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Weekly Happenings Post #120 (June 27-July 3)-- Shaking Things Up in Vacation Bible School

[AP was mid meltdown during the family picture and Peyton decided to try to get her to stop fussing by staging an impromptu family dance party.  I guess it worked, but we look like fools.  And Baby Graves is clearly aware of that fact.]

This week felt crazy.  We had Vacation Bible School at church and so we were up at the church (or driving to and from) for about four hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We also did at least one other thing each of those days and honestly, they before I could bat my eye the days were gone.  I feel like I hardly got anything done on those days.  The laundry was so out of control that I nearly lost my mind. I'm surprised Annie has been as easy as she has this week, because naps have not been really consistent and by the time we've gotten home and fed her dinner, it's been ten o'clock.  In regards to naps, she is still really dependent on having a good, long nap in her bed compared to some children her age that I know. Typically, if she misses it, she's pretty much a wreck, and it's miserable for me and her. So most of the time, I do try to accommodate her.  That said, I'm a firm believer in not being a slave to a toddler nap schedule and I'm just not going to allow her nap to dictate every single plan we make.

We have Bible School at night at our church.  We switched to it a few years back because it was so much easier for working parents to volunteer and to get their kids there.  I really enjoyed it because I had until four o'clock to get myself and the kids ready ;) The theme was "Shake It Up, Cafe" and it was all about cooking.  So cute!

Monday was a good, but busy day. I kind of knew I wouldn't get much done and I was right! I woke up with the kids and almost immediately started getting ready to go to the Howie's for lunch (it still takes about two hours to get us all ready when I'm by myself).  I got a shower, got dressed, fed Annie breakfast, got everyone else ready and fed Graves and then we headed to Carrie's house by way of Chick Fil A.  We had a really fun play date and it was so much easier than a restaurant.  There were a few little squabbles because Annie kept stealing poor Aubrie's Elmo and not wanting to share him with his true owner :( And Graves did have a little meltdown, fortunately I had his SwaddleMe blanket and Carrie also provided a comfortable chair in Aubrey's room for him to eat lunch in.  Ha!
 [I stole these off of Carrie's blog.  Don't we have beautiful girls???]

After we left, we came home and AP wanted more lunch (she was a bit distracted by all the fun toys), so I fed her and was actually accomplishing a few things- laundry, getting stuff put up in the nursery, ect. and then Peyton got home.  Of course, she didn't want to go to bed once she saw him, but he finally got her to lay down after a story and a cup of water.  Well, then my mom and sister came over and she had a dirty diaper and it became clear there was no napping.  We ended up letting her visit with Momma and Cookie and then they left and I got on the computer and wasted about half an hour looking for an article I forgot to bookmark awhile back. 
[I personally think there is something decidedly manly about a pique, polo-esque one piece.  Maybe it's just me.]

I got ready for VBS really fast and Peyton decided to just keep Annie since we knew she'd be a grouch from missing her nap.  I woke Graves up (he had taken his longest nap ever!) and he and I headed to the church.  There was a bad wreck and I knew I wouldn't have time to nurse him, so I called Peyton to meet me with a bottle.  Fortunately, I had one pumped but the last time we gave him one he didn't take it very well.  Anyway, I tried to nurse him for a few minutes right when we got there, but I'm sure he could tell I was stressed because he wouldn't even latch on even though I knew he must have been starving!  Deanna, our WONDERFUL nursery worker, got him to take the bottle so well and he didn't do a bunch of gulping and spitting she said.  I think she's magic because she also said he sat in the bouncy seat and just looked around the entire time- he's NEVER done that for me!  Our class was good- the experiment was much less messy than the first night; we mixed water, baking soda, and vinegar and watched a popcorn kernel float to the top and then drop as the bubbles attached to it and then popped.  We talked about how we have to be constantly helping others just like the kernel was constantly going up and down.  A bunch of teachers said the kids really loved the Discovery room.  Peyton took Annie on a few errands while we were gone- to the Apple store and Barnes and Noble and he let her play in the splash pad in the outdoor shopping center.  Of course, he let her in the water fully clothed.  He asked me if I would have and I said that if we didn't have anything important right after, then sure.  He was shocked.  I think I've loosened up a bit with two kids. Ha!  They went by his parents' house after that.

