Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #123 (July 18-24)-- He Works Hard For the Money

Peyton had a super busy week with work this week.  He had a manager meeting one day and had to do inventory on another and on top of that, he worked a double on Friday.  I was definitely ready for the weekend, but the week was smoother than I expected.  We ended up doing a lot of stuff with friends and that was fun, too! We've gone out to eat several times and I had some friends over during the week.  It's really nice when I can get my house clean early in the week and just enjoy it for the rest of the it!  For some reason, I don't have many pictures from this week at all.  Not sure what's going on with that.  It makes for a faster post, but not as fun of one!

We had put Annie and Graves in their room together for the first time last Sunday night and it was going really well.  I stayed up WAY too late and I woke Graves up to fed him before I went to bed.  By the time I got him fed, burped and changed it was almost two.  Around 4:00, Annie had one of her night terrors.  It was really terrifying.  We got her calmed down faster than usual, but she was just shrieking so bad.  Peyton said he thought someone was in her room it scared him so bad.  Surprisingly, it didn't wake up Graves at all.  We put her in our bed for a little bit and when Peyton asked her if she wanted to go back to bed she said "Hug Papa.  Hug Mama", so we just let her sleep with us.  Graves was up at six and then AP woke up at seven on Monday morning.  Peyton got up with her and I was really glad since I hadn't gotten more than two hours of consecutive sleep all night.  I slept until after nine and then I got up and had a bath and Peyton got ready because he had a meeting with our pastor about a new Bible Study he's starting in the Fall.  I got Graves up and fed him and started laundry and did other little things like emptying trash cans and scrubbing my vanity.  We watched The View and had breakfast and I held Graves because he was fussy.  Peyton got home and he and AP made brownies and she ate lunch and we read the first two parts of a really good series on Methodist beliefs.  I put Graves down for a nap and got AP ready for hers and then Peyton went to work.

I spent most of their naps doing little things that shouldn't take very long- straightening up some and rotating laundry and stuff.  I had to change the batteries in the Pack N Play because the vibration mechanism wasn't working.  I tried the actual vibration box first and when that didn't work I tried the controller.  It turned out the new battery in the box was actually old and the whole process took way too long.  I put a bunch of our extra keys on a key ring because I lost my old key chain and then ate lunch and watched Lost.  Ann Peyton slept for FOUR hours and then I had to wake her up.  I'm not complaining, but I don't really get the extremes of her naps right now.  Anyway, I woke her up and told her I had to vacuum, which she hates.  She told me that she wanted to stay in the bed.  She didn't even cry, she just laid there and read her books.  Baby Graves did start crying, so I put him in the sling and finished up.  I've always complained about how our heavy vac hurts my back and here I am doing it with my little eleven pounder. Ha!

I put up some laundry in their room and then we got ready and went to my parents.  We had dinner with them- sirloin steak, asparagus, couscous, and fresh tomatoes- and it was fabulous. We all ate outside and the weather was perfect.  Actually, Baby Graves got fussy because he was COLD.  Crazy.  Annie had a popsicle and got super sticky so she had a bath and then we headed home.

Once I got them to bed, I got to work around the house because we were having company the next day.  I straightened and picked up piles for almost two hours.  I think I could probably pick up piles for two DAYS.  I need to stay on top of them more and not just shift them around.  After that I cooked supper for Peyton (veggie supper- corn on the cob, English peas, and butterbeans) and almost fell in the toilet standing on a chair trying to change the light in the bathroom.  He had had a rough day and I was trying to be sweet and not to ask him to do anything.  I cleaned off the high chair which AP had made a huge mess in at lunch and washed the cover in the washing machine and Chloroxed the tray and put it in the dishwasher.  I started the dishes and swept and then decided to scrub the floor with a towel.  It really is more effective (though definitely more time consuming) than mopping.  It's also good because it's easy to scrub baseboards while you're doing it.  That took almost an hour and then I took out the trash, recycling, and compost.  I read my Bible and nursed Graves and went to bed.  It's honestly pretty amazing what I can get done on a day that I spend almost zero time entranced by various forms of social media.  I should have a computer moratorium more often!

