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Weekly Happenings Post #118 (June 13-19)-- By the Beautiful Sea

 [Peyton wanted us to pretend to cry.  Weirdo.]

This week was fun, but definitely tiring.  We had a great time at the beach, but it was no vacation.  A great trip, but definitly not a "vacation".  It was really a work trip for Peyton and the kids and I ended up spending a lot of time in the hotel room.  I'm still glad we went, but next year I think we'll try even harder to find a "helper" (please, Cookie??) to go with us.  Also, I think we'll stay "on site" at the hotel where the convention takes place.  Peyton's expectations for the ease of the trip were a little higher than mine and I think he was sort of disappointed and felt bad for us that we didn't get to do that much.  Like I said, though, I'm glad we were all together and overall, it was a good first travel experience with two.  I am kicking myself because I hardly took any pictures.  It was just that going to the beach was such a feat, I couldn't imagine trying to add a photo op to it.  Anyway, I am glad to be back home!

Everyone slept super late on Monday morning.  Ann Peyton didn't wake up until almost ten and neither did either of her parents!  Once we did get up, Peyton fixed breakfast and then he and AP went and worked/played in the yard while I got myself and Graves ready for the day.  Peyton's mom and dad stopped by for a visit and I ate breakfast and fisnished getting ready and talked to our Vacation Bible School director about my job in a few weeks- I'm going to be the "Discovery" teacher, which is basically a kind of science lesson!  We got everything together to go meet Carrie and her kids for lunch and I asked AP if she wanted to wear her fishERMAN sandals.  She misunderstood and got so excited because she though I said "fishy sandals", meaning these:

Well, Peyton and I had a little argument.  They didn't match at all, but he thought I should let her wear them.  I finally agreed and he said he was proud of me ;) We went to Broadstreet and it was SO crowded.  We had a hard time finding a parking place and an even harder time finding a table.  We ended up having to go upstairs and I barely made it with both kids.  I was drenched in sweat from our trek across the parking lot and all that climbing.  Graves was a little fussy and AP had a rough time toward the end.  She did pretty good for not having a high chair and I had decided in advance that if I had to take her to the bathroom for timeout, we'd just have to leave; those steps were so rough!  Fortunately, she minded the whole time.  Once we got home, AP went to sleep, but Graves had a really difficult time.  I FINALLY got him down for a nap and my mom and Cookie came over.  I washed dishes and straightened the house while talking to them and then we woke Ann Peyton up and they fed her a snack and played with her for awhile. They left and Annie and I read books and I put up clothes in the nursery and took some pictures for a Babykin Boutique post.  We played some more and then I had to wake Graves up to eat (that doesn't usually happen!).  I fed Ann Peyton supper and got her ready for bed and she helped me clean up her toys and then went to bed.  I finished last week's Weekly Happenings post and just relaxed until Peyton got home.  I folded laundry and made a big to-do list for Tuesday.

Oh my word, Tuesday was busy!  Peyton woke up early and we chatted a little and then I went back to sleep and he went and watched TV.  For some reason, his phone beeped and said he was supposed to be at work and he FREAKED out and took this super fast shower and got all in a fuss and then realized he was wrong.  Annie woke up and he played with her some and I got ready for the day.  AP, Graves and I met my friend, Logan, for lunch at Newks and Peyton did yard work.  We picked him up after lunch and went by Deville because I was having trouble getting the viewfinder on our camera to focus (the picture would be clear, but it was blurry in the viewfinder).  They helped me and then we headed to Dr.  Denney's office for Graves's two month visit and AP's two year visit.  I'll post their stats and a recap soon!  I dropped them off and pumped a bottle since Graves took one at the doctor's office and then I headed to AT&T to get my new iPhone(!!!!) activated and then up to the hospital because our dear friends Morgan and Haydn had their second little girl.  We had a great visit and Sarah Beth was beautiful!

Peyton had had a rough time with the kiddos.  Graves had several blow out diapers and was super fussy (from his shots, I think) and Annie didn't really take a good nap.  They kind of calmed down, though, so we got ready and dropped them off at my parents' house and went out to eat at Amerigo, since, oh yeah, it was our anniversary. 

 I wanted a family picture so bad because we took one on our anniversary for the past two years.  AP was having a melt down, though, and it just wasn't to be.

We picked up some hummus on the way home and got the children and then it was time to START getting ready for our trip.  I cleaned up the house and started packing and Peyton helped me get AP to bed.  I was up WAY too late (as is always the case with things like this).

