Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Munchkin and Her Giant (Or Relatively Average Sized) Brother

Within moments of his birth, I knew this day was coming and coming quickly.  I never dreamt it would come this fast, though.  People have asked me for my prediction on when it would occur and I overshot it by almost a year.  Truthfully, now that it's here it's a really bittersweet.  More sweet than bitter, of course.

{Ann Peyton and Graves wearing the same size.  Neither one is wearing their actual age.  Dress and bubble are both a 6 mo. FROM THE SAME LINE. Sigh.}


Mary Pauline said...

My 6, 4, and 2 year old can all wear the same size and are within 8lbs of each other!! Just the other day, I told the oldest to go get dressed and he came out in a pair of his little brothers size 6-9 mo shorts!

Amy said...

too funny! at least ann peyton is the petite one and not the other way around :) not that it would matter either way though - they're both just as precious as can be!
i love this picture of graves! his hair is adorbs and i love the look on his face like he is just so chill.
ann peyton looks precious....and in her defense (?) bishops sometimes run on the bigger side??? ;-)