Friday, July 29, 2011

Babywearing Addendum

A few things from my last post:

First of all, several people have asked me, through comments and Facebook and things, where I got my ring sling.  It came from a local store called Leap Frog.  It's in Madison and it's pretty much my favorite place.  I've mentioned it before in regards to consignment shopping because it is part consignment, but it's just fabulous!  We got AP's big Christmas present (her kitchen) there last year and I've gotten tons of barely worn kids clothes.  I've only ever bought a few new things there, but my sling was one of my best purchases for sure!  I also took the liberty of finding the tag and doing some Googling and VOILA!-- I give you The Everyday Baby. [I know it's her because I saw her at the grocery store.  I realize I've said that three times, but I'm obsessed with the small world phenomenon.]  This momma is really talented and she sells the precious outfits she makes at Leap Frog, too.  I thought about buying one, but I'm somehow under the delusion that I will take another class and learn how to make a knot dress myself.  [I'm going to show y'all that dress I made MONTHS day.]

Second.  Y'ALL.  Apparently, I'm doing this all wrong.  My friend (okay, we've met once, but I really like her and we share an awesome mutual friend) and babywearing extraordinaire, Kristal, shared that if you spread out the fabric at the top of the sling it's really more comfortable.  It wasn't digging in and bothering me, but she did say it would help distribute the weight more evenly, which would be awesome because Graves is HEAVY...did I mention he and his sister wear the same size clothing? Anyway, I felt like a total moron because here I am posting pictures of my cute sling with my cute baby in it and kind of obsessing because I look sweaty in one and I have on the same shorts on two different days and all that and then...I'm not even wearing the thing right???  I was telling Peyton how mortified I was and I told him I felt like it was akin to posting a picture on the blog him with his fly down.  He assured me that he didn't think my sling strap not being spread out was of quite the same caliber as an open zipper.  Anyway, after writing the whole post, I ended up seeing that Kristal just did her own very informative baby wearing post.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to see that in her first weeks of baby wearing she was making some oopsies too.  These days she's carrying around a thirty pound kid.  Because she's HARDCORE.  I'm going to go on record and say that it will be a cold day in attachment parenting hell before you see me with a thirty pounder on my back.  In my defense, that is like a third of my body weight, so I'm thinking it's require the kid to walk or get a hernia. 

All that to say, I know when I was using the Moby I would occasionally go look at blogs where I remembered seeing pictures of someone with one.  That seems weird anyway (why not just go to the website or Google a tutorial? because I wanted to see what my "friends" did), but if you are one of the two people that told me you were interested in wearing your future babies, do not refer to these pictures.  It's not unsafe or anything and your baby won't be hurt but it's probably to your benefit to stretch out the top part.  Also, free advice from my SIL- if the ring is too high it will be super uncomfortable, but if it's too low it can grind into your boob (also, I'm assuming uncomfortable??) and give you mastitis.  And we all know how fun that is

That's where I will end tonight's post.  Giving future mothers advice on how to avoid mastitis.


The Taffs said...

I seriously laughed out loud about the part of you being mortified because you weren't wearing the sling correctly and that being akin to your husband with his fly down. That seems like a conversation my husband and I would have. Men just don't understand sometimes! : )

I thought the sling looked great, I had no idea it wasn't being worn properly. Next time around I may have to invest in one of those.

Amy said...

i know this wasn't necessarily intended to be a comedic post, but i was dying with laughter the whole way through!! you are too funny and i love the way you write! :)