Tuesday was Peyton's day off and I got up and ready pretty slowly and then we went to Hickory Pit, our favorite BBQ place and got lunch.  We were planning to take it to the splash park where Peyton had taken Annie the night before, but once we got there it was raining.  We ended up putting Annie in the front seat of the Buick (PTL for bench seats, ha!) and just having a picnic in there.  Well, Graves had a massive blow out diaper and we had to change him in the car, too.  It was REALLY comical.  Annie was still in the front and Peyton was reaching over her holding up his legs while I striped him and cleaned him up.  Y'all I don't lie when I say he had poop in his ARMPITS.  How is that possible??? The storm passed over quickly and we let AP play in the water.  She LOVED it and we stayed for probably half an hour and then headed home for naps.

I fed Graves and Peyton gave him a bath and then I just relaxed and had some computer time and Peyton went to Cokesbury to look for a book for a Bible Study he's thinking about leading.  He got home and we woke up Annie and gave her a quick bath and left for VBS.  Peyton went with us this time and just helped out and then read some.  Our class was good. We rolled hard boiled and raw eggs around on a tray and discussed how the firm, boiled egg was solid and easier to make it stop rolling and then discussed how good, FIRM faith is important.  We also did an experiment with pepper and dish soap and discussed how the dish soap "helped" the pepper move to the sides of a cup of water and how prayer can help us when we have a problem.  We got home and by the time Annie ate and went to bed it was 10:00.  I read a few blogs, straightened up our disastrous house, and washed the car seat cover that Graves had his blow out in.  [I spot cleaned it enough for him to ride to VBS, but I wanted to really get it clean!]  and went to bed.

Wednesday should have been a day at home, but the kids both sleep REALLY late (like ten AM) and I got up and got a bath and started laundry before AP even woke up, so I had a little burst of energy and decided to take them both to Target and the farmer's market.  I was so glad they slept late because Peyton ended up working a double and it was a long day. I finished getting ready, nursed Graves and fed AP breakfast. We did a little around the house and I took some picture then headed out to do errands.

Both places are about five minutes from our house and I couldn't have been at both for more than thirty minutes, but I was gone for TWO hours.  I guess getting them in and out of the care literally took half an hour?? Who knows. I wore Graves in the sling at the Farmer's Market and put AP in the stroller and it was actually much easier than the cart at Target.  At Target, I put his carrier in the big part and strapped AP in up front.  There was almost no room for anything and Graves got fussy.  I had to go to the bathroom so I just wheeled the cart in the big family bathroom, like I've done many times before with AP.  Well, as I was coming out, there was a big crowd.  The door is heavy and of course, the cart was too and everyone probably thought I looked like I wasn't managing very well.  One lady held the door and that was nice.  I just hate it when I feel like people think I can't manage.

We got home and Cookie came over for a little bit.  Annie ate lunch while we talked and then both babies took about an hour long nap (or rather Annie played in bed for an hour).  We rushed to get ready for VBS and headed up to the church.  I fed Graves and then got stuff set up for the night.  Our experiment was about how oil and water won't mix and the lesson was about how sometimes we make decisions that separate us from God, but He's right there waiting for us. Midway through the first hour, our sweet nursery worker came to my room with both kids in her arms.  They were the only ones in the nursery and Graves was loosing it.  I left and let Sue (my "assistant", who did a LOT more than an assistant all week) take over and tried to get him calm.  I swaddled him up and he was fine!  And I left my cell phone number in the nursery.  We got home and I got everyone to bed and just vegged out on the computer until Peyton got home.  I talked to him and folded some laundry, started dishes, and emptied all the trashcans.
 [Absurd, and that wasn't even all of it.  I was so behind I wore bathing suit bottoms in lieu of underwear that day.]

I took a shower and we chatted a little and went to sleep.

I set my alarm for 5:30 AM for a sample sale on Thursday, but (big surprise!) I didn't make it.  I got up around seven when Peyton did and I was pretty proud of that.  I got everyone ready and dropped AP off at Peyton's mom's house.  I was almost ready to check out and I realized that they didn't take cards.  Graves was fussy anyway and I realized he had a dirty diaper, so I changed him in the restroom and then fed him in the car and we ran to the ATM.  I got back and paid for the stuff (so glad I only had him!) and then went back to my mother in laws.  She had a little pool out for Annie, so we stripped her down and let her play.  Elizabeth dropped Simeon off and they had fun playing and then Annie had some cheese crackers and we went home for naps.

