Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #121 (July 4-10)-- Family, Friends, and the Fourth

Last week was crazy.  In a good way, but whoa.  I have been so tired and I'm so glad to just be home this week.  That said, it was such a wonderful, fun week!

Monday was the Fourth of July and we had a busy day.  We got up and got the ready and iced my cake and we and headed to my parents' friends farm for a big cookout. 
We were there for several hours and both babies did GREAT.
We went by Peyton's parents' house on the way home and then drove around talking.  Peyton dropped me and Graves off and he and AP went to ANOTHER party at a pharmacist friend's house.  I ended up taking a nap even though it was late and then I cleaned up the kitchen and got mine and Graves's stuff together for our girls' trip to Memphis on Tuesday.

I got up and got ready on Tuesday morning and then fed Graves and broke down the Pack N Play.  Carrie got to our house and Peyton loaded the car and we headed to Memphis to meet Ashley.  The drive went by super fast and Graves slept the whole time.  We met Ash and checked into the hotel and unloaded.  I realized I had left the bag with Graves's clothes and extra diapers and wipes in it at home.  AHHH!   We went ahead and headed to lunch.  We all had sandwiches (grilled cheese with bacon and tomato!) and I gave Graves a bottle I had pumped.  We went back to the hotel and I pumped a new bottle and we talked about the (insane!) Casey Anthony verdict and Ashley took some precious pictures of Graves and tried to teach me and Carrie a little about how to use our cameras.

Carrie took this next one with my camera and it's one of the few pictures of myself that I like:  

I stole this one of Carrie's blog (seems to be a trend lately):
 She and Ashley are both going to put me to shame with their photography skills! Seriously, based on the above two, should we not just ask her to take our Christmas card pictures this year?!?

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about parenting, blogs and a bunch of other stuff and then we got ready to go to dinner.  We all got in the car and then I realized I had left the bottle, so I had to run get it.  We decided to head to Target first to get Graves some clothes and diapers and on the way we found a Pottery Barn outlet.  None of us got anything, but it was fun to browse.  We got Graves an outfit, diapers, wipes, shampoo and a swaddler that I knew he couldn't live without, ha!  I also got AP some pajamas.

We had dinner (I had tomato basil soup and a ceasar salad) and Graves got a little fussy, so I took him outside.  We went to Ben and Jerry's after that and talked all about our weddings for some reason. 

Why do I look so sweaty? UGH.

I talked to Peyton and Annie- they had been to the science museum and then AP had stayed with my mom while Peyton went to work.  After we got back to the hotel, we stay up until THREE in the morning talking about discipline and childbirth and friendships and a hundred other topics.
He enjoyed the convo in his brand new swaddler!

 Graves slept good (I had to feed him once) and we all woke up on Wednesday morning and got ready around ten and checked out and then went to lunch.  We went to a place that has crepes and I got one with tomato and cheese.
 A little blush couldn't hurt, SD.  I look like I forgot my make-up bag.  Seriously.

We went to a few little shops and then to a HUGE antique store.  I got a sampler and a little bunny rabbit and Ashley got a picture frame.  Carrie got a FULL SIZE BED!  We had to do some rearranging in the car but we fit it and Baby Graves in the back!  Carrie and I headed home and by way of a Wendys for a little snack and a nursing session.  Graves made it all the way home and only started crying about thirty minutes from our house.

Peyton had a little surprise for me when we got home.  He and AP had gone to visit Granny and then he got home and cleaned and cooked!

I fed Graves and we all went outside for a bit and then put Annie to sleep.  I got on the computer for a little bit and tried to fix last week's Weekly Happenings post (the pictures were missing).  I couldn't get it and I went to bed frustrated, pretty early.