Peyton was gone all day on Tuesday- he had to do inventory in the morning and work the afternoon shift. We were having company for lunch that day, so when Annie woke up around 8:30, I went ahead and got a move on.  I fed the kitties, started laundry, and ate breakfast.  I also cleaned the guest bathroom and then I fed Graves and put him down for a nap and got in the shower and got ready.  AP played and I hung up a bunch of Peyton's clothes that had been accumulating on the loveseat in our room.  I made some Suddenly Salad and emptied and started filling the dishwasher and then got Graves up and got the kids dressed.   I made AP clean up her toys and then we went outside for a few minutes before our friends got here. My friends Sara Ashley and Morgan and Morgan's  two girls came over for lunch.  We had turkey melts and pasta salad.  We had a great visit and after they left I put AP down for her nap and fed Graves and tried to get him to sleep.  I picked up a little around the house and cleaned up the kitchen, but Baby Graves didn't really want to nap.  I went and got him up and got on the computer and watched TV a little.  I did manage to get a couple of loads of laundry folded during his few little fifteen minute stretches of sleep.  I had to wake Annie up and once she was up we went outside for a few minutes while the sun was still up.  We came in and I put up clothes in the nursery.  Graves was super fussy and drooling a lot and didn't want to nurse and I decided maybe he was getting a tooth so I called Peyton for the Tylenol dosage.  I fed AP supper and got her to bed and got on the computer.  I could hardly function, I was so tired and she kept wanting me to come rock her.  She finally went to bed and Peyton got home and we talked and fell asleep watching Lost.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and it was very chill.  He had a manager's meeting so we were on our own for the morning.  The kids woke up around eightish and I fed Graves and got Annie breakfast and checked Twitter and did my usual morning chores.  Graves took a nap and I managed to get a shower.  Annie wanted to color, so I put her in the high  chair with crayons and made a long and short term to do list.  Peyton got home and Graves was super fussy.  We fed AP lunch and put her down for a nap.  Graves didn't really want to take an afternoon nap and the only way he would sleep was if one of us was holding him, so we took turns.  We talked and watched Lost (Peyton is on episode 24 and I'm trying to catch up) and I folded laundry and wrote a few thank you notes.  When AP woke up, we got ready and went over to Peyton's parents' house for a visit and then to my parents' house.  We had dinner with them- tuna croquettes, cabbage, and macs and cheese- and it was wonderful.  Annie had a bath and then we drove around for a while, talking about how we should be living out the Gospel more, before heading home.  We got the babies to bed and then read a couple's devotion and I read my Bible and got on the computer for a little bit and finished a post and then went to bed.

We both had dentist appointments on Thursday morning and we took turns. I got up and got ready and went to mine first and then Peyton met me with the kids.  Annie wanted to come in and Peyton thought it would be a good idea to get her used to the dentist before her first visit at three, so we let her.  Bad idea! She did not want to leave without Papa.  We came on home and just played and watched TV until Peyton got back.

I started thinking about how long it had been since Graves had a bath and was a little grossed out by my suspicions, so I decided to give him one.  I picked him up and he had had a blow out in his swing that I was completely unaware of.  Good time for a bath!  I bathed him and started cleaning the swing and doing laundry.  Peyton and AP decided to make spaghetti for lunch and I loaded up the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen.

[Peyton chopping lettuce, babywearing and listening to MPB.  My soulmate.  Swoon.]

We let AP play a little more and I fed Graves and put him down for a nap. We put Ann Peyton to bed and she never did go to sleep.  I may have to make her bedtime later or start getting her up in the morning or maybe just try to tire her out more during the day.

Once the kids were in bed, Peyton and I both worked on making candidate calls for a guy we know from church who is running for the state House of Representatives.  I was glad to get that finished!  I got on the computer after Peyton left and watched Lost and basically just vegged out.  Around 5:00, I finally went in and got Annie and Graves woke up about then, too.  I worked on the closet changeover/clean out while they played.  AP kept getting in all the boxes.  I put Graves in the sling part of the time and then he played on his playmat.  I'm kind of proud of myself because I have two largeish bags to go to Goodwill! After about an hour of that, we went outside.  We stayed out there for about half an hour and then came in and I fed Graves and got Annie's supper ready.  I put him back in the sling and loaded the dishwasher.  I got them both to bed and then started some laundry and tidied up a little and read blogs. Peyton got how and watched a really weird movie (Black Swan) and I wrote a post and went to bed.