Naps were kind of rough.  Ann Peyton talked for an hour in her bed and then fell out.  She was crying and the fan was turned over so I know she must have bumped into it trying to get down.  I held her and rocked her and changed her diaper and then put her back in the bed.  I was surprised I could get her to go back down happily, but with the the help of a special New York City book, she did fine!  Graves was really fussy, too, and I realized he had spit up in the Pack N Play.  I changed the sheets and gave him a bath and changed his clothes.  I tried to pump (not very successful), got on the computer and ate lunch and folded laundry and tackled a big pile of stuff to iron.  I am NOT one of those people who iron every blessed thing they put on their body, but some stuff requires it.  I'm bad about just throwing it in a pile to "do later".  I have ironed a few things morning of lately, but just to let you know the last time I tackled the big pile I was discussing whether there was really a need for a doula at Graves's birth with my SIL.  So um, it's been a while.
Graves got really fussy and I couldn't make him happy- the sling, his SwaddleMes, even holding him- nothing worked!  Peyton got home fortunately and I finished up putting up some of the laundry and took a shower because we were going out to eat with my family.  I got ready and then fed Graves while Peyton took a shower and gave Annie a bath.

We went to Fratessi's, a local Italian place, and it was yummy!  Graves slept the whole time and Ann Peyton was an angel in my mom's lap (she had been asking to see Minnie all week!).  We got home and I fed Graves and we got AP to bed and then I did a little post and put up my July design and just crashed.

I set my alarm and woke up around eight on Friday to get ready for my sister's graduation from nursing school.  I got myself ready, repacked the diaper bag and got together a "fun bag" for Annie, and then woke up the kids and got them ready.
  [ I successfully ate breakfast and put on Graves's shoes during the morning nursing sesh.  Multitasking FTW.]

We were out the door around ten and headed to my parents' house to follow them to the ceremony.  The kids did okay, but there was the typical toddler boredom/infant fussiness.  Fortunately, it wasn't a super formal ceremony and there were other loud kids there.  I ended up taking Graves and Annie out for part of it, but overall it was fine.  I did get to see the valedictorian announced and guess who it was??? COOKIE!!! We were all so unbelievably proud of her!  After graduation, we went over to my parents' and had a short visit and some snacks.

Once we got home, I got Graves and Annie down for a nap. Graves took a while to go to sleep and Annie talked forever.  She had not one, but two, dirty diapers.  I felt like I kept having to go tend to one of them every few minutes.  Then the computer started freezing.  I wasted a long time on that- so frustrating.  Annie never did go to sleep and when Peyton got home, she heard us talking and started calling for him.  I got her up and they played a little and then Graves woke up.  Peyton fixed us all an afternoon snack- blueberry pancakes!

I fed Graves and played with AP while Peyton mowed the yard and then we went through some of AP's toys to send to Minnie's because she had taken some from their house home (the rule is that if she takes some, she has to send some back). I kind of cleaned out her toy baskets in the living room while we did that.  We went over to my parents' for beans and it was nice.  Annie was kind of cranky and so we left earlier than usual.  When we got home, she was so hyped up for some reason.  We let her play a little and I put up about half of the laundry I need to in their room.  Peyton and I started a movie and then I wrote my July Happenings post and went to bed.

Peyton had the day off on Saturday and he decided he'd tackle a big project.  My parents' neighbors offered us their (REALLY nice) play set when my mom mentioned that we were about to buy one.  Their kids are older now, so they weren't using it.  We were so excited and this weekend worked out great for both our dads and two of his brothers to help.  The thing is huge, he needed all those guys!  He got up with AP (she woke up at seven) and then left around eight.  They guys worked on the set all morning.  I started laundry and loaded the dishwasher and was even able to get a shower and dry my hair before Graves woke up.  I fed him and AP had breakfast and then I put up the rest of the laundry in the nursery.  I ended up sorting and refolding a huge basket that has all of Graves's pjs and onsies up to six months in it.  Annie helped me put up all the toys and books she got out and I took her monthly picture and then it was time to fed Graves again.

AP and I both had peanut butter crackers.  She told me she wanted pizza after she had eaten a few crackers and I told her we didn't have that and she got mad and threw her banana.  I sent her to time out and when she got back in her high chair she was so upset because I had thrown away the "danana.  Natural consequences are rough.  Peyton and the guys got here with the play set (Peyton rented a U-Haul so he wouldn't have to take it apart as much) and started putting it back together.  They had to take off the gate on our fence to get it in the yard!


