Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #116 (May 30-June 5)-- Drained

I LOVE it when I buy an outfit not even realizing it will coordinate with one of sister's!

 This week has been fun, but busy.  Honestly, I feel kind of stretched.  I was so tired this week and I feel so frustrated because Graves has actually started sleeping longer stretches at night.  I will say that I've never been one to be too bothered by getting up at night.  I mean, I'm not talking about getting up every one to two hours or anything, but once they're waking up once or twice at night, it really doesn't bother me, especially since Graves (like his sister) goes right back to sleep pretty easily.  He's in our room and I go get him and basically nurse him in my sleep and then put him back in the Pack N Play and I'm out again in a couple of minutes.  I know, I'm fortunate.

Anyway, I just feel kind of drained and the hard thing that when I look back over this week, it doesn't seem (to me) to be any more busy than anyone else's weeks or days that I read about.  I know that shouldn't matter, but it bothers me.  The other thing is that we were out of the house a lot.  I feel like for us there is a fine line because if we don't get out some the kids and I will loose our minds, but if we over do it everyone is just tired and cranky.  And also, nothing gets done and my house looks a mess and I want to cry ;)  I guess I'm still finding the balance, because I want to get out and do things and really enjoy/build relationships because Peyton and I both believe those should be a high priority, but at the same time I want to be at home taking care of things and accomplishing things.  And also, at the end of the day, I have a toddler who needs at least some undivided attention each day and a baby who craves being held.  Ann Peyton is pretty independent and likes playing by herself and usually I can get Graves settled in his swing for a while, but I want to, I NEED to, be giving them more than that each day.

Monday was Memorial Day and it was such a fun, family filled day.  Annie was SO exhausted from her long day on Sunday that she slept until 9:30.  I got up around nine and watered plants, started laundry and took a bath.  She woke up and I finished getting ready and got her and Graves ready and then we went over to Peyton's parents' house to see Granny and have lunch.  We had lots of fun seeing everyone and I had a good time talking to Peyton's parents and brothers and sister.

Memorial Day Celebrations_20110530_001

We came home and I attempted to get some pictures in their matching outfits and then tried to put Annie down for a nap.Memorial Day Celebrations_20110530_013
Graves was fussing and nothing I could do helped and AP kept getting upset about all kinds of things.  She was SO tired and just in the worst mood and had a hard time going to sleep.  I think they both cried for close to an hour.  They finally both went to sleep and slept for a couple of hours and I just rested and played on the computer.  Peyton got home and we headed back over to his parents so he could see them and then to my parents' house.  It was fun to spend more time with family!  We put Annie to bed and I cleaned up a little and then finished my Weekly Happenings post from last week and started organizing pictures on the computer (my goal is just to do a little each night and then back it up weekly).  I fed Graves and went to bed.

Tuesday was Peyton's day off and it was a good day.  We had a pretty lazy morning.  Ann Peyton slept until about 8:30, but I went ahead and got up after I fed Graves around eight.  Peyton and I chatted a little and just relaxed.  Annie got up and we played with her and then I took a bath.  After I got out, I kind of fussed at Peyton about needing to secure the furniture.  It just scares me to death and we've been saying we'd do it for months.  Of course he got frustrated (rightfully so) and I just had to take AP outside to play for a little bit while he worked on another project (fixing the latch on Graves's armoire, which will also make it safer now that she can't get into it).  We didn't stay out long, it was so hot.  I snuggled with Graves some and then our friends, Buzz and Karissa called and wanted to meet for lunch.  We got ready really quickly and headed to Newks.  I was glad I had a bottle for Graves.  Annie was pretty whiney at lunch and she's gotten to be much more of a picky eater lately, so that was kind of rough.  Karissa and Buzz both helped give Graves his bottle so Peyton and I could eat and take care of Annie.  We had a wonderful visit and then headed home for naps.

Naptime started off pretty badly.  Peyton left to go play basketball with his brothers and of course, both kids were fussing.  Annie kept getting out of her bed (which she hardly EVER does) and saying "MonkMonk pjs".  I tried to help her find pajamas for MonkMonkblog post. I pumped a bottle and read blogs and then I did a few other small things around the house.  I put new batteries in the Pack N Play (it has two sets; one on the control and one in the vibration unit and one died last week and the other died this week), got together stuff to take to the attic, and put up some things in our "present box" under the bed that we keep gifts for other people in throughout the year.   I also made Peyton a hair cut appointment.

Peyton got home and took a bath and then we got AP up and gave her a bath (SCORE! Four for four on the baths on Tuesday!).  We got ready and headed over to the Sledge's house for dinner.  Catherine and her husband, Taylor and I all went to high school together and Catherine and I read each other's blogs and decided it would be fun to hang out.  We had so much fun and I can't wait to have them over here!  Annie was a little whiney, but she minded her manners for the most part and Baby Graves was pretty charming, too.  Once we got home, we put the kids in bed and I cleaned up a little and then got on the computer and worked on getting my June design up on the blog.  I fed Graves and read my Bible and folded laundry and went to bed.

