Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #115 (May 23-29)-- On the Mend

(103) Family Picture (May 29, 2011)_20110529_001
Notice how two family members in this photo are sleeping (okay, one is "possuming").  Also, notice the baby church shoes and rice sock on the left.  Also, notice the gross stringy hair on my forehead.  Yuck.  Also, notice that Peyton and AP have basically the same hair cut (although hers has never been cut).  Also, notice BG's (Baby Graves's) hand trying to peak out of his swaddle. 

I feel like I've slowly gotten my strength back after being sick and it's been a good, fun, AND productive week. I was a little more tired that usual, and I think a lot of that had to do with me still recovering from the infection.  One thing that I forgot to mention last week is that in a quest for a little simplicity in my life, I have decided to try to eliminate some things and streamline some others.  Just simple things, like browsing a magazine to see if there's actually anything I want to read rather than putting it a pile somewhere for months and then other things like not obsessing over one lost receipt or whatever.  I also decided that I'm not going to track my 101 goals every week.  I did it for so long, but the count was getting less and less accurate because I'd forget to track them each day/week and I think I'm going to do what my friend Ashley did (who gave me the idea actually) and just keep a general track mentally and then give an overall summary.  The only difference is that I am going to (sort of) stick to what I said and blog about each goal individually (although I may combine several in a post at this point; either way, it's going to be more detailed than just one big post).

This week was a big week for me as well because I did a couple of things that were out of my comfort zone.  I'm not super indpendent AT ALL, so these were a big deal.  For one thing, I stayed by myself (with the kiddos) for the first time ever last week. NOW, if you are some kind of predator reading this, know that this is not the norm and it will be a long time before it ever happens again.  Also, (and I know this seems like even less of a big deal), but I drove to Peyton's store.  It's about half an hour from our house, all interstate, and has some kind of intricate directions.  I'm not a great driver (although I have improved since high school when I had like, eight wrecks) and I really don't do good on highways especially if I don't have some one to help me navigate.  I can totally drive on the interstate around our house and the area where I grew up, but anything south of "The Stack" (for Jackson area residents) really unnerves me.  

I had my six week check up with the OB on Monday morning.  I got up and got ready and fed Graves and was there by 8:30.  Peyton had the day off so he was able to watch Graves and Annie.  Everything went smoothly and I was cleared for all forms of physical activity.  Ahem.  After my appointment, I decided to do a little shopping.  I went by Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, The Children's Place, and TJ Maxx.  I also stopped in Target and Material Girls (a little boutique sort of store).  I got a couple of things for me and several Summer things for Graves.  I went home and made myself and Annie turkey melts for lunch.  Peyton's brother was at our house hanging out, but he left pretty soon after I got there. I put Annie down for her nap and Peyton left to deliver some food to someone in our Sunday School class and go to a meeting.  I cleaned up the kitchen and straightened all around the house and then finished two blog posts.  When Peyton got home, I took a little nap myself.  He had another meeting that night.  I got Annie up and she played while I folded laundry and then ate supper. Graves was really fussy and his swing had dead batteries and our microwave was broken so the rice sock was out of commission, too.  I ended up holding him a lot.  I didn't mind too much ;)  Peyton got home from his meeting which was actually at Char and he had brought his supper home because he didin't have time to eat it.  He was super sweet and shared with me!  We gave Ann Peyton a bath and I put up a bunch of clothes in the nursery.

Then...this is a BIG deal.  Peyton left to go work an overnight shift.  He hardly ever does that and when he has before, I've stayed with my parents.  I decided this time, though, it was just not worth it with both kids and all that would entail.  Plus, it was time to conquer my fear.  Graves was still really fussy for a couple of hours, so I snuggled with him and then got on the computer once he fell asleep. I was pretty tired myself and actually went to bed kind of early for me (around eleven).

Annie woke up at 7:30 on Tuesday and Peyton got home shortly after that.  He played with her and we talked a little and then he went to bed.  We had a pretty typical morning at home- folding laundry, loading dishes, and eating breakfast.  Surprisingly, I think AP forgot Peyton was even here.  I managed to get a shower while Graves was napping and then I fed AP an early lunch and put her down for a nap.  You guys? SHE STAYED IN HER BED FROM JUST PAST NOON UNTIL ALMOST FIVE O'CLOCK.  That's a bit excessive, even for her, but my mom had mentioned on the phone to me that morning that maybe one reason she had been particularly tired the last couple of days was because she wasn't getting enough sleep.  I'd had to wake her up from her nap several times over those few days, so when I realized how long she had been in there, I just let her stay.  The nap was bookended by periods of quietly reading in bed.  In fact, when I finally did go in, she still wasn't asking to get out; I just figured almost five hours in bed was enough!

