Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #117 (June 6-12)-- Quality Time at Mickey and Minnie's

This past week was fairly uneventful.  I didn't get a whole lot done, but we had a lot of fun!  We went swimming twice and that's always a blast and for some reason we ended up going over to my parents a bunch.

Monday actually was pretty productive. Peyton got up with Annie around eight thirty and Graves and I slept a little longer.  Once I got up, I fed him, changed over the laundry, and finished loading dishes from the night before.  We ate breakfast and then I took a bath.  Right after my bath, I decided that I wanted to help Peyton and Annie in the yard.  Peyton planted some veggies in the garden and I washed out several indoor trash cans that had gotten gross. Graves napped in his swing We watered plants and AP swam in her pool.  I got the shampoo and Peyton gave her a bath.  I had some lunch and Peyton went in to take a shower.  I watered plants and then we came in and I fed AP lunch and got her down for a nap.

I fed Graves and he slept for a little bit.  I got on the computer and when he woke up we spent a good half hour trying to practice with the Moby wrap that Carrie loaned me. We attempted to water plants in the front yard, but the hose was broken. I feel a little more confident with it!  He was kind of fussy, so I did a little straightening off and on, but I held him a lot and fed him again.  I finally got a second shower and then he spit up in the Pack N Play so I gave him a bath and changed the sheets. 

I got back on the computer for a few minutes and then it was time to wake Annie up because we were going to my parents' house and she had been asleep for over three hours (SCORE!). I had gotten out the vacuum so I could vacuum out Graves's stroller because we had left it unfolded in the garage and a kitty had slept in it and I also wanted to vacuum under the sofa cushions.  Well, it terrified Annie.  I did it really quick (probably not a very good job).  Her crying woke up Graves and I hurried and got them both ready since they were both upset.  We headed over there and had a great time visiting and eating supper (tuna croquets, green beans, and mac and cheese).  We got home pretty late and I went though some piles and fed Graves and then got on the computer.  Peyton and I watched TV and I wrote thank you notes and then uploaded some pictures and videos from the camera and video camera.  I folded laundry, read my Bible, and went to bed.

I was kind of dreading Tuesday because we were planning on staying home all day.  It ended up being a great day and it was rainy in the afternoon so it was the perfect one for it!  Graves had slept well the night before and I got up before him and Annie on Tuesday.  I got dishes and laundry going and then I fed Graves and pumped. Annie woke up and we had a pretty typical morning at home- laundry, breakfast, and The View. Graves was super hungry all morning and I feel like most of what I did was fed him and change diapers ( think I changed three wet ones and three dirty ones before noon between him and AP).  I also practiced with the Moby some more. Peyton was gone for the first part of the morning- touring a place our church may do some missions work and playing basketball with his brother.  Once he got home, he played with Annie a little and then went to the store for some juice because she was constipated :(  When he got back, I took a shower and he and AP worked/played in the yard.

The kids both took FABULOUS, OVERLAPPING naps. My friend Morgan stopped by to drop some things off and then I tried to educate myself on Picassa because I'm trying to figure out an online storage system for our photos.  I messed around on the computer wrote a blog post and then ate a late lunch. It started thundering and it woke AP up. It scared her and she was super snuggly.  I put Graves back in the Moby and we put up laundry in the nursery while Annie played and then she ate supper and I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.  It took longer because I had to keep repositioning Graves and I felt like I should hold him when I bent down, so I only had one hand.  It was better than having to hold him on the sofa and it not getting done, though, I guess.  After that I fed Graves and I gave Annie a long bath.  I read a chapter in Modern Parables AND folded an entire load of laundry and then got her out and got her ready for bed.  Right after I got her down, Graves tuned up.  He SCREAMED for an hour and a half.  It was awful.  I tried the rice sock, holding him, taking him outside, the prescription gas drops, EVERYTHING.  I tried to feed him twenty five times and finally he nursed a little and I put him in his swaddle blanket and he fell asleep.  I just laid on the couch and read blogs for awhile.  Peyton and I ate a casserole that we had frozen.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and it was super busy.  We got up, hustled to get ready and then dropped the Buick off  because the check engine light was on. We went by my sister in law's house so she could help me with some babywearing tips.  She helped me with the Moby and let me try out her ring slings.  In return, I counseled her a bit on stain removal.  After our visit, we went to Coolwater Cafe for lunch because Peyton had a coupon and then picked up the car.  I put AP down for her nap in her sleeping bag because her diaper leaked AGAIN (clearly, we need to stop giving her so much fluid right before bed) and fed Graves when we got home and then got ready for my hair cut.  Peyton had a conference call while I was gone, but he managed while watching both kids!  I got there early so I stopped by the consignment shop in the shopping center and then got my much needed Summer trim.  I went by the other consignment store in the area and headed home.  We had to kind of hustle again to get ready because we were having supper with the Howie's (daddies/papas included!).  We met them at Mellow Mushroom and had a really nice time.  We had some high energy little girls, but Graves slept the whole time, thankfully.  It was fun!  I think Peyton's expectations were a little high because he thought AP was a little bit naughty and he thought we made a total mess (she spilled my Sprite) so he left a $10 tip.  Kinda crazy, because I think Carrie and I were pretty impressed with everyone's behavior!  I think next time we're going to do dinner at one of our houses.  We put Annie to bed once we got home and Graves had the bottle I thought he'd want at dinner.  He had a massive blow out diaper and spit up on the couch, so I got to work cleaning his swing and the sofa (Peyton took care of cleaning his bottom!).  I got on the computer and wrote a post and then Peyton and I read together.

