Friday, June 17, 2011

Herrington Happenings in the Sunshine State

This is probably the longest I have gone without blogging in at least a year!  I'm planning on going back and checking when we get home.  Our anniversary was on Tuesday and it was honestly as crazy, fast paced, and hectic as our wedding day was (not that our wedding day was crazy in a bad way; it was just busy!).  Actually, probably more so since we've added two munchkins to the mix since then.  We just had so much to do before leaving town on Wednesday.

And then we left for Florida on Wednesday and I was sick the whole car trip.  We've been here since then and I've really had time to blog, but I just haven't been able to.  I always blog when the kiddos are asleep (or at least AP is asleep and Graves is content).  At first, I started that because I didn't want the distraction during my time with them, but, honestly, now I check Facebook and Twitter and do other stuff online when they're awake sometimes.  Writing (or reading) a full blog post is hard for me, though.  I just feel like I can't concentrate and it saps all the enjoyment out of it.  Peyton goes through his Google Reader all the time when they're playing, but it's just too hard for me.  Like I've said before, I'd rather fill my time when they're up with more "mindless" activities like simple chores and watching a TV show or two. And, of course, playing with them!  Well, Annie has taken naps in the car only and when she's gone to sleep for the night we have, too.  So....really no time to sit and brew up a good post.  Anyway, here's a little update:

- I was super sick on the way here, like I said.  As in, miserably nauseous.  Also as in, threw up about four times around the half way mark.  More details in the forthcoming Weekly Happening post .  Stay tuned!

- Graves has actually napped better during the day and been less fussy than ever.  I've been waking him up at night, though, so he doesn't cry and wake Annie up.

- As far as an update on AP, she's been super sweet and a real trooper, too.  She's been really well behaved the whole trip, even when I know she's exhausted.  Unfortunately, though, she HATES the beach.  I kind of suspected that would be the case, though, because she's not a fan of sandboxes.  Graves was really too young for us to have much beach time, anyway, so it's not a huge deal.  There's always next year.

- In other not so fun news, a lady at the outlet mall today SEVERELY chastised me for not having a hat on Graves.  I guess it's pretty good I've made it this far and that's the first comment I've gotten from a stranger on my parenting.  I mean, I know people these days will say anything.  It really got to me, though.  I'm just so incredibly sensitive.  Here's the dialogue, for those interested:  "Darling,  HAVE YOU HEARD of hats for babies in the Summer?"" and then she began talking about his soft spot and protecting it, which, um yeah, a HELMET would do, but I'm unsure of how a hat would serve that purpose.

When I mentioned it to Peyton, he said that had he been there he doubted she would have said anything.  And he's right.  He was in a store and I was fooling with my new iPhone(!!) trying to call him and trying not to call other random people and of course, I have no stroller, no sling and this kid with still not great head support and I'm sure we looked a mess.  I'm sure she saw a very young mom who seemed to be a bit of a bimbo and decided to enlighten me.  The thing that bugs me the most is that I didn't say anything back.  I just kind of mumbled  a thank you.  I wish I had told her who I really was.  I wish I had told her that this was round two and despite the looks of it, I have my crap together.  I wish I had told her that I do educate myself on what is best for my children.  I want to have told her that I have spent all of fifteen minutes on the beach this whole trip, in part because I know it wouldn't be good for a very young baby.  I want to have shared that I had just finished up with another awkward encounter with a man (???) working in the fitting rooms at Saks when I decided to go nurse him in there because I'm trying my hardest to give him my very best.  I want to back up even further and tell her how I went about educating myself trying to figure out the best possible way for me to bring him into this world.  For some strange reason, I am still, hours later, thinking about all the things I wish this random woman knew about me so she'd be convinced I was a good mother and not some seventeen year old who is more interested in her phone than her child's sun exposure.  I know that it matters not and that I'll never see her again and it's a character flaw of mine that I let the exchange effect me to the extent it did.  Anyway, it felt good to share it with y'all.

Tonight is our last night here and I think we're going to try a stroll on the beach one more time. Despite how it sounds, it really has been a good trip, overall and I'm glad we tagged along.


Ashley said...

Among all of the deep, encouraging things I could say to this post, I'll just let you know - you're going to be obsessed with your iPhone. I adore mine!

And you know I love you - you are a MORE than awesome mother!

Courtney said...

Glad you guys were able to get away for a bit. I can't believe that woman yelled at you. I never feel like it is my place to say something to people unless there is an emergency. You are a wonderful parent, try not to let her get you down (but I know I stew about things after they happen).

Amy said...

i agree with ashley! you will be obsessed. iphones are addicting! :)

and that woman...crazy!! it would really bother me, too. i wish i was one of those people that could let things like that just roll off my back and not bother me because "i know the truth and that's all that matters...blah, blah, blah" but...i'm totally not. it would keep me up at night replaying it and thinking of all the things i coulda woulda shoulda said/done. you are an awesome momma...if only that woman had half a clue!

finally, libbi hates the beach, too. she can't stand for sand to touch her. when we went over spring break it was nice, because there was a lot of the hard, packed sand so she was okay with that. but if it's going to stick to her in any way shape or form, she wants nothing to do with it. :)

Ellis said...

I hope some know-it-all asshole tries to come up and tell me something about parenting someday, especially after I have perhaps done as much as you have with your two by that time.

They will rue the day.

She was ignorant as hell, and I assure you, if she operates out of that much ignorance all the time, soon, and very soon, she will do so around someone who isn't as Christ-like as you are.

She will rue the day.