Graves wanted to be held or feed for a good bit of her nap time, but I still had a huge chunk of time to myself.  I folded several loads of laundry, watered plants, and changed batteries in the baby swing and the vibration mechanism/music player in the Pack N Play- two things I'm very dependent on these days.  I also squeezed in an episode of Amy Wives, part of The Good Wife, and a little nap for myself.  Peyton woke up and he cut up fruit for a birthday party we were going to and sent an email and I got the kids ready.

Peyton's sister's husband's birthday was this week and they had a party at his parents' neighborhood pool house.  It was fun and AP had a BLAST swimming.  Graves had fun getting out and seeing everyone.
Uncle Daniel's Birthday Party_20110524_001

Uncle Daniel's Birthday Party_20110524_025
We stopped by my parents' house on the way home to drop a rocking chair that didn't work in the nursery off. Peyton was working the night shift again, so he helped me get Ann Peyton to bed and then left.  I stayed up pretty late on Tuesday, but I got a lot done.  I spent about two hours cleaning house- I straightened and consolidated a few piles, did some more laundry, swept and mopped the tile and laminate floors, organized the fridge and made Kool Aid, gave the counters a superficial scrub, and cleaned the kitty door.  I fed Graves, read my Bible and some in Twelve Extraordinary Women, which I never finished before Graves was born and then got on the computer.

Peyton had the day off on Wednesday.  He slept some in the morning, and I got up and did my usual routine.  I had a TERRIBLE headache, though, so once he got up around noon, I ate lunch and then went back to bed myself.  I slept a while and then just kind of pittered around the house.  I took some medicine, drank lots of water, and even went out in the yard for some fresh air.  Nothing helped! My mom and Cookie came over for a visit and that was fun.  Then we all got ready to go meet Erika, one of Peyton's friends from pharmacy school.  We had dinner at Primos and my head started feeling much better.  We went by Peyton's parents' house on the way home and visited a little.  Once we got home, we put Annie to bed and then Peyton and I read some in Radical Together and talked.  I got on the computer fora  little bit and then went to bed.

Peyton was off again on Thursday and we just relaxed and got stuff done around the house most of the day.  Annie slept late (TENish!!) but of course, Graves was up around eight.  He had a hard night and I was up a lot, so Peyton got up with him. I slept pretty late and then got up and did laundry and dishes.  I got a bath and had lunch and did a few things around the house.  We put Annie down for her nap and I ran to Target, Kroger, and Wear It's At.  I got home and put up groceries and Peyton had some stuff to do for Ultreya.  He left and Graves, Annie and I spent a couple of hours starting to work on my closet changeover.  I decided I needed to get rid of some stuff this year, but I still have too much!  AP got kind of fussy and Graves started melting down and I almost lost it myself.  I told Peyton the other day that it's easiest right now for me to do small, mindless task (like dishes and laundry) that are easy to stop in the middle of.  Maybe the closet was too much ;)  Annie was so whiney and I really wanted to pop her even though we decided not to spank.  How terrible is that?  It makes me kind of glad we decided against it, though, because I know I won't do something in anger that I regret. [Not that that would be a good rationale, alone, for not doing it.  If I felt like it was the way to go I'm sure I could control my temper.]  I also kind of wanted to just drop Graves in his crib and walk off. I was crying by the time Peyton got home because I felt like such a TERRIBLE momma.  Peyton took them both and just gave me a break.  He fed AP supper and got her ready for bed.  I fed Graves and we just kind of relaxed the rest of the night.  I got on the computer, cleaned up the kitchen, and tried to take some pictures of Graves for his birth announcement (now that he's six weeks old, ha!).Graves_20110526_023
I do think my son is supper cute, but he is just not as photogenic as Ann Peyton was. I kept asking Peyton "Is our baby really as ugly as he looks in these pictures??" We ended up picking a close up of him sleeping that really just looks like a generic baby.  I told Peyton I was worried because you couldn't really see what he looked like and Peyton said (jokingly, of course), "Well, that's a good thing!".  Poor Baby Graves.  We love you and think you're precious! 