AP saw him right as I was getting ready to put her down for her nap and freaked out.  I finally calmed her down, changed her diaper, read her a book and got her to bed.  Whew!

I went and picked up Newks for the guys and they ate and then I cleaned it up.  I emptied out our recycling and the trash can in the kitchen had gotten gross again so I scrubbed it out.  I relaxed and got on the computer for a few minutes and tried to pump a bottle.  Um, unsuccessful.   I may try pumping while I fed him like I did with AP, but last time that created a hungry little boy for the rest of the day.  I guess since Graves isn't eating quite as often, my supply has gone down?  It doesn't seem like it should have changed that much, though. Maybe I should pump right before I go to bed at night? Not sure.  Ugh.  Suggestions are welcome.

I wrote a few thank you notes, watched more of The King's Speech, fed Graves, and then went through some bags of stuff to take to the attic.  I decided that if I got them sorted out it would be easier to get each thing to the right place in the attic quickly, which is good because it's SO hot up there.  I got ready while Peyton returned the U-Haul and then when he got home I took Graves's to my parents' house while he had a shower. We were going out to eat with some of Peyton's coworkers and we decided it would be easier with just AP.  He woke up Annie (she slept almost four hours!) I picked up Peyton and AP and we met some of Peyton's friends from work at Bonsia, a Japanese steak house.  We had a good dinner and I had fun meeting everyone and then we picked up Graves.  We gave them both baths when we got home and then Peyton put Annie to bed and went to sleep.  She had a terrible time going to bed and after an hour of full out screaming, I just put her in our bed.  Some people had been doing fireworks earlier and that might have freaked her out or something.  Anyway, I straightened up the house, consolidated piles, and went through some clothes that I think I'm going to consign in the Fall and Spring.  I read my Bible and pumped some more- still not much luck.  UGH...a week ago this wasn't a problem! I wrote AP's birthday post and went to bed.

Graves was up a couple of times and Sunday morning came pretty early.  I actually woke up a little late and I was surprised we were only running behind by a few minutes.  We were wrapping up a study in Sunday School and had communion at church.  It was also a big patriotic service, which I always enjoy!  In between, Peyton and I sold t-shirts for the 175th anniversary of the founding of the church.  After church we went to a Mexican restaurant with some friends from Sunday School.  Graves actually made it through all of that without having to eat.  I was shocked.  I let him go a little over three hours; I wasn't about to wake him up at the restuarant when he was sleeping so good!  We got home and I started some laundry and promptly took a nap.  Annie stayed in bed for about an hour, but she never did take a nap, so Peyton took her outside while he put the finishing touches on the play set.

When I woke up, we all went outside and I fed Graves (our fenced backyard is as close to public nursing as I I guess I'm not all that crunchy, ha!).  Then we went by Target and the grocery store.  I needed some storage boxes and make up/hair accessories at Target and we needed some stuff to make a cake for the 4th of July party we were going to. We stopped and got a Sonic Blast and then drove around neighborhoods looking at houses.  Of course, it was past six o'clock when we noticed AP asleep in the back.  UGH.  We went home and fed her dinner and she stayed up and played with Peyton while I did some stuff around the house- changing over laundry, emptying trash, consolidating piles, and cleaning out and restocking diaper bags.  After I finished that, I organized all my paints and then it was bedtime for AP.

It ended up being good she had such a late nap, because it was thundering AND people were shooting fireworks and she kept getting scared. The storm passed and the people stopped shooting fireworks and she went to sleep around ten.  Peyton grilled steaks for our supper and I fixed corn on the cob.  I read my Bible, baked the cake, and finished this post. 

Whew! Next week is going to be busy at first and I'm looking forward to all the fun activities of the holiday and then to having a little girls (plus Graves) trip.  The second half of the week should be pretty low key and I really, really want to accomplish those few things I said I wanted to do this week- family finances, closet changeover, and getting my thank yous finished.  All of that is SO overdue!

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Elizabeth said...

I'm very impressed that you are debating giving up dairy. I have a friend that did that and she recommended avocados and peanut butter for quick snacks. Also nuts and hummus would be good for quick. She pumped every night for awhile to help her supply. If he goes to bed and you have enough time between when you go to bed I'd definitely recommend pumping. I have a friend that did that and ended up donating it to the milk bank. I'm sure there's other people who have advice about pumping.