Sunday, July 3, 2011

Letter to (Twenty Seven Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are so big and such a delight these days!  You keep us laughing so much of the time, but then there are other times when I look at you and I could just cry, I'm so thankful you are mine!

We took you out to eat with us tonight, sans brother, and you were such a well-behaved, sweet little girl.  You used your fork to eat your rice and you even opened up your own Edamame!  You've gotten to where you have to have a utensil at every meal.  You didn't say much, at dinner, and we've come to realize you've gotten more shy around strangers lately.

Your behavior has improved so much in the last month and you've started to really make connections.  The other night you said "TIME OUT!" I asked you "Annie, what do you mean 'time out'?" and then you threw your toothbrush.  I wish it had motivated you not to do it, but at least you are learning the rules and their consequences.

You've gotten more opinionated about some things, though.  You have definite food preferences and will tell me what you want to eat often.  You are still a pretty good eater, though, and you don't reject too much of what we offer you.  You've started to like picking out your own clothes and usually if I want you to wear something particular I try to pick out two outfits and let you choose between them.  Your favorite outfits are probably a mermaid bubble from Gymboree or bubble with ice ceam cones smocked on it. We got you a pair of shoes that look like Crocs and you are OBSESSED with them.  You love all shoes, though, and taking them on and off.  You have a very sensitive head and you don't really like me "fixing" your hair.  I can't stand for it to be all in your face, though, so we usually get through it by singing a song or some other distraction.

You continue to love your brother more and more.  You give me little updates on him all day long ("Baby Graves sleeping", "Baby Graves crying", "Baby Graves smiling") and you love to take care of him- finding his paci, bringing him his rice sock, and covering him with a blanket or letting him hold MonkMonk.  You are such a sweet, thoughtful big sister.

You have developed a very strong attachment to your Minnie this month.  You ask about her daily and several times have broken down in tears wanting to go see her.  You have a book about New York City and in it there is a cute brunette lady who you call "Minnie".  She was so flattered by your assessment of her!

Papa continues to be your number one fan and you his.  You two are smitten with each other and it could not be more precious.  Honestly, I see how much he loves you and how amazing y'alls relationship is and I worry that he could never have as strong a bond with your brother...or any other child.  I know that's silly and they will have a special, though different, connection.  You will always be his little princess, though, and I think he will always be so in awe of the little things you say and do.

One thing y'all love to do together is watch videos on the computer of a group called They Might Be Giants.  They sing fun songs about shapes, the color spectrum, the periodic table and other nerdy science stuff.  The music is so catchy, though and you say the word "nonagon" often now.

That's all I can think of right now. You are so sweet, smart, and beautiful, Ann Peyton and you become more of those things with every passing day.  We love you more than words can say.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit this month is a 24 mo.

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