AP woke up around 8:30 on Wednesday.  I got her some milk and hopped in the tub while she played in the bathroom. Graves woke up as I was getting out and she kept playing and I tried to keep them both entertained and finish getting ready.  I gave Annie breakfast and pumped a little since I had fed Graves at 8:00. 
Ann Peyton_20110601_004 [Cookie painted Annie's toenails last week!]

I loaded some dishes and finished getting ready and getting Annie ready and then it was time to get our stuff together and feed and dress Graves so we could meet Carrie, Aubrey and Jude for lunch.  We went to McCallisters and it was nice.  We definitely managed, but it was an adventure!  Annie wanted out of her seat most of the time and Graves cried a little.  We got in a little bit of conversation, though, and Ann Peyton ate an okay lunch.  When we got home, I put Annie down for her nap and gave Graves the bottle he had started at the restaurant.  He went to sleep and I unpacked the diaper bag and washed dishes and changed over the laundry.  I watered plants and took out the trash and recycling.  I read blogs and wrote a blog post and then I watched The Good Wife and folded laundry.Baby Doll
Ann Peyton loves pretending to be the Mommy and tucking her babies in!

They woke up and Peyton got home and we all played and talked a little and then I put up clothes in the nursery and went though Annie's closet for a good junk of the evening.  I was SO behind on putting up their laundry!  Peyton took AP on an errand with him and I fed Graves and changed the sheets on AP's bed and then we put her to sleep. Graves and Peyton_20110601_002
I fell asleep on the couch and moved to the bed after midnight.  I decided to just let Graves sleep and see how he did (Dr. Denney is very cautious and really I've been waking Graves up every four hours at his suggestion, except for a few nights). Y'all- he slept EIGHT hours.  I was so excited!

Annie woke up at 7:30 when Peyton left on Thursday morning and I was SO thankful for those extra hours of sleep because Peyton had an extra work thing going on, plus his full shift so he was going to be gone for seventeen hours.  Whoa.  I know moms do it all the time, but UGH.  Anyway, I got up with her and we had a lazy morning.  Graves slept most of the morning and I'm kind of sad I didn't spend more time playing with Annie.  I just let myself get sucked into things.  I took a shower and got on Facebook and Twitter and watched TV and started laundry.  We read some books and cuddled, but I could have, SHOULD have, been more present.  She's been so whiney lately and I know partly it's from being tired, and partly it's from being two.  But partly, it's from this transition and I need to be more cognizant of using our special time when it's just us more wisely. 

My friend Morgan called to see if we wanted to go to lunch and I hurried and got us all ready and got some things together for Morgan's baby girl who is due in less than a month.  Of course, I left he bag on the way out.  We had pizza at Mellow Mushroom and Ann Peyton was SO good.  I was surprised- I knew she must be exhausted from going to bed at ten and getting up at seven and I had planned an early nap.  I think it was the goldfish I brought for her! Morgan stopped by to pick up the bag and then I fed Graves and got Annie down for her nap.  Graves had a terrible blowout and I cleaned that up.  Disposables suck, y'all.  He poops through them EVERY time and they leak on AP some, too.  Of course we do use the cheap Target brand, mostly, but still.  I never thought I'd see the day that thank that earth loving Papa for his insistence on cloth diapers the babes, but we've arrived.Graves _20110602_001
Graves _20110602_002
Once they were both asleep, I got on the computer and checked Twitter and started Annie's twenty six month post.

Annie woke up in a TERRIBLE mood.  I think she didn't sleep long enough.  Anyway, she just fussed and pitched a fit for an HOUR.  I asked her if she wanted something to drink and she said yes and when I offered her milk or water she said no.  She just kept SCREAMING "SOMETHING TO DRINK".  I finally took her in her room and rocked her because she was hysterical and she started doing that thing where you try to catch your breath after you calm down.  She kept whining though and I finally put her in time out.  It was a rough afternoon.  I did manage to take her twenty six month pictures.  Twenty Six Months Old_20110602_009
We got ready to go to another Ultreya event and it was nice, but kind of rough getting both kids there by myself.  I didn't take in the carrier, so getting back to the car was a feat.  We made it though.  I got them both ready for bed when we got home and AP got mad because she wanted the blanket Graves was laying on. She tried to pull him off it and then took off one of his socks and tried to bite his foot.  I sent her to time out, of course, even though she was exhausted and then put her to bed. Peyton got home and I finished the post and we talked.Graves _20110602_007

Graves _20110602_006 This boy loves being on his tummy!