Graves slept pretty well most of the night, but he got up a lot during the very early morning.  I was pretty tired when eight o'clock rolled around on Friday morning and Peyton was working a double.  I took Graves to the couch and snuggled with him a little.  AP woke up around 8:30, but she was happily reading in bed, so I hopped in the shower.  I showered, got dressed, dried my hair, painted my toenails, made the bed, AND put up a load of laundry in just over thirty minutes.  I can be a fast mover when I want to, I guess.  Annie got up and had breakfast and I started some laundry and put the bedspread I had washed and hung to dry back on her bed.  I cleaned up the kitchen a little from the night before and got the kids dressed and put Graves down for a nap.  We straightened up the house a little because we were having Carrie and her kiddos over for lunch.  She texted me to say they were a little behind and then Graves woke up.  I put him in the sling and folded a load of laundry and put up some of it.  Carrie, Aubrey and Jude arrived and we all had a nice lunch and visit.  Graves stayed in the sling for awhile and then I put him in his swing and he just hung out (awake!) in it.  Annie had a pretty good lunch, but she wanted to share my soup.  Carrie and I were equally impressed with how well she fed it to herself  (the soup was pretty thick, but still, she's about to lap me in the coordination department).  Everyone played really nicely and we were able to have a good conversation.  After the Howies left, I got AP down for her nap and fed Graves and put him down.  I picked up the house a little (Aubrey and Carrie had done most of the cleaning) and got on the computer.  Some repair men came to fix our washing machine and I went through probably two months of receipts so I could work on our finances later.  Graves woke up and then it thundered and Annie woke up.  I browsed some cloth diapers on the internet and then we all got ready and headed to my parents' house.  We picked up my mom because she was going to sit in the car with the kiddos while I ran in Target.  Graves screamed the whole way there, so I rushed through.  All I needed was coat hangers, storage bags for breast milk, and Cokes.  We went back to their house and when we were almost home (after dosing him with Tylenol) we figured out he was just cold.  I pumped because I had given Graves a bottle earlier and then went to the Mediterranean Cafe to get some hummus while my parents watched AP and Graves.  I got home and had supper and Annie had a super fun (lots of water!) bath and we got ready to leave.  We couldn't find MonkMonk and I swear we looked for half an hour.  My dad finally found him and it was right after I said a little prayer over it.  I'm usually not one to pray for parking places and such, but I felt like this merited a small intercession.  We got home late and Peyton was already there.  We put the babies to bed and watched Lost and stayed up late chatting and then went to bed ourselves.

We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday morning and I woke up with a splitting headache.  I was really tired and the whether was effecting my sinuses.  I had a bottle that was getting old, so Peyton gave it to Graves and I pumped a new one.  After that, I went ahead and got ready and I wrapped the present and got all our stuff together while Peyton got the kids up and dressed. We were a little late, but we made it!  The party was super cute, with a barnyard theme (seems to be the popular theme these days!) and they actually had some little barnyard animals.  I'm going to do a whole post with pictures, don't worry!  There was a pool and some big water inflatables, too, and AP loved those as much as the animals.  She had a blast and Peyton played in the water with her.  Graves spent most of the time in his sling and I think he enjoyed it, too!

We came home and my head was hurting even worse, so I took a long nap.  Annie had fallen asleep in the car, and would not take a nap; I let that be Peyton's struggle, though ;) Graves did take a nice nap and when we woke up, I fed him and got ready to go out to eat with some of Peyton's friends from work.  We went to Mellow Mushroom, which is one of my faves, but I could hardly eat I was so nauseated from my headache and sinus drainage.  I started feeling better toward the end and I think eating something made things a lot better.  Graves was super cute and smiley and then slept for most of the time and AP was really well behaved, despite the skipped nap.  I was impressed.  We drove around a little, talking and then came home and put the children to bed.  I gave Graves the bottle I had brought to the restaurant and never used and then started straitening the house.  I got laundry going and unloaded and loaded a full load of dishes and then pumped two(!!!) fresh bottles.  I checked Twitter while I was pumping and actually ended up catching up on the whole day since it took awhile to pump both bottles and since it was Saturday which is a slow day (at least for the people I follow).  For some reason, I'm okay with missing a day on Facebook but I just hate to miss out on tweets.

I started thinking about how I want to get back into blogging on my "throwback blog" as well as my other peripheral blogs and wrote a short post to that effect.  I read my Bible and fed Graves and went to sleep.

We woke up this morning (Sunday) and got ready for Sunday School and church.  I actually had time to feed the cats, change over the laundry, and iron my dress.  Peyton had to miss Sunday School because he's on the Discipleship Committee at church and they were going around surveying Sunday School classes about how good of the job the church is doing disciplining people.  I hate he missed it because it was all about the Canon of Scripture and he loves that kind of stuff! We ended up talking to our friend, Darlene, after Sunday School, and were late to church.  The sermon was on the Lord's Prayer and it was really good!  After church, we went to eat at Abners with some friends and then came home and got everyone down for naps.  Peyton went to play ultimate frisbee and I cleaned out the base of Graves's car seat because it was FILTHY and then worked on this post and uploaded pictures.  Peyton got home and then Ellis and his girlfriend, Minda came over.  AP had the same reaction that she did to him last time and freaked out.  She even got really anxious and worried when he held Graves.  After they left, we got ready and headed to church.  I went to Bible Study and Peyton studied pharmacy stuff and then went to evening worship since he hasn't been to the study yet.  We went by Sonic for a treat and then drove around.  We fed AP supper when we got home and I fed Graves and then it was bedtime.  We talked a little and then I finished up this post and talked to a friend on the phone.

I'm going to bed early because the start of this next week is going to be a little rough.  We're having one of Peyotn's brothers and his wife over for dinner on Wednesday, but other than that I'm really not sure what the week holds!

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