Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Happenings

This month's design was definitely the most involved that I've done so far.  For one thing, I made the little sidebar labels myself this time!  The other two reasons it was so involved were 1) I wanted all the pictures to basically coordinate with the theme and 2) I manually lined up all those little blue and red dots...if they look unequally spaced don't tell me!  This has really become a project I love and look forward to.  I try to be crafty, but it's not always natural, so it's fun to have a little hobby I feel like I'm getting better at.  [I really, REALLY wish I'd get motivated and do the same with sewing.]

Soooo....July happenings.  I feel like Summer is half over and that is unbelievable.  It's gone way too fast and I hope it will slow down a bit this month.  We really don't have too much on the agenda this month and for that I'm very thankful.  Between our beach trip, getting sick again, and Vacation Bible School this week, June was pretty busy and it's time for a break!

- This first week of the month is going to be pretty full- but it's all SUPER fun stuff.  We're going to a big Fourth of July get-together that Peyton and I both look forward to every year and then Carrie and I are meeting Ashley in Memphis.  We'll just be there for two days, but I'm over the moon excited.  I'm bringing Graves and I'm just really hoping it's a smooth trip.  He's kind of unpredictable at this point and I just hope he does okay!

- Really, I have felt sort of disapointed in how little I accomplished day to day last month.  I hardly ever reach all the goals I set for myself, but if I get close, I'm content.  Last month I didn't really do anything in the way of cooking and cleaning and the extra activities fell by the wayside, for sure.  Right now, I am absurdly behind on our finances and I have so many projects that I need to do.  On top of that, there are random piles of stuff ALL OVER our house and I still haven't finished my closet changeover and the Summer is half way over. I just can't seem to get on top of things.  In my defense, I feel like we have had a lot going on, and hopefully, once things settle I'll be able to motivate myself to do some of this stuff.

- Peyton is working a few extra shifts coming up and in exchange he'll get an extra weekend, so this month we'll have him at home for three weekends instead of just two.  I'm super excited about that!  I'm sure we'll try to knock out some projects, but also hopefully just enjoy the time as a family.

- Speaking of projects, my parents' neighbors SO generously told us we could have their (really nice) play set now that their kids are big if we'd haul it of.  Peyton and his brothers have a lot of work cut out for them!

- This may sound crazy, but I am thinking I'm going to cut out dairy this month.  I think a lot of Graves's fussiness is due to gas.  I thought it was getting better and he is sleeping better and taking longer naps, but so much of his awake time is spent fussing still.  I hate that for him and I want to see if this helps.  It is not going to be painless, though.  I don't have just a great diet and a lot of the semi healthy stuff I eat is dairy.  Also, probably 75% of my favorite foods have cheese in them.  Of the rest, I'd say another 10% would be Oreos, which frankly aren't worth their weight in baby toots if you can't have a glass of milk to go with.  So there's that.  Pray for me.

- In all seriousness, I could list a million things I want to do this month, but really the main thing is that I need to refocus my priorities.  I need to be more available to Peyton (I think I do okay with the kids) and I need to spend more time with the Lord.  I've been awful about carving out time to read my Bible lately and just let it be another thing that I let slide.  I used to always do it late, but I think I'm going to have to either spend time during naps or right after they go to bed, or it just won't happen.

That was such a short update, hardly enough for one.  Lots of peace from that very fact!

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Ashley said...

"Arent worth their weight in toots."-one of my very favorite things you've ever said.....ever.

I'm making a list of discussion topics for Memphis! Can't WAIT!!!!

My time with the Lord needs to be a higher priority too. I agree--I need to do it RIGHT after Evy goes down. Good reminder!