Friday, July 15, 2011

A Hoppy Little Announcement

Several weeks ago, I finally got Baby Graves's birth announcements ordered and sent.  I've become such a procrastinator with some things and finally, my goal just became to get them all sent before he turned three months!

I was so satisfied with Ann Peyton's that I ordered from Tiny Prints that I decided to go that route again.  It's not the most cost effective, but I think they look really good and it's easy.

I narrowed it down to about ten favorites and it seemed like half had either the word "vintage" or the word "whimsy" in the description and the other half were just a sweet, basic toile. So....vintage/retro feel? Whimsical little animals? Classic toile?  I kind of wanted something that would incorporate all of those things and frankly, I was very surprised when I ended up finding just that.  Then I had to pick the picture. [Yes, I'm aware that's probably backwards of how most people do it.]

This was hardest part of the whole thing- taking/choosing a picture.  We had a little photo session and got some pretty interesting outtakes....

He seemed like he was just kind of mad at us most of the time during the photo op:

And maybe even a little scared.

At this point, I thought sure we had a "ginger" on our hands, as Cookie would say...

 This one could have been okay except that none of my free crap editing software could touch the red eye.  Or the baby acne.

I thought it might be better if someone held him.  However, I think maybe he understood all the snide remarks his papa kept make about his lack of photogenicy*...

 This was one of my favorites.  My mom says that this is how she feels every day.  I also like that my best friend put this picture on her blog sans appropriate caption ("he doesn't really look this crazy all the time") as if it was a legitimate picture of the little man.

 *not a real word, I'm pretty sure. 

I ended up just using a really close up picture that my friend Sara Ashley took.  Cookie told me that you couldn't even tell that it was Graves; it just looked like a picture of a generic baby it was so close.  Peyton decided to be ugly and said "um, that's a good thing!"  Mean Papa!

Anyway, here is what we ended up with:

I like it because it's a bit more unique than just basic pale blue toile, but it's also not super trendy.  I liked the sweet feel and that it didn't seem too sophisticated for a baby.  I also loved the colors.  And a bonus was that it coordinates with the bunny theme in the nursery.

When I realized that I knew I couldn't not get it framed and then I got really excited because it just happens to look really cute with Ann Peyton's (obviously, I couldn't frame his but not hers). 

They are both the same square shape and they both have a little bit of the scalloped trim.  I think they'll look so cute right next to each other in their room (which is something I need to do a post on in itself):

In all honesty, I actually like Graves's better. [I do still love Ann Peyton's and think it's super cute.] It's just more unique and I feel like it's more babyish, which I love.  It's also more elegant  and traditional, but, like I said, not overly mature.  Annie's was really cute and I do love the simplicity and the colors, but Graves's is just more "me" I think. It's weird to me that my boy announcement turned out that way, but I love it!


Courtney said...

I love how his announcement turned out. I think they will look adorable framed.

The Taffs said...

Very cute! I still need to get my little man's announcement framed. We used tiny prints as well.

Sarah said...

Cute! And I love all your outtakes. He has the cutest little facial expressions.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I almost chose that same one for Evie that you used for AP! I really like Graves - it's very sweet!