Peyton was home on Thursday morning, but I went ahead and got up when I fed Graves around eight.  I got on the computer and tried again to fix my post.  I couldn't get the spacing right, but at least the pictures are there.  Peyton also downloaded some software that helps you figure out what is taking up so much space on your computer.  It's cool because it gives a great visual graphic of all your stuff. Anyway, I had about 350 GB of stuff on there, so we figured that's why it takes me so long to upload pictures using the regular uploader and why the computers been acting a little slow.  Annie woke up and we went outside for a little bit while Peyton went to pick up Darth from the vet (he had taken her a few hours before because she had gotten in a fight and just needed a check up).  We came in because Graves got fussy and I fed AP breakfast. Once Peyton got home, I took a bath while Graves slept for about twenty minutes.  He woke up and and Peyton left and I fed Graves and we went back outside.  Graves liked it for a few minutes, but then got fussy.  So weird, because being outside is sometimes the only thing that can get him to stop fussing!  When we came in, he got even madder and nothing I did would fix it.  I finally put him in his crib and let him watch the mobile because he really didn't even want me holding him.  Annie ate a little lunch and then I decided I would try to vacuum their nursery even though it terrifies her just talk her through it.  She got hysterical and climbed in her bed.  A birth announcement that the Howies sent us a year ago fell down and I handed it to Annie and all of a sudden she got silent and just stared at Aubrey and Jude.  It was really sweet.  Graves was still fussing, but I finished up and then held him for a little bit.  Annie wanted to take a nap(!!!) and I got Graves's rice sock and tried to get him to go to sleep, too.  He finally fell asleep and I put the camera software on the laptop so I could see if uploading pictures to the blog was a problem with the desktop or the connection.  It was the connection. I also called GE because our microwave broke again and started straightening up around the house.  Graves woke up and I fed him, but then he fell back asleep.  AP woke up and helped me.  She's gotten really good- I told her to go put up a book and a doll in the living room and she put them in the exact right spot!  She's so funny lately- she also found her swimsuit that had a busted strap a few weeks ago (my mom fixed it) and told me "it's breakable".  I told her it was okay now and she said "It okay.  Minnie will fix it.".  Ha!  We finished up and I got Graves up and we got ready and headed to my parents' house because they invited us to have Japanese take out with them.  I tried to just put on AP's pajamas, but she told me she wanted to wear a dress and when I left the room she hid them.  Of course, it didn't really matter, so I let her wear the dress.  We had a good time eating dinner with my parents and seeing Cookie, since she had been gone to Nashville for a week.  Graves was kind of fussy again and Ann Peyton told my mom all about me vacuuming.  She said "music" (I put on music for her), "Momma hold you" (because I offered to hold her or put her in the sling) and "friends" for Aubrey and Jude.  Then she told us all about the songs on her "radio" (CD player)- "Twinkle, Little Star", "Jack and Jill Went Up a Hill" and "Fair Lady" (London Bridges).  I just love hearing all these connections she's making!  We changed into pajamas and brushed teeth at my parents and everyone went straight to bed.  I got on the computer and read blogs and worked on a post and when Peyton got home, he ate my leftovers and we chatted and went to bed.

Graves was up several times during the night, so I slept pretty late on Friday.  Peyton got up around eight, but AP didn't wake up until after I did- it was almost ten! She had breakfast and I started laundry and took a bath and then Peyton left to met a friend from church for lunch and I fed Graves and ate lunch.  Annie ate a few crackers and then we headed outside to play.  Right after we got outside, it started raining.  She needed a bath, so I got her to bring in her buckets and stuff and she played with them in the tub.  Graves had a little tummy time on his playmat and then I got her out.

Annie thinks the closet changeover process is super fun!

Then I put them both down for naps.  Annie was making a lot of noise and I didn't have the monitor so I went in her room to check on her- she was out of her bed, BUCK NAKED, and saying "POO POO!".  Sure enough, her diaper was on the floor and um, full.  I changed her and put her back in the bed.  Graves woke up and I got him a fresh diaper and  fed him, but he went right back to sleep (I know that may be a bad habit, but right now, I'm just letting him nap when he feels like it and I'm enjoying their naps lining up). Annie took over her diaper again, but this time it was dry.  I told her that was unacceptable and she'd be in trouble next time, but I also put her in a bubble that was harder to get off.  It's funny because I was thinking how bad they'd be for potty training, so I guess they are good for the reverse.  Ha!  She never did go to sleep, but she was in there for over two hours and was mostly pleasant, so I can't complain.  When she got up, we both had a snack and I folded some clothes.  Graves woke up and I fed him and then we put up laundry in the nursery and headed to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.
Annie enjoys time with Cookie- big girl pony tails, fuchsia clip flops, and dog riding.  Just a day in the life, ya know?

