headboard, ect.).  I swept the hardwoods and put fresh sheets on our bed and rotated the laundry a couple of times.  I REWROTE THIS WHOLE POST and read my Bible and went to bed too late.

We actually got to go to late church on Sunday because Peyton wasn't working.  I volunteered to to help in the nursery during Sunday School for a friend who was going to be out of town  and they had so many kids I ended up staying for church, too.  Peyton was ushering, so I kept Graves in the nursery with me.  Of course, having me and Graves there made Annie particularly whiney.  After we got home from church, my friend Ellis stopped by for a lunch and a brief visit.  It was too short!  He left and Peyton left to go play ultimate frisbee.   Both kids were crying and I was still trying to finish my lunch.  I had told him I was happy for him to go, but for a minute I really resented it.  I fed Graves and got Ann Peyton down for her nap and then I straightened around the house and read some in my Modern Parables book for Bible study that night.  Then I took a nap, too!  I set my alarm and had to wake both babies up for church.  Peyton had meetings at the church all afternoon, so I went to our study by myself and then met him for the last meeting.  We got home, fed AP supper and put her to bed.  We chatted a little and watched a movie, 127 Hours.  It was weird, but pretty good.  I folded laundry and pumped a bottle during it.  Then I fed Graves, read my Bible and got on the computer for a few minutes.

I'm so glad I feel pretty much back to normal and I'm hoping for a very "normal" week next week.  We've got a few things going on, but nothing too big and I'm glad to be able to just ease back into things!

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glad you're feeling better....
and i'm sorry, but i totally laughed out loud at the description your dad used - hilarious!!!! i almost couldn't make it through the rest of the post :)