I got up before both kids on Thursday.  Peyton was gone ALL DAY and it felt good to get a head start.  I pumped a bottle, worked on cleaning the pooped on swing some more, checked Twitter and started some laundry and then Annie woke up around 8:30.  We played and I put the fresh sheets on her bed and then woke up Graves to fed him.  He went back to sleep and I put AP in her high chair so I could go up to the attic to get my swimsuit because we were going swimming with Cookie.  I watered some in the front yard and Annie came outside with me.  I hopped in the shower (even though we were going swimming I just had to) and got stuff together and once I had both kids ready I fed Graves again and then we went over to my parents' house.  Annie and Cookie (and Cookie's BF, Conrad) swam for about an hour at my parents' neighbors house while Graves and I lounged in the shade.


[Have I mentioned that my sister is GORGEOUS???]

 It started thundering so we went back to their house and then it got really bad.  I already had Graves in the car but my dad (who was home early from work and is a weather freak) told use we should wait a little bit.  I got him back out and it cleared up in about ten minutes.  We came home and both kids took naps.  Annie's nap was kind of short for her and I just read blogs, fed Graves and took another shower.

Annie got up and we had a snack and started Army Wives and then I decided that we should spend some one on one time together while Graves was asleep, so we did a few puzzles and read some Beatrix Potter.  Graves woke up and ate and I turned back on Army Wives and folded laundry.  I put their laundry and talked to Ellis on the phone and then it was supper time for AP.  I put up dishes and reloaded the dishwasher.  She and I straightened a little and then I put her to bed.  I finished cleaning up and got on the computer and wrote a blog post.  Peyton and I talked and ate supper and then went to bed WAY too late.

Graves ate at two the next morning and then was up again at four, six, seven, and eight.  Needless to say at eight, I promptly handed over parenting duties to Peyton.  Annie woke up around eightish on Friday morning and she and Peyton played while I slept until after nine.  When I got up, we decided to go swimming again, so we headed over to my parents' neighbors' house.  We had a pretty short swim because Peyton had to go to work and then AP and I (and Graves) ate lunch with my mom and headed home for naps.  I got the kids down and straightened and did small things the house for about half an hour and then got on the computer for a while and took a shower.  Graves woke up and I fed him and then got Annie ready to go back to my parents'.  We picked up my mom and ran a few errands- I got a sling to wear Graves in at Leap Frog and we also went by Hudsons.  We came back to their house and my sister's friend and her sister stopped by for a visit.  We had a good time catching up and then we had red beans and rice and Cookie gave AP a bath.  We got home late and Peyton and I talked and then I read blogs for a little while and went to bed.

