Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #119 (June 20-26)-- A Pain in the...Head

Well, this week was kind of a bummer.  I've felt sort of sick all week, mainly just really run down and with a constant headache.  I attributed it to sinuses/the weather change and just staying up way too late, but tonight I caught a glimpse of my again fire engine red boob, poked at it a little, and realized I had round two of the awful infection.  UGH. Is Graves's mouth septic? Ohmiword.  I called in some antibiotics and Peyton already got them, so hopefully I'll be able to zap it really quickly.

I tried to start getting back in the groove on Monday.  I had stayed up SO late the night before, though, and was really tired.  Peyton let me sleep late and when I woke up I started some laundry and then got ready and ran to the post office to buy stamps and made a very quick grocery store run.  Right before I left, Ann Peyton bit me (hard) and I screamed at her.  Peyton kind of got on to me because we try not to yell at our children.  I felt terrible and kind of fell apart over it.  Getting out was good for me, though, and when I got back I changed over the laundry and put up grocery and got AP down for her nap.  She took a great nap, but Graves had slept a bunch that morning, so he was up for most of it. He was only fussy part of the time and the rest of the time I watched TV, uploaded and edited pictures, tried to get some addresses for the birth announcements, and played with my new phone.

I broke out one of Annie's old playmats and he really seemed to like it.  Annie woke up and had a big snack and I folded laundry.  I put Graves in the Bumbo seat (I'm trying to figure out what to do with him while he's awake) and just held him and tickled him and made him smile.  Ann Peyton loves tickling his feet and he smiles so big at her!  We just played and had a nice afternoon and I fed Graves before it was time to get AP to bed and he fell asleep.  She ate supper and went to bed easily and I got on the computer and finished my Weekly Happenings post and uploaded some videos then I cooked veggies for dinner.  It was the fist time I've cooked a real meal since Graves had been born.  I know that's absurd.  Anyway, we had corn, okra, and butterbeans. Yum.  I love a veggie dinner in the Summertime.  As I was walking into the laundry room, I tripped over a place where the linoleum was coming up.  I hurt my knees and jammed one of my fingers REALLY bad. The picture does not do it justice- it looked way worse in person!

I ended up falling asleep on the couch with Peyton.

Tuesday morning was pretty lazy.  Peyton got up with the babies and I got a little extra sleep and then started laundry and took a bath.  I also finished up the birth announcements and put them in the mail.  I had to address a few more and stamp them all.  I'm glad I had most of them addressed, because it hurt SO bad to write with my fat, jammed finger. Tuesday afternoon was kind of rough.  It was raining and the thunder kept Annie up.  I tried for about an hour to get her to take her nap, but every time it thundered she'd get so scared.  I just got her up and finished up doing dishes, scrubbing the kitchen counters, and sweeping the floors.  I had planned on mopping the floor and my mom told me that she used to do hers with a towel on her hands and knees, so I decided to try it.  It was definitely more time consuming (especially with my little helper), but it got it MUCH cleaner.  I may start doing it once a month or something.  I did feel really bad because about halfway through Annie decided she just HAD to be in the room with me (she had been playing in the den).  I kept telling her she had to stay on the dry part behind me, but I don't think she even knows what "behind" means.  She wasn't being defiant, but she wasn't minding very well.  Well, of course, the inevitable happened and she slipped down.  It wouldn't be such a big deal except for my accident the day before; I realized she could have really hurt herself.  Now, I realize that the chances of her getting seriously injured from slipping down are not very high, but it still made me sad because I chose my desire to accomplish something over my concern for her safety.  I know it's ridiculous, but I feel guilty when I don't get something done and here now I feel guilty when I do.

Of course, she was fine and I ended up having time to give her a bath before Graves woke up.  I had put him in the Pack N Play instead of his swing and I think he slept better in it.  We all got ready once he woke up and I fed him and then we went to our Ultreya meeting.  It was great and we had a speaker from a neat ministry for women who are addicted to drugs.  After we got home, I put up a TON of laundry in the kids' room and got them to bed.  I checked Twitter and wrote a blog post and then Peyton and I watched the first episode of Lost together.  It's on "Watch It Now" on Netflix and I think it's our new show!

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and I wish I had more to show for it.  It was a good day, though!  Annie and Graves both woke up about two hours earlier than normal (around six) and Peyton was his darling self and got up with them.  Praise the Lord for morning people, or rather "morning husbands"!
 [I kind of got onto him for letting her do this on the floor.  He told me if the waffles were for other people or were something like pudding where the germs wouldn't cook away, it would be different, but this was fine.  Ahh!]

I got up a little later and he went for a bike ride.  We played and folded laundry.  I managed to fold a couple of loads and get the bedding changed on our bed and AP's.

Peyton got home and I put the babies down for naps and got on the computer.  I had lunch, did dishes, and took a bath and then Peyton and I chatted a little.