Ann Peyton slept a little late on Friday and when she got up, I straightened a little and cleaned the bathrooms because Carrie and the Howie kids were coming over for lunch and a visit.  I got a shower and got ready and fed Graves while Peyton played with Annie and got ready for work.  We had a wonderful time visiting once Carrie and her crew got here.  She picked up lunch from Corner Bakery and it was great!  It was nice to be able to sit and chat without worrying about kids getting loud or getting out of their seats.  We actually had the longest visit that we've had in a while.  After they left, I put AP down for a nap and fed Graves (who had slept through almost the entire playdate).  Graves fell back asleep and I straightened the house a little and did dishes and then I read some blogs and worked on my closet change over some more.  I'm about half way done with my closet, but that doesn't include a dresser or my shoes and purses.  I really am trying to get rid of some stuff as I go this time.

When they woke up, we went over to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.  It was very relaxing!  Annie went right to bed when we got home and then I started working on the birth announcement. I got so made because I couldn't get the red eye to go away on the picture I really liked.  Peyton got home and  Ellis called and said he was in town and wanted to come over.  He ended up spending the night and we had a good time catching up. 

Ann Peyton woke up early on Saturday and Peyton left for woke and Ellis headed out, too.  I went ahead and got a shower before Graves woke up and then we did laundry and dishes and played all morning.  I pumped a little bit of a bottle (frustrating!) and fed AP an early lunch and she took a GREAT nap.  I ate lunch and watched TV and then worked on my blog design for June.  My mom came over to help me make a final decision on the announcement and then I folded laundry and worked on pumping a little more.

Peyton and I had an Ultreya thing Saturday night, so I dropped of the kids with his dad and headed to Byram to meet him.  I've never driven to his store before and it was kind of confusing.  I'm bad with directions and not the best driver, so it was pretty intense.  We ate a quick supper at Subway and then headed to the our Ultreya gathering.  I picked up the kids and Peyton ran by Walmart on the way home.  We got to bed late and then I had to wake up and wrap some presents that needed to be ready on Sunday and then Ann Peyton had a nightmare.  

I got up at six on Sunday morning.  Peyton helped me get everyone ready, and we headed to church.  Church and Sunday School were good and Graves made it through both without needing to eat!  We had another Cursillo event that afternoon, so I swung by the house and grabbed a few things I already had together and then headed to my parents' house.  I ate lunch and dropped the babies off and met our friend, Buzz, to ride down to Camp Wesley Pines.  We dropped his girls off and then headed down there.  We had a nice trip; he and his wife are THE SWEETEST.  The service was great and we picked up our friends from the retreat and headed home.  I picked up Annie and Graves and AP kept saying "hoooommme" she was so tired.  She fell asleep in the car and when we got home I put her in bed even though it was late.  She slept a while and I fed Graves AND pumped a bottle.  Peyton got home and we talked and relaxed.   I told Peyton I thought we should get AP up, but he said we should just see if she'd "sleep until in the morning".  It sounded like a bad idea to me, but we went with it.  Well, she was up at eight thirty and was very mad.  Nothing made her happy.  Of course, she was still tired, but I kept her up for a couple of hours and attempted supper (she ate a cereal bar and Nilla Wafers with peanut butter- mom fail) and then after a lot of tantrums we put her back to bed.  That's the last time I'm deferring to Peyton on sleep schedules!  I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded a full load that was in the sink, straightened, went through diaper bags, and started some laundry and then went to sleep.

This week is going to be a good one I think.  I love Summer weeks that are full of family and friends.  Sometimes it's exhausting, all the going and doing, but it's so worth it!


Carrie said...

I have seriously been laughing at the "ugly baby" remarks since you told me about all that on Friday. For some reason, I just find that HILARIOUS! I told David what Peyton said, and David said he would fear for his life if he ever said anything like that to me. Hahaha.

Courtney said...

I am glad your blog is back open, thanks for getting back to me. I was cracking up about Graves not being a photogenic baby. We felt the same way about my niece when she was a baby. She always had this stunned look in her pictures, but she has gotten so much better, so there is hope!