I was a little shocked when AP woke up at 7:30 on Saturday after such a late night.  Peyton was really sweet and played with her so I could sleep until he had to get ready to be at work by nine.  Once he left, I got up and started dishes and feed Graves while Ann Peyton played with some chapstick.  When it was time to put it up she pitched a huge fit and hit me and spit on the floor.  When I got her out of time out, she just started throwing a fit again.  This went on for some time and after abut the fifth time out, it worked. After all that we headed outside to water the flower beds.  I put Graves in the new sling and he LOVED it.  And Annie loved following me around and running through the sprinkler and picking blueberries from the bushes in the backyard.  We went inside and I put Graves in the Pack N Play and got Annie in the bathroom with me so I could take a shower.  AP lost it and kept trying to get in the tub and Graves started getting mad, too.  It was just horrible.  I skipped blow drying my hair and fed Graves and got Annie some lunch.  I know she was just tired, but her behavior was wearing ME out.  My mom called and I ended up telling her how upset I was.  I've gotten to where I can handle both of them crying at the same time pretty well, but I asked my mom "Do you think I just have sad children?".  I know I was just worn out, but I was genuinely wanting someone to tell me that this was normal and I didn't have unusually unhappy kids who hated life.  Thankfully, my mom did just that.

I put Annie down for her nap after lunch and she slept for FOUR hours.  Guess she was tired!  Graves slept a lot of that time, too and I managed to do a lot.  I read blogs, ate lunch, and watched some TV and rested on the couch.  Then I read some in this photography series I'm trying to get through and got out my camera manual and read about fifty pages in it.  I fed Graves and read two chapters in Modern Parables and then Annie woke up.  She was in a GREAT mood and so sweet.  I put Graves back in the sling and folded laundry while AP ate a huge snack/early supper.  Peyton got home, but he was going to a going away party for someone from work.  I knew Annie was going to melt down when he left again, so he took her with him!  Graves and I had fun at home!  I fed him and then straightened a little and looked for something that got lost in their nursery.  When Peyton and Annie got home, I organized Annie and Graves's shoes and pajamas that I've bought ahead in boxes in their closet.  I know it seems like I'm constantly reorganizing their closets, but I just try to really maximize the space.  Peyton said that Annie missed Graves- when he put her in her car seat, she pointed to the base where his car seat goes and said "Baby Graves...Baby Graves!".  So sweet ;)  We put AP to bed and talked some and Peyton watched a movie and I got on the computer and ate supper. I organized some pictures on the computer and then read through some of the archives of one of my favorite blogs.  [Does anybody else do that???]

I got up at six on Sunday to get ready for church.  We all got ready and I fed Graves and we were out the door by eight.  We had a guest preacher and he preached a good sermon using the an Old Testament reading and then we studied more of the gospel of Mark in Sunday School. 

 Ann Peyton was finally big enough for this dress I got awhile back and I had to trade Graves's little booties in for some real shoes.  They're getting so big so fast!

We came home and I fed Graves and AP had lunch and then I tried to get her down for a nap.  She said she wanted more to eat, but that's usually a stalling tactic, so I brought her some water and left.  Well, she kept talking about it and fussing and I had gotten her out of her high chair a little early (she seemed like she was loosing interest in her food), so I fed her more lunch, which she ate, and then put her back in her bed.  It took her awhile, but she finally went to sleep.  I got on the computer and worked on several posts.  Graves woke up and I fed him and gave him a bath and got him ready to go back to church and then I woke Annie up.  I had a nice time at Bible study and the nursery workers took the older toddlers down to the ice cream kick off for the children's Summer program.  I think AP enjoyed herself, too!  On the way home, my friend Haley texted me to say they were grilling out last minute and could we come.  I ran inside to pump a bottle since Graves had taken one at church and I hate to miss an opportunity and Peyton kept the kids cool in the car, so we wouldn't have to unload and reload.  We had a great time visiting with Patrick and Haley and seeing precious Hank.

On the way home, the oddest thing happened.  We saw these little girls in the MIDDLE of the street playing in our neighborhood.  They were probably eight or nine, maybe?  Anyway, we drove by but then decided to go back and tell them that we couldn't really see them and maybe they should move to the side of the road.  Well, right as we drove up again, we noticed another car stopped and then it drove off.  Peyton and I both kind of freaked out and we actually followed the car.  Sure enough, there were two littler girls in it, but they looked really calm and not scared so we figured they hadn't been kidnapped or anything.  We kept following them, though, until they turned into a church that was obviously having some sort of function because there were lots of people there.  So crazy!  We got home really late, but I insisted on taking Graves's monthly picture.  

 [Peyton using his favorite prop, Hippopotamus, to get the kids to smile]

We all went to bed pretty soon after that!


This week is going to be pretty busy, but fun!  We've got some fun stuff the beginning of this week and then we're heading to Florida! Hopefully the babes will love the beach!

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