Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Letter to (Three Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

This letter is late.  You turned three months old yesterday, but something was weird with the computer. Anyway, here it is now!

You are so much fun these days!  Your Papa and I (and Ann Peyton) are loving you more and more and we can't get enough of you.  Your little personality is starting to show through- you smile and coo and make funny little noises all the time now.  One thing you do that is so uniquely you is that you love to grab our hands or arms or my hair when we hold you.  I don't remember your sister doing that at all, and it's neat to see you have your own little quirks.

You are getting big.  You weight around eleven pounds and you're so LONG!  We think you may be tall like Papa and your Uncle Michel.  Most all of your newborn stuff (with a few exceptions) is packed up.  You wear some 0-3 mo. outfits, but some of that is too small already, too and you have lots of 3 mo. and 3-6 mo. things and are even wearing a couple of 6 mo. bubbles!  Wow!  Your diapers are size one and you look so cute in them.

You have gotten to where you eat every three hours pretty consistently during the day.  At night you sometimes will sleep eight hour stretches, but it's certainty not EVERY night.  You have kind of a weird nap schedule for a baby your age.  You go to sleep at night, sleep three or four hours and wake up around midnight and then go right back to sleep after nursing and sleep (some nights) until eight in the morning.  You are so good at going right back to sleep!  Here's where it gets weird: you really only want a little fifteen or twenty minute cat nap in the morning and then you take a LONG afternoon nap.  Sometimes you sleep over three hours, wake up to eat and then sleep another hour or so.  Occasionally, you like to take several short naps, which I feel like is more typical of a baby your age.  At this point, I'm not too worried either way.  I may try to cut your afternoon nap a little and stretch the morning one, but nothing too drastic!  I'm also trying to let you take your morning nap in your actual crib in the nursery, since your sister isn't in there trying to rest at that point.  Otherwise, it's the Pack N Play for you!

You have lots of preferences already- when you sleep, you still like to be swaddled and you still love your MAM paci.  You have become less dependent on your swing for naps and you spend most of your naps and every night in the Pack N Play in our room.  You love to be held and you smile so big when we play "Patty Cake" with you. You want to be outside no matter how hot it is and you enjoy being worn in your ring sling, but also just stretching out on someone's lap.  You also like traveling- you have done so well on both the car trips I've taken you on!

I took you to the doctor yesterday because you have been spitting up a lot and screaming like something was hurting you.  Dr. Denney thinks you have reflux and he gave us a prescription for some medicine to try this week.  Hopefully it will help you feel better!

Graves, we love you so much.  It's a joy and a delight to be your parents.  Your sister adores you and you make your grandparents swoon with your toothless grin.  We could not be more thankful for you and for the opportunity of raising you and learning about you.  We look forward to each new day with you!

Love, Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit this month is 0-3 mo. I wonder if you'll be in blue every month? I love the color on a little boy and it suits you because your eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen!

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