Annie woke up around eight on Friday right as I was finishing feeding Graves and I decided to be proactive and take them outside for a little bit to try to get rid of any bad attitudes.  I got some laundry and dishes started, got everyone in clean diapers, and washed off some fruit for us take outside.  It was already HOT, but we lasted about half an hour.  I even got a few thank you notes written while they were entertained.Backyard Fun_20110603_001 
Backyard Fun_20110603_006
Backyard Fun_20110603_007
We came in and I was DYING for a shower.  Graves was a little cranky, but I went ahead and put him in the Pack N Play.  By the time I finished my super fast shower, he was full out screaming.  I popped AP in the tub and put him in the bouncy seat and tried to console him while I dried my hair.  It was kind of a circus.  I finally decided to try feeding him because nothing was working and he ate a little.  I didn't think he would be hungry so soon and then it hit me; he was THIRSTY from being outside.  I felt like a moron.  And a pretty mean mom.  Poor little guy.  We watched The View a little and I got AP lunch and then my mom stopped by.  We had a nice visit and it was naptime when she left.

I wrote a quick blog post and checked Twitter, since I hadn't looked at it all morning.  I straightened up a little, fed Graves and then took a nap myself.  Annie was still asleep so I started making the potato salad I was planning on bringing to our Sunday School crawfish boil that night.  Annie woke up, but she played a little in bed and then helped me with the potato salad.Potato Salad_20110603_001
Graves got super fussy and thankfully, Peyton got home around then.  We all got ready and dropped AP off at the church since they had a nursery and headed to the crawfish boil.  We had a fun time and when we got home it was bedtime.  I straightened up some more, started laundry, cleaned up the kitchen a little, and got on the computer. Then I read my Bible and went to bed.

Annie slept pretty late on Saturday and then Peyton got up with her.  I fed Graves around ten and then got up myself.  We worked in the yard some and Annie swam in her little pool and we put Graves's swing in the carport.  He loved it!  We got some weeding done, but there's a LOT more that needs to get taken care of.  Annie and I went in and had "brunch" once she got bored.  I  washed the dishes and scrubbed the counters while she played.  She put her hand in her diaper and brought me a "present".  UGH!  That's never happened before.  I washed and hand sanatized her hands, but I still felt like she needed a bath. Graves woke up crying and Peyton was still working outside, so I sat on the bathroom floor and fed him.  Not super comfy ;)

Peyton came in and got a shower and I put AP down for her nap and then Peyton and I had lunch (hot dogs, grilled potatoes, and potato salad).  I organized one of the kitchen cabinets (my cookie cuters are all labeled by type  (farm animals, tea party, ect.) now!) and then replaced the mop head and swept and mopped the tile and laminate floors.  I fed Graves and took a bath and we got ready to drop the kids off at my parents' house because we were going to a wedding that night.  The wedding was nice and we had a good time seeing some old friends (the bride was in youth group with me) and the reception was fun, too.  We were finishing eating when my mom called.  Graves had drank all of his first bottle and then the half bottle I had sent and he was still hungry!  We rushed home, and sure enough, he nursed a bunch more.  Whoa.  We stayed awhile and hung out with my parents and then came home and got the kids to sleep.  I hung up a bunch of clothes and got on the computer and then Peyton and I chatted a little and went to bed.Diaper Bag, Birth Announcements, Garment Extenders_20110603_003
SUPER fun mail day- my new custom made diaper bag I ordered from Etsy, garment extenders for both kids' clothes, and BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!

I got up around seven to get ready for Sunday School and church today (Sunday).  Peyton fixed us blueberry pancakes and we headed to church.  Peyton worked in the nursery during the Sunday School hour this week and it was a bit of a nightmare.  Annie really acted out because he was in there.   Once he went to church, they said she did great!  We had communion this Sunday and that was nice.  When we got home, I fed Graves and got AP down for her nap (she didn't want much lunch) and Peyton went to the store to get milk and by McDonalds to get a burger for me.  I ate it and we talked a minute and then he left to go kayak and I tried to take a nap.  Graves was super fussy and I kept trying to get him settled.  Finally, I fed him again and just held him until Peyton got home. I got on the computer for a little bit and then it was time to get ready for Bible study.  We went to Bible study and then to Peyton's parents and when we got home, we got the babies to bed and I started cleaning up the kitchen and finished this post.  It's late, but I'm going to read my Bible and fed Graves and then hit the hay!

I think next week will be a little calmer, at least for me and the children.  Peyton's got some stuff going on, but nothing huge.  I'm looking forward to just hanging out and enjoying the Summer some more!

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Rachel said...

I literally read every word of this post. And I literally don't know how you handle two little ones by yourself when Peyton is at work. You.are.supermom.

*I laughed out load when I read the part about AP bringing you a present in her hand - haha!