We left for the beach on Wednesday.  We had originally planned to leave between eight and nine but I knew by Tuesday night that wasn't going to happen.  I woke up with an AWFUL headache and feeling kind of queasy and Peyton was really sweet and told me not to stress out and to take my time.  He went to the grocery store to get a few things for the trip before AP woke up and then helped me get ready.  We ended up leaving at 10:45 and I was for some reason proud of that.  The kids did GREAT in the car on the long (six hour) trip.  Graves did so good; he hardly cried at all and we only had to stop to feed him once!  I actually asked Peyton if he thought Dr. Denney had vaccinated him against fussiness.  And Annie did better than I could imagine a toddler would even be capable of doing.  We had gotten Annie a new book and I just happened to grab it on the way out.  It's a pretty long book and she looked at every picture for probably ten minutes.  That book kept her entertained at least three fourths of the drive.  I told Peyton I thought we should get her a new book every time we went on a long trip.  He asked me what we'd do for Graves and I said we'd probably have to buy him a GameBoy.  Ha!  I, on the other hand, was miserable the entire drive.  My headache got worse and worse and when we stopped halfway there I tried to eat lunch.  A lot of times, if I don't eat enough, I get a headache and get nauseous so I thought that might be the problem.  I ate a few french fries, some of AP's apples, and two sips of a frosty and then went to the bathroom.  And threw up.  Four times.  Ohmiword, it was awful.  I had to go get Graves and go back in there and fed him after all that, too.  UGH.  I will say that, just like when I was pregnant, I did feel some better after the experience.  We got back in the car and made it the rest of the way with only one more restroom stop.

Peyton had a little welcome party that family was invited to and he was just going to take Annie, but once we got to the hotel, I was feeling a little better and I decided I'd take a bath and see if I felt up to it.  We ended up all four going.  It didn't last too long and after that we decided to walk around and enjoy the sand and waves, since our hotel wasn't directly on the beach.  I use the term "enjoy" loosely; much as I expected, the sand kind of frustrated Ann Peyton.  She still thinks getting sandy is akin to getting dirty and she's kind of OCD about it.  Peyton held her and I put Graves in his sling and we had a nice time just enjoying the beach for a little bit.  After we got back to our hotel, we ate some of the food we brought and went to sleep.  Annie had kind of a rough time getting to bed because she loves being in her bed all by herself and she's very possessive of it.  We gave her the option of sleeping on the little sofa (it was pretty low to the ground) or sleeping in bed between us.  She finally decided to sleep with us and she had a pretty good night.  I woke Graves up once to fed him so he wouldn't wake her up crying.  He basically nursed in his sleep.  Dream feeding a tiny baby is so adorable, no?  He woke up on his own around seven, but AP slept through it and woke up a little after eight.

Peyton was already gone when we got up on Thursday morning and we just had a nice time relaxing.  I got everything straightened up in the room and watched a little TV while AP read some books and played.  I washed dishes in our bathroom sink, got on the computer a little, and fed Graves and then Peyton got back.  I told him it kind of made me wish we lived in a small apartment.  It was so nice being able to see AP the whole time without having to chase her around and it only took ten minutes to straighten the whole place.  Of course, I know in real life, I wouldn't enjoy it for long!  

We all got ready and were planning to go the aquarium (Peyton had promised AP we would go see fish), but it was closed.  We decided to go look for a pet shop or some kind of restaurant with a fish tank (HAHA!) because Peyton is big on keeping his word with her. Well,  then we saw a Bass Pro Shop.  The irony here lies in the fact that we are at the beach and here we are driving up into this redneck hunting and fishery store, one of which we have in our neighboring town.  [Hope nobody takes offense to that, but it's true.] Anyway, we saw the fish, but it actually wasn't as impressive as the Bass Pro in Pearl and then we headed to the outlet mall.  We all ran in J. Crew, but we didn't find anything and then we gave Graves a bottle and changed his diaper and I went in Gap and The Children's Place.  Peyton was going to just drive around, but he ended up getting both kids in and out of a store and purchasing a shirt with NO stroller.  I'll be honest, I know I could do it (I do it at restaurants and for church every Sunday so I know it's possible).  It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I'm scared!  I really don't trust AP to hold my hand well yet and Graves is still sort of "floppy"; I just don't feel confident walking across a busy parking lot, espesially without him in his carrier.  I guess now that I have the sling, it wouldn't be difficult, though.  Anyway, after that I ran into Gymboree and actually made a few purchases (including a pair of rather large on her 12-18 mo. shorts and a 6-12 mo. t-shirt that fit; bless her heart!).   We got back to the hotel and Peyton headed back to his convention and I fed the kids and then we just hung out in the hotel all afternoon.  Annie really didn't want to read or do puzzles or anything.  She mostly just wanted to explore the room, opening drawers and climbing on the couch and bed.  I watched TV and got online and just played with her (and changed lots of diapers, ha!).  Graves slept a lot and at one point Annie asked to hold him.  It was the first time ever and she had been so good in the boring room, I woke him up and let her hold him.  She also wanted to cuddle with me and scratch my back.  I don't know what made her so affectionate, but it was sweet!  She did talk to me a lot; she's getting much more articulate and it's fun to hear her little thoughts.  I fed Graves and got her a snack and then Peyton got back.  Peyton took Annie for a late night swim and Graves and I joined them a little while later.  There were some little girls down at the pool talking to Peyton and playing with Annie and when I got there they asked me questions like "Can he [Graves] open his eyes yet?".  Funny.  We got back to the room and all went to bed.

Graves was up a few times during the night but the two of them and I slept until after ten on Friday!  I was amazed!  We got up and and got moving slowly and I managed to get my shower before Peyton got back.  Graves was asleep, but AP got mad when I trapped her in the bathroom with me.  I sang her some songs ("Puff the Magic Dragon" and "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain") and that made it better. 
 These two know how to relax.  Oh, and that's the new book I mentioned.  The pictures are great; it's a really neat little Bible anthology!

