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Weekly Happenings Post #124 (July 25-31)-- Sweet Little Sick Girl

 This was really a pretty boring week, but I liked it that way!  Annie got a little fever virus mid week and she was pretty pitiful for a day or so.  We didn't really get out much for whatever reason, but I felt like I got a few things done, so that was good!  It was one of those weeks that I actually feel like I was VERY productive in a lot of areas- I got a lot organized in my closet and now have a lot of stuff to get rid of; I worked on a sewing project; cleaned, cooked and did yardwork!  And I took care of a sick girl one of those days!

Graves has had a really good week and when I told Peyton I thought maybe he had turned a corner, he said he was not ready to "claim that promise" yet.  I stopped his reflux medicine because I really didn't see it making a difference and like I said, he's been better this week.  He still spits up a TON, but he's pretty much a "happy spitter".  The fussing and crying comes at other times as often as not, so I'm about to resign myself to him just being a fussy (or average? I have little basis for comparison) little guy.  Anyway, all that to say, this week was one of the best he's had!

First, a couple of pictures Cookie took that I forgot to include in last week's post:

 Monday was a long day.  Peyton was working a double, Graves was really fussy on and off, and I had another headache most of the day.  The babies woke up around eight thirty, but AP was playing happily in bed so I went ahead and showered (I LOVE having a video monitor!).  I put her in our bed and dried my hair and since everyone was happy I worked on the closet cleanout/changeover for about an hour.  We had breakfast, read books, and played for a little while and then AP had a little lunch and went down for her nap.  Graves napped a little, too, but not for long.  I wrote a post and then held him and watched Lost and folded laundry. I had to wake AP up from her nap at 5:30 and she was not happy!  We spent the afternoon watching more Lost (probably not great for a toddler) and just hanging out.

Annie took FOREVER to east supper.  I gave her a piece of corn on the cob and it took the better part of an hour for her to finish it.  She cleaned that thing better than I've seen anyone in my life do, though!  I was able to get all the clothes put up in their nursery, unload and load dishes, and write three thank you notes while she ate.

 I put her to bed and it was the roughest night we've had in a long time- she was pretty tired I'm sure, but she kept crying and wanting things ("MORE PIECES OF ICE IN WATER, MOMMA!!!".....uh, Princess and the Pea much?) She finally went to sleep and I watched TV until Peyton got home and then went to bed.

On Tuesday, we had a super lazy morning.  It was Peyton's day off, but he was working extra :(  Graves woke up around seven but I fed him and put him in bed with me until he feel asleep (he didn't want to be in the Pack N Play) and then transferred him.  I saw on the monitor that AP had taken her diaper off , so I went and got her.  Amazingly, the bed was dry.  She had thrown the diaper (and her pj bottoms) in the trash in her room.  We ate breakfast just played all morning and I got on the computer and got sucked into some Twitter controversy and wasted a lot of time. The View was also super interesting:!/Sarah_Denley 

When Graves went to sleep, I got a shower and then AP played some more.  I put Graves on his play mat and he promptly pooped on it.  I gave him a bath and fed AP lunch and I had some hummus and pita chips and then we went outside.  It was hot and Graves was fussy, so we didn't last long.  Annie went to her bed and climbed in immediately when we got inside.  She had been upset about coming in so soon and I didn't want another meltdown, so I didn't make her clean up.

I fed Graves and put him back down for a nap and then I cleaned up Annie's toys and dissembled the playmat (or rather, the Gravey Pen- it has sides and is quite the pain to wash).  I swept the kitchen, laundry room, sunroom, and bathrooms and was about to mop when Graves woke up fussing.  I was going to just put him in my sling and mop instead of do the hands and knees scrubbing I've been doing, but he didn't like that.  Actually, he didn't like ANYTHING I tried to do to help him.  I ended up just letting him scream while I finished mopping since he was crying in my lap anyway.  

