Monday, July 25, 2011

A Recipe Even I Can Follow: How to Make an Annie Roll

Here is a surefire recipe(*)  that even I can follow:

Makes one Annie Roll:

1. Prep baby: Lather with soap and scrub gently. Add one cup of kisses.
2. Diaper baby, sprinkling a little powder if desired.
3. Apply lotion.
4. Working quickly, put on sleeper.
5. Swaddle tightly.
6. Line the bed with favorite lovies.
7. Drizzle genrously with binkies.
8. Add remaining tablespoon of kisses and half a cup of hugs.
9. Rock until drowsy.
10. Keep covered overnight.

Fortunately, this recipe works great for making a Gravey Roll, as well!

**Adapted and modified from here.

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Sarah said...

Oh yes, the magic swaddle- very important ingredient :)