Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Babykin Boutique: (Winter) Overstock Sale Collection

I have been lazy about posting some great finds for both sweet babykins. I've gotten a ton of stuff off eBay and hit the local consignment shops and I went to the Spring overstock sale a couple of weeks before Graves came, but I realized I still hadn't posted about my purchases from the overstock and sample sales this Winter!  I found some great things so I couldn't just skip it!  Here's my Overstock buys:

And here they are broken down by kids.  Graves's first:
I like to buy ahead, but y'all knew that.  The seersucker lemonade bubble is by Remember Nguyen (I love the brand and it's relativly inexpensive).  Annie has a matching outfit in a 2T.  I'm hoping they'll get to wear them at the end of this Summer.  The Castles and Crowns snowflake bubble is a 6-9 mo.  and Annie also has a dress that I think will coordinate well.  I loved the Christmas JonJon!  It's a 9 mo.  I got another lemonade outfit for next Summer and several little short JonJons.  The next three are all Aunt Polly's and they are all 12 mo.  The lamb romper is a 12 mo. but it's a brand that runs big (Kudzo Kids).  The little catipillar outfit is Aunt Polly's (again!) and it's an 18 mo.

Here's Ann Peyton's stash:
I got her a this little flannel dress for next Winter in an 18 mo., but it looked big.  It's made by a lady who owns a small business.  The blue floral jumper is Remember Nguyen and it's a 24 mo.  The gingerbread set is also a "small business buy" and we had an identical one this year.  I was super excited to find it in a 2T.  The next dress is by the same lady and it's a 3T.  The lemonade dress is also a 3T (hopefully it will work with Graves's 12 mo. shortall next Summer) and the strawberry romper is also a 3T.  It's by Rosie Posie and they run small.

My last two purchases were this adorable sunhat for AP and some panties to match one of her dresses for next Winter. 

Whew!  Buying for two is even more fun! 

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Ashley said...

This is completely off the subject, but as I was reading this post I saw the pictures of AP and Graves in your sidebar--and it donned on me. AP looks JUST LIKE PEYTON and Graves looks JUST LIKE YOU. I know this has probably been said 120 times, but it's true!!! xoxo