Thursday, June 9, 2011

Magic Remedy

Poor Graves is just a fussy little soul sometimes. I used to call Annie by her rapper name, Lil Waa Waa when she was upset but clearly Baby Graves is the true LIL WAA WAA around here.  Fortunately, we've figured out several things that work for him over the last almost two(!) months.  Here are a few things that help make a fretful Graves into a happy Graves:
- snuggling (sweet baby loves to be held more than anything in the world)
- swaddle blanket (we have a couple of those little SwaddleMe things that velcro and he adores them; I think it creates the illusion of being held)
- motion (he really likes his swing and also the vibration mechanism in his Pack N Play)
- boobs (no elaboration needed- the kid likes to eat)
- paci (see above; I'm not the Dairy Queen nor am I running an all day buffet so I gotta have a little assistance.  And it comes in the form of a silicone nipple with a cute little ball for a handle.  It's called a MAM and it's my BFF.)
- being outside (sometimes little buddy just needs some fresh air)
- being on his tummy on us on on the Boppy pillow (I think it helps with his gas)
- stroking his forehead gently (ohmiword; he's such a lush!)

THIS is my secret weapon, though:
[I've since knotted the "tail" several more times, because that looked like a bad strangulation hazard to me.  Sidenote: anybody else's mind/life dominated by strangulation/suffocation/chocking hazard removal? Because I feel like that's a huge part of the newborn/toddler pressure.]

Back on point, though.  I know I've said it several times, but THE RICE SOCK SAVES LIVES.  Okay, maybe not.  But it saves my sanity.  Seriously, if you have a gassy/colicky baby, at least give this a try.  I love how it's super frumpy.  I made it after we were instructed on it's benefits in labor during our childbirth class when I was PG with Annie.  Of course, I was medicated like the minute I walked in the door (THE IRONY!) and really didn't have any need it nor any of the various massagers, foam noddles, tennis balls, and other pain reducing apparatus I brought with me in a duffle bag to The Baby Suites.  Anyway, I just chose the softest sock I could find at Target.  It was kind of porous, I guess, though (it had little holes in it) so I had to use once of Peyton's athletic socks under it.  I filled the athletic sock with rice and sewed it shut (by hand) and then just put the soft one on top and knotted it a bunch of times.  Long story short, we brought it home and one night when Annie was screaming, it occurred to me that it might reduce her pain.

Welp, I was right and both our kids have loved the thing.  It's the "magic remedy". We bring it places with us and Annie even brings it to Graves when he cries sometimes- "BABY GRAVES CRYING!"  "NEED PACI!" "HERE YOUR RICE SOCK!"

If only I could teach her to go to the microwave and heat it up.  Now that really would be like magic! 


Anonymous said...

I'll be remembering this for the next baby!

Sarah said...

Interesting! I'll have to remember that when our second is born this fall.

Carrie said...

For some reason it just cracks me up that, after your childbirth class, you went out and bought a sock, filled it with rice, sewed it shut, and planned to use it during labor. I promptly forgot all of the pain relief tips since my plan all along was to be medicated asap. Haha! I'm glad it works so well, though, and I might need to file that one away, too :)

Amy said...

okay, i might be totally dense, but i need more details on this. it sounds like something we could TOTALLY benefit from!!