After I mopped, he finally got settled down and fell asleep with me on the couch.  I put him back in the swing and just relaxed.  I swear listening to him do that and not being able to fix it is more exhausting than anything I've known as a mom!  I really shouldn't complain because AP takes such glorious naps between the time at the beginning and at the end, I did have probably a full hour at least of peace and quiet.  I got Annie up and we read The Please and Thank You Book.  Graves woke up and I decided we'd try going back outside.  Since the yard was soggy from a storm the day before, I decided we would go for a stroll.  This is how you do a (very short) stroll if you do not own a double stroller:

We made a quick trip around the block and then went inside.  I fed AP dinner and let Graves play on the floor and folded some laundry.

Peyton got home and we talked and he played with Ann Peyton a little and then we got everyone to bed.  We chatted some and I cooked some poppyseed chicken and cleaned up the kitchen and did a little organizing in the laundry room.  I got on the computer and then read my Bible and went to bed.

Wednesday ended up being, um, not what I thought it would be.  We got up and had a very low key morning, much like we had been all week.  Annie had woken up around 2:30 after having one of her night terrors and it took some effort to get her calmed down and back to bed.  She finally said she wanted to read "Kim and Carrots" (her name for her Baby Bug magazines) and I put her back in bed.  It was around 3:30 and Graves last feeding had been at 1:00.  He was up again at four and seven, so I was pretty tired.  I'm not really that worried about him sleeping through the night consistently at this point, but I do really enjoy those nights when he goes four and then eight hours. Anyway, I was so relieved when he slept until 9:00 and AP didn't get out of bed until almost ten!  I got a quick bath before she woke up and then I changed diapers and dried my hair.  We had a typical morning with the ladies of The View, some cuties, and all our favorite books.

Graves took a nap and I folded a load of laundry and played on the computer a little and then the kids both had a ton of fun covering themselves with blankets even though our house is EIGHTY degrees.  Graves is really cold natured and I've gotten to where I either have to put him in footies or a swaddler or cover him with a blanket, so he was on his play mat all covered up and AP thought it looked fun and went to get herself a blanket, too!

Annie didn't really want much lunch and started acting super tired, so I put her down for a nap and fed Graves and got him ready for his.  I talked to my friend Kellie on the phone for a bit and then Peyton got home and I started cooking a brisket because we were having his brother and his wife over for supper. I ran to the store to get a few extra things we needed and when I got home, I started chopping up things and doing some prep work, so all I'd have to do was throw the sides together.  Annie was acting super weird and Peyton said she was hot when she woke up, so we took her temperature.  She had felt hot to me, too, that morning, but I figured it was the blanket.  She had 100.1 plus an extra degree for under the arm, so we called Andrew and let him know they might not want to come.  We had a nice, relaxing evening and I was holding AP and she started crying and then laid her head on my shoulder and then....threw up all over me.  Yuck! I got us cleaned up and scrubbed the carpet and she went and laid on the sofa.
 [little sick girl]

I fed Graves and finished cooking supper. We had brisket, baked potatoes, rolls, and a new carrot recipe Peyton wanted to try.  It had lime rind and cilantro and was a little weird, but good!  We got Annie to bed and ate and then I read some blogs and worked on a post.  I also worked on a little sewing project. I tried to pump a bottle and got about an ounce (why is that so inconsistent?) and went to bed.
[I'm obsessed with these pjs.  I just love them.]

We had originally had plans with the Howies on Thursday, but since AP had been sick, we canceled.  She woke up in a great mood, though and we spent the first part of the morning getting baths for all three of us.  I bathed her and folded some laundry while she was in the tub and then I hopped in the shower.  Graves got a bath next and he's too big for the sink now so I just put him in an inch of water in the tub.  He really likes it!  We played in the den and read one of my favorite books, The Year of the Stars and then AP had some "brunch" and I fed Graves.  I tried to limit my computer time and just enjoy the kids, but we did watch The View.  Annie went down for her nap really easily and I got Graves to sleep early since he had taken only about a fifteen minute morning nap.
 [I know it looks like he lives in his swing.  It's good for photo ops, though.]

