Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Smorgasbord

I actually made a little more time for reading this week. Hope you'll find something that interests you!

Posted: 05 Jun 2011 02:07 PM PDT
How fun is this? I don't think we're quit big enough for this sort of structured activity, but I'm filing it away!
Posted: 05 Jun 2011 02:06 PM PDT
Another book I want. And Angie's right- how cute is the cover??
Posted: 05 Jun 2011 02:05 PM PDT
Cute, cute teach gift idea!
Posted: 05 Jun 2011 02:05 PM PDT
I heart fruit pizzas. So pretty and so good!
Posted: 05 Jun 2011 02:04 PM PDT
I might try this in the next week or so. I've got to get cooking again!
Posted: 05 Jun 2011 02:03 PM PDT
So much of it is about attitude, isn't it?
Posted: 05 Jun 2011 02:03 PM PDT
I love books like this. However, I'm not letting myself buy any more books for awhile. Gotta finish the ones on the shelves.
62. Krispy Kreme « stuff southern people like
Posted: 02 Jun 2011 02:36 PM PDT
Yes, this. My friend, Mallory, sent me this link in an email with the subject line "This made me think of you". I'm a glutton for glazed, I tell you. Also, I had to subscribe to this blog. Because I don't follow enough blogs. Sigh.
Posted: 02 Jun 2011 02:02 PM PDT
I found this to be a very interesting article, especially considering that several people close to me hold some Universalist beliefs. I disagree with it, but I think it's interesting to pick apart.
Posted: 02 Jun 2011 01:22 PM PDT
Honestly, I am in the minority within most of my groups of friends on this issue, but I agree with Allison on this one. For a couple of reasons:

First of all, before you call me niave, I spent most of high school hanging out with a group of sex obsessed boys, so i pride myself on knowing how the male mind works. But after conversations with Peyton and other male friends, I think by and large most men do not see a breastfeeding momma as a stumbling block. If anything, I think Peyton sees lactating boobs with a baby attached as one of the most NON sexual things in the world. But that could be a personal issue due to nursings effect on his wife's libido ;)

Secondly, most swimsuits that I see Christian women wearing expose a lot more than what Allison was. And I'm not talking about skimpy bikinis; I'm saying the "modest" one pieces that my mom friends and I wear that show a little cleavage.

I personally wouldn't nurse without a cover, but I'm extremely modest (I know shocker) and I'm also really uncoordinated and my kids seem to take after me and the whole latch process is awkward at best. 

I saw a behavioral therapist on CNN last weekend talking about a new law that will consider a woman nursing a child above the age of two a public nudity violation (what the what??) and she said (so perfectly) "Breasts have a day job and a night job.  Unfortunately, neither pays well".  Preach it, sister.
Posted: 02 Jun 2011 01:09 PM PDT
Cute video that explains cloth diapers. Stay away if animated poop bothers you ;)
Let me know if you know of any other interesting links!

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Anonymous said...

100 times YES on Allison's post! I nurse in public without a cover. Our nursing sessions look very similar to the pics Allison posted. I would not consider myself overly modest, but I don't think that is even relevant - breastfeeding has nothing to do with modesty. It's the natural GOD ORDAINED way to feed our children.

And also? I can only hope that my children are first exposed to breasts as a body part that nourishes children rather than a sexual object. PLEASE nurse in public without a cover. I'd MUCH prefer my children see that than see a Victoria's Secret ad.