I transfered Annie to bed and even put on her jammies without her waking up.  I played on the computer, straightened a little, and started some laundry.  Peyton got home and we watched a 90's movie called My Life about a guy who has three months to live and makes a video for his son who is about to be born.  Tear jerker!  I fed Graves and went to bed.

You can see from my tweet here how eventful my Saturday morning was:

Because I like these things super detailed, I'll elaborate.  Annie and Graves each had two diaper changes, the three timeouts were for AP (obs) and one mandated that we come inside the first time because she wasn't being very obedient outside.  Baby Graves needed his clothes changed no less than three times because he puked in excess at least than many times and what I couldn't fit into 140 characters is that Momma had to change her clothes twice, too.  The trips outside were pretty short considering the heat and the disobeince round one and also that the aformentioned repair guy showing up round two. The load of ruined laundry occured due to a dark colored onsie that had never been washed before.  Typically, I am very anal and wash new clothes entirely by themselves but I got lazy and threw it in on cold with a Color Catcher and some other new stuff.  Nothing in there was a favorite, but it was all BRAND new stuff- probably to the tune of around $100. And the repair guy that came to fix our microwave-it was the second time in a month.  I hope it's fixed for real this time because y'all know what kind of cook I am.  One who is painfully dependent on her microwave. In addition to all that Annie was particularly whiney and Graves did not want to be put down for one second.  I did manage to rewash some of the laundry and also get another load folded and put up in the kid's room.  We completely skipped breakfast, but I did feed Ann Peyton lunch and snuck of to their nursery to feed Graves his while the repair guy was here.

I think I figured out the cause of the crankiness on all fronts- intense fatigue.  Graves slept for about two and a half hours, woke up to nurse and play a little and then slept almost two more.  And Annie played in her bed, slept, and played some more for almost five hours.  Please don't hate me.  I think she was just tired from the whole week and from being on a weird schedule and lots of car naps and being up late while I was out of town.  I finally just had to go in there and get her.  I was not particularly productive during all that time- I ate lunch, did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed the high chair, read blogs, and took a two hour nap myself.  I finally had to go in Ann Peyton's room and tell her that it was time to get up.  She was in a great mood and Graves woke up about that time, too.  She played and I put him on his play mat and put up a bunch of laundry in our room.  Peyton got home and we went over to his parents' house for a little visit. Annie had fun swinging in the toddler swing they have and of course, Graves loved being outside in the 100 degree heat. We drove around for a little bit on the way home and then fed AP supper and got both kids to bed.  I cleaned out the fridge and scrubbed the shelves and then got on the computer and went to bed.

Graves woke up once and for some reason, I was still tired Sunday morning.  I slept too late and we were in a mad rush getting off for church.  We made it, though!  This is how I found Graves.  Maybe he's over the swaddle?  I don't know, it's one of my big go to things for soothing him, so I'm hoping not.
The sermon was all about forgiveness and our regular Sunday School teacher was gone, so we all went around and shared our favorite Scripture.  Their were some great testimonies and it was really neat.  We got home and I fed Graves and got AP lunch and then it was naptime.  I snuggled with this little man a little before putting him down in bed.  He's a sweetie!

My mom and Cookie came over for a little visit and we talked and I ate a late lunch (we had doughuts in Sunday School) and then we woke up AP and took her outside to play.  I fed Graves and got ready for church.  Our Bible Study hasn't met for a few weeks because of the holiday and other stuff, so it was good to be back!  We had lots of interesting discussion and when we got home, Peyton helped me fed Ann Peyton and get the kids to bed.  We talked a little and scrounged around for some supper (Peyton is obsessed with "eating through" the cabinets, fridge, ect. which is to my benefit since I hate to cook, but I'm about ready to get back to having a couple of real meals a week) and I loaded a bunch of dishes from when we cleaned out the fridge the night before.  I got supper tired and went to bed really early.

This week is going to be really low key and I'm glad.  I love fun weeks like last week, but I need ones like this week to keep my sanity!

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