When the children woke up, we got ready and made the grandparent rounds.  Everyone was still kind of tired from being up so early.  They did okay at my parents', but by the time we got to Peyton's parents' house they were in meltdown mode.  Peyton showed his parents my video post (which, sidenote, I'm not begging for comments or anything, but is Hubbykins not hilarious?? I think so!) and they clicked on the Vimeo link and the featured video was basically pornographic.  What the heck?  I may try a different video uploading service next time ;) We put them to bed and Peyton fixed burgers for supper.  We watched Lost and then I got on the computer and read blogs and wrote a post.  I put up laundry and went to bed.

I woke up with a bad headache on Thursday and our house was insanely hot.  We realized pretty quickly that the AC was broken.  Luckily, it was only in the 80s, which is pretty unheard of this time of year in Mississippi.  I got a few things going, but I felt so "blah" that I just took a shower.  I pumped a bottle while I fed Graves and that's the last time I'm doing that!  I always did it that way with AP (it was the only way I could pump with her), but I think it messes him up.  He seemed fine for the time being, but he was hungrier all day long.  Or maybe he was just thirsty from being in a miserable hot house.  Anyway, I ate breakfast and then started working on painting my doorway sign for my classroom at VBS next week while Peyton played with AP and Graves was asleep.  The guy came to fix the air and I fed Graves and did a few things around the house- put new batteries in our air condition control box thing, took out the trash, made some phone calls, and  started a load of dishes.  Annie woke up early from her nap because she had a dirty diaper and Graves woke up about that time, too.  We had a fun afternoon and they were both in a pretty good mood so I took some pictures and then folded a bunch of laundry.

I fed Annie supper and gave her a bath and cut Graves's fingernails and then she helped me clean up her toys.  Graves got kind of fussy as I was putting her to bed, but she went to bed easily and I fed him and got him a new diaper and put him to bed.  I finished my sign and got on the computer and read my Bible.
Graves was up a lot during the night.  He wasn't even hungry; he was just fussy.  He'd cry a little and was just restless.  Still no idea.

Peyton let me sleep late on Friday morning, but when I did get up my headache that I had had for two days was worse.  I went ahead and took a shower and we ran up to the church to hang my VBS sign.  I fed Graves when we got home and he got Annie lunch and then put her to bed.  During her nap, I cleaned up the kitchen and gave Graves a bath and put him down and then just relaxed and messed around on the computer.  When Annie and Graves woke up, I got us ready and then we headed to my parents' for Beans and Rice.  We had a great time and when we got back, I went to bed.

Saturday was a wonderful day. The babies woke up and we got ready and went over to my parents.  We swam for a few minutes at their neighbors, but Ann Peyton was being SO strange.  I asked her after she got out if she had fun and she shook her head no.  I asked her why and she thought for a minute and then said "TUNDER!".  Apparently, she remembered the storm from our last swim there and got scared.  We went inside and all had lunch (bacon and tomato sandwiches) and relaxed and then we went home.  I put them to bed and spent most of naptime working on my July blog design and then I got ready for a wedding my mom and I were going to.  Graves woke up and I fed him and then hopped in the shower and got ready in record time (he finished eating at about 4:00 and we left at 4:35)!!! Cookie and my dad kept the kiddos and we went to the wedding.  The bride was one of my very best friends from childhood and it was so good to see her and so many other old friends.  I was so glad I went even though I didn't really feel much like it at first.  Peyton was at my parents' house when we got back (he went to pick up Annie and Graves and ended up staying) and we hung out for awhile-I fed Graves and Annie got a bath and then headed home.  AP ate supper really late and we put her to bed.  I fed Graves again and finished working on my blog design.  Up way to late.

Graves slept good, but he woke up at 6:00 on Sunday morning and my alarm was set for 6:30, so I went ahead and got up after I fed him and got ready for church.  I felt miserable; I ate at the wedding but hadn't since so I think that was a factor.  We got ready and were a little late to church (I took a ten minute power nap before we left).  Peyton took Annie in his car and I left a a little later with Graves.  I couldn't find Peyton at the service because he was on the opposite side of where we usually sit.  He had work but I went to Sunday School.  Most of our class took a trip to Arkansas (we couldn't go because we just went on vacation, boo!) so the three of us that were there just ending up discussing Christian fiction books.  Once we got home, I put the sheets I had washed back on our bed, started laundry, and did the dishes.  AP ate lunch and I also gave Graves a bath because he smelled like spit up.  They both went to sleep and I had lunch and got on the computer. I was really nervous about how naptime would go because of this:

but she did fine!

My friend, Amanda dropped by with a baby gift and she stayed and visited for a little while.  Graves woke up and I fed him and got ready to go up to the church for our first night of VBS.  The "Discovery Station" went great and the kids really like the experiment we did- mixing yeast, sugar and hot water to make a balloon inflate.  We got home and Peyton and I talked some and then he went to play pool with his brother and I finished up this post.

This week is VBS week and I have a few simple goals, as well.  I'm going to try to work on my closet changeover (it's absurd, as Summer is halfway over), finish some way overdue thank you notes, catch up on our finances, and put some more pictures on Facebook.  I probably won't get half of it done, but it's a goal.  Above all that, I want to really try to read my Bible every day this week. I've been so lazy with it!

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Courtney said...

I hope you are feeling better. I am glad to hear I am not the only one who hasn't finished her closet switch over! Have a wonderful week of VBS.