Peyton got back and we finished getting ready and then headed back to the outlets.  Peyton went in a few stores for himself and I went back to The Children's Place and to Carter's, OshKosh and Keds.  I also nursed Graves in a Saks fitting room and had an unfortunate encounter with an older lady.  We got back to the hotel and rested some and then Peyton left for the evening.  Not gonna lie, that night was pretty rough.  Graves was really fussy and Annie was playing on the bed and rolled off and it scared her really bad.  At one point they were both in my lap howling.  Peyton got back again and we headed out for our last stroll on the beach.  It was nice, but Annie still didn't like the sand and it was a little windy for Graves.  Peyton did get AP to sit in his lap and let the waves come up over her toes.  When we got back to the room, we got both the children to sleep and talked a little.  I packed up most of our stuff and then got on the computer for a little while.

Peyton got up early on Saturday to get the car packed before going to his last day of seminars and Annie woke up, so I got up too.  I had gone to bed really late, so that meant not a whole lot of sleep.  Graves had slept eight hours, though (!!!), so at least it was uninterrupted sleep!  Peyton left and I got a shower and got both babies bathed, fed, and dressed and then we just hung out in the room the rest of the morning.  
Graves has really started smiling and I love it!

W decided not to stay at the expensive resort type place the convention was being held; it just seemed a bit absurd with two little, little kids.  I was actually pretty impressed wit our hotel, for what we paid.  However, the floor made me want to gag.  All week long, I though Annie's feet were just getting dirty outside, but the last day we were there I gave her a bath and a couple of hours later, THIS.  Oh gosh, I nearly threw up.  I may have to go all Kate Gosselin and make my kids wear shoes in hotels from now on!

Peyton got back and it took us a while to get the last minute things loaded, fed Graves one last time and check the room and all that.  I was kind of frustrated because I had thought I had everything ready to go.  We ate some snacks in the car and drove through Sonic for a late lunch and then we found a parking lot and I fed Graves. The kids were such good travelers again.  Peyton and I talked, listened to some of his MPB podcasts, and read Radical Together.

We decided kind of last minute to make a stop at Granny's since were were basically going to be right by her house.  We stayed for about an hour and half and she entertained us with stories of farm life and it was good because I got to fed Graves and Annie got to stretch her legs a little.  We got back in the car and were about an hour from home when both babies started melting down.  I got in the back with them and got Graves to go to sleep and played "Peek A Boo" with Annie the rest of the way home.  She was so funny because she started saying "Dolly" and "cupcake" and I finally figured out that she realized we were getting close and was thinking about her room (she has some little pretend cupcakes she loves to play with).  For some reason, that made my heart grin. 

We got Annie to sleep and I started unpacking bags.  I got a load of dishes (basically sippy cups) going and sorted all the laundry.  I wash everything that we bring on trips because hotel rooms freak me out, so it was quite a bit.  I started a load and got the Pack N Play set back up and then I relaxed a little and went to bed.

 Graves slept eight hours again!  I was still so tired on Sunday morning, though.  I slept late, but we got up and got ready and managed to make it to Sunday School on time.  I missed the majority of it though, because Graves wanted to eat, even though I fed him before we left home.  I think when he sleeps so well at night he thinks he has to make up for it the next day ;)  I actually left him in the nursery for the first time after he got done nursing.  We heard a nice Father's Day sermon at church and then went out to eat (Mexican!) for lunch.  We were both really proud of ourselves because we basically just ate the groceries we brought on the trip and only "ate out" (at fast food restaurants) on the way there and back!  We drove around looking at houses, just for fun and both kids fell asleep and we transferred them to their beds.  I got on the computer and then tried to take a nap myself.  Graves was fussy and once I got him to sleep, I just couldn't get my mind to slow down, so I got back up.  It ended up working out good because Cookie and my mom came over about that time.  We woke up Annie and played with her.  She was in SUCH a good mood and was just so sweet.  Peyton got home and they left and I fed Graves and headed up to the church for a meeting for VBS teachers.  I got home and Graves was fussing so I fed him and then we got AP ready for bed.  I changed over laundry and continued unpacking.  I got most everything that wasn't washable (shoes, bows, carriers, toys, books, ect.) put up in their room and then I cleaned out the bottom of our coat closet where all our luggage stays and put our bags up.  It was good to declutter it and we got rid of several bags we didn't need.  I got on the computer and messed around and then read my Bible and addressed the rest of Graves's birth announcements.

This week we don't have hardly anything going on that I know of and I'm kind of happy about it.  I really hope I can accomplish a lot and get some loose ends tied up.  I feel like last Summer, in the absence of our school routine, I did a good job of creating a new flexible routine that served us well.  This Summer, so far, that has not been the case.  Things have just been so inconsistent week to week it seems and we've been busier with two children and what seems like more engagements.  The week after next is Vacation Bible school and the following week Graves and I (and Carrier) are taking a short little trip to meet Ashley in Memphis.

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