Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Happenings

I think this month's design is my favorite.  I did a little tweaking because I want to be able to add large photos and I feel like I'm getting better at making the headers.  I think the background looks a little teeny-bopperish, but I liked it so I went with it.  It'll be gone in a month, anyway! 

Wow, Summer is here!  I'm a big fan of warm (even hot) weather, so I'm so glad it's really here.  We don't have just a ton on the agenda for this month, but there are a few things:

- Toward the end of the month we're going to the beach!  I'm excited, but a little apphensive.  I had really wanted to take a "helper", but my sister is going to be in school and I'm not sure who else would really want to come!  Anyway, it's a work trip for Peyton, but he'll have a lot of free time and it's just a long weekend.

- Our three year anniversary is the fourteenth.  We don't have anything big planned, but I'm sure we'll go out to eat or something.  Last year we both totally forgot.  Pitiful! 

- June is always such a big wedding month.  We actually have one this weekend that I'm excited about.  We're also having a fun crawfish boil with our Sunday School class this weekend.  I love Summer get togethers!

- I guess that is the extent of what's on the calendar.  As far as the day to day goes, I haven't been doing very well with my cooking/cleaning/activities schedules like I planned to.  I've been keeping up with cleaning OKAY.  I definitely keep up with dishes and laundry and I try to stay on top of the less frequent chores like mopping, dusting, sweeping and changing the beds but those don't always happen every week.  Cooking has been a bust.  I'm pretty sure thanks to the generosity of friends and family and thanks to my sweet husband last week, I still have not cooked a full meal since Graves was born.  As far as my activities schedule (one day for finances/other paper work, one day for crafting, one day for yard work, and one day for organizing), I've done okay, but not great.  I've done a lot of organizing around the house and I started organizing our pictures on the computer.  I haven't done any crafting or yard work, though, and I'm kind of behind on finances and thank you notes (I still have some for baby gifts and I also need to write some for Annie's birthday gifts TWO MONTHS AGO.  AHHH.  I can't just not do it, though, embarrassing as it is).

- My big project this month is my closet changeover.  I'm putting most of the routine house organizing on hold and getting to work on it.  I do it twice a year and it always takes at least a week, though I tend to spread it out more.  I have an average closet, but it only holds half my clothes, so I take them back and forth to the attic twice a year.  I think there's a problem with that and even though I know I'm not going to get rid of enough to eliminate this process completely, I'm planning to at least purge enough to simplify it!  I'm sure this year, with a toddler and an itty bitty baby, it will take the entire month to get it done!

- Peyton and I have started one of the three activities we planned to do together this Summer. We wanted to start reading together and we did!  We're reading Radical Together and discussing it and  it's really good!  We haven't started running yet (UGH, it's gonna be miz) and the other "activity" we're trying to devote more time to is one I'm just not going to be able to give updates on ;)

- Sadly, all three of my very favorite TV (Army Wives, Parenthood and The Good Wife) shows have wrapped up for Summer or will be soon.   I just realized that all three are dramas about families. Interesting. I think we might get a series of Netflix to start.  Not sure what, though. Suggestions?

- I discussed this with a friend today, and I think I've mentioned it already, but since I blogged about it in my May Happenings, I thought I'd share an update. Potty training was a fail and we're going to just relax and not push it yet with Annie.  I really thought putting her in panties would work so well because she hates being wet (like if something spills) and gets easily embarrassed.  Accidents didn't phase her though, so I'm assuming she's just not ready.

I think that's it for the month of June.  Along with lots of trips to the pool, lots of popsicles, and lots of lazy Summer days!


Katie Smith said...

good for you guys on the running! go early in the morning or in the evening if you can; it's so much easier when it's cool. maybe you can get a running stroller and the kiddos can come too? :)

Heather said...

I had almost gotten ML potty trained before AG was born. After we brought AG home from the hospital, ML started having A LOT of accidents...I finally figured out that ML thought it was okay to potty in her panties/pull up because AG was going in her diaper. She was potty trained completely within a month of me figuring that out. I thought I'd share in case you and Peyton wanted to talk to Ann Peyton about it when y'all decide to try again.

Happy almost anniversary!

I noticed on your about me section that you have Graves' birth year as 2010.

Amy said...

love the pictures in the header....i think graves looks like you in that picture :)
good for you for making time for you and peyton and your "activities" together - it is hard, but so important!
i feel ya on doing "okay" with the housework....but for right now, just "okay" is good enough for me - ha! :)