Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #122 (July 11-17)-- Homebodies

 We really didn't do much AT ALL this week and I was quite okay with that.  I feel like I actually accomplished some things around home and it was nice to just relax and not have any big trips or functions going on.  I'm definitely not the homebody I used to be, but it's nice every one in awhile to have a really low key week!

Graves slept longer than he ever has on Sunday night (a little over eight hours) and so when he woke up at 6:00 on Monday morning, I decided to feed him and pump.  He went right back to sleep and I straightened up the living room, which I had left a mess the night before.  I started a load of laundry and washed the pump parts and then went back to sleep myself.   It's amazing to me that I can do all that and still fall right back asleep.  He woke back up around eight and since he had gone such a long stretch and I had pumped, I fed him again and we laid on the sofa and snuggled.  Annie still wasn't up and Graves was in a good mood and it was getting close to nine, so I hopped in the tub and did a few of those things that seem to take half an hour when they're both up- emptying and taking out the trash, addressing and taking a few things to the mailbox and changing over laundry.  Annie woke up and I dried my hair and made up the bed and then we all went in the living room.  Graves got really fussy and I started a new load of laundry and Annie and I had some strawberries for breakfast.  Graves spent about two hours in full meltdown mode and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  He'd get calm and almost fall asleep in my arms, but if I tried to put him down, he'd get agitated again.  It got to the point that he was mad even when I was holding him.  We just watched The View for a awhile and then it got interrupted by a press conference President Obama was giving, so we watched that I fed Graves AGAIN at 11:00. He spit up enough to necessitate a bath, so I bathed him. I finished up last week's Weekly Happenings post while AP played and Graves took a nap and then helped her clean up her toys.

I fed Annie lunch and cleared and scrubbed the kitchen counters and  cooked some peas and Suddenly Salad.  She had some peas and then I let her try the Suddenly Salad.  She's an addict now!  I even tried offering her a cookie and she said "NO, Momma, pasta!".  Girlfriend loves her some carbs, just like her Momma.  I swept in the living room and then put her down for her nap and got on the computer.  My friend Logan called and we talked for at least an hour and then I fed Graves and he played a little and I just snuggled with him.  He fell back asleep (I don't know what the deal was with all the mini naps- he's been doing a short morning one and one super long afternoon one) and then Peyton got home and since both kids were asleep we just relaxed and snuggled on the couch and chatted a little.  Peyton remembered that he was supposed to go to a blood drive at church and I finally had to wake Annie up close to the four hour mark. 

She sleeps HARD.  Cookie said she looked like a rock star.  Ha!

 Also- her bed? Is a playground.

I got AP supper and worked on finances for a long time and held Graves because he was fussy. 
Peyton got home and he played with Annie for a bit and then we got everyone to sleep.  I was pretty tired and went to bed earlier than usual.

On Tuesday, Peyton's parents came over to help us chop down a tree that was dying in the front yard.  They actually got here and started working before we woke up.  Whoops!  We were surprised AP slept through the noise right outside her window.  Until we went in her room and she was climbing in the chair right beside the window.  Probably trying to figure out what was going on!  I got up and rushed around to get ready for a doctor's appointment for Graves.  He had been so fussy lately and spitting up a lot and Peyton thought he might have reflux.  I really didn't think so because he's not fussy ALL day and he sleeps well at night.  Well, he put on a SHOW for Dr .Denney.  I mean he howled the whole time.  I was worried he was just going to sleep and Dr. Denney would just have to take me at my word about the fussiness.  Um, no.  He was like "Uhhh...yeah...I think he's in pain".  It made me sort of sad, but I was relieved to know there was something we could do about it, you know?  We talked about it maybe being a milk allergy, but he said he thought it would be more of a general fussiness and not full on screaming and also that reflux was really more common in babies.  We got a prescription to try this week and I headed home with him.  He feel asleep in the car (I think he's done so well on trips because he's been sitting up, more or less, in the seat) and I dropped him off at home.  Peyton was almost done with the tree so I ran to Walgreens to get his medicine and some hairspray and teeth whitner.  I got home and fed AP lunch and got her ready for a nap.  Graves woke up to eat, but then went back to sleep.  I took a little nap myself and then organized some stuff in the office, called the hospital because I lost  the form for Graves's birth certificate (procrastination much?)  and filed a few thing.  I addressed a bunch of thank you notes and talked to my sister on the phone and then AP woke up and I noticed her diaper leaked on her bed.  I took Graves's monthly pictures when he woke up and changed the bedding and then fed Graves and went through the pictures on our camera, trying to delete some.

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