I ate lunch and then wasted time setting some Pinterest boards and got started pinning.  Clearly this is going to be something that requires a strict time limit.  Peyton got home and we talked and Graves woke up.  We woke up AP and fed her supper and went for a walk and then to Target for a storage box and to Sonic for a treat.  Of course, I saw people I knew since I was wearing a) no make up b) about a bucket of sweat and c) a MAN's UNDERSHIRT.  Ugh.  I did get a little perspective because a kid two aisles over was screaming like his mom had shot his arm off.  Clearly, it could have been worse.  Graves was a wreck when we got home and I swear from all the drooling and the really unusual refusal to nurse, I'm scared it's a tooth. I had tried to nurse him at Sonic, which Peyton thought was super funny.  I guess it's not the back of a huge parking lot, but it's still not what I would consider public breastfeeding or anything.  It's about as brave as I get, though ;) We finally got him calm and got AP to bed and then I worked on Mint.  We are months behind and it's going to be a chore to catch up.  I spent a long time doing that and wrote a quick post and then read my Bible and went to bed really late after taking a shower around 2:00 AM.  I just couldn't go to sleep.

It worked out fine because everyone slept really late on Friday.  A lady who I had called called me back about my continuing education at around nine.  She sent an email, so I looked at it and checked Twitter and then went back to bed.  Graves woke up a little bit after that, but AP played in bed for a long while.  She finally got up around ten and we started our morning.  Our mornings are getting pretty redundant, so I'll try to be pithy. Since I took my shower the night before, I skipped that.  I fed Graves and we had breakfast, watched TV, and went outside.  I folded and put up a load of laundry in the nursery and then feed Graves again and got AP's lunch ready.  We cleaned up her toys and it was nap time for both kids.  Annie never went to sleep, but she stayed in her bed a good while.  I cleaned out the "big" (travel system stroller) because a kitty had been sleeping in it (yuck!) and then went to the attic to get a bag of stuff to consign and a neutral sleeper that I randomly remembered I had put in a "girl" storage box.  I wrote a post and got my shower.  One thing I love about Summer is not drying my hair sometimes; some days just being clean is enough! I ate lunch and Peyton got home and we listened to a This American Life podcast.  Annie woke up and Peyton's dad and brother came over to help Peyton get the washing machine of the blocks he had put it on about two months ago when he was trying to find the source of a leak. After they left, we worked in the front yard, wedding flower beds while AP swam in her kiddie pool and Graves relaxed in his swing.


We came in and got showers and then went over to Peyton's parent's house because my parents were having dinner with friends so we weren't going over there for Beans and Rice.  We picked up Dairy Queen on the way and had a nice visit.  When we got home, Peyton fed AP supper and gave her a bath and I fed Graves and we put them to bed.  We watched a little Lost and opened up the package of new diapers we got.  They're "one size" and have little elastic things that make them looser or tighter and so I had to adjust each one to make it AP's size.  I'll probably do a whole post about them soon.

Anyway, I finished that and then cleaned up the kitchen from the day and straightened the house.  I did a little bit of work in my closet and read my Bible and then I installed my August blog design. I went to bed pretty late again.

Graves actually slept eight hours from about 9:00 to 4:00.  Of course, I was only asleep for three of those  ;) We went back to sleep and woke up again at 7:00 and 9:00 on Saturday morning. Peyton was off  but he wanted to go to an UMVIM training course so that he could be prepared to lead a team from our church in the even of a tornado or huricane or other disaster.  We got up around 9:00 and he left about 9:30. 

We read books, had breakfast and I emptied the dishwasher. 

Graves took his morning nap in the swing and Annie and I worked on switching out Winter and Summer purses and accessories (scarves and gloves and such).  Graves woke we played with him and Annie wanted to wear panties so I brought the frog potty in the living room even though that grosses me out.  She had an accident and I cleaned that up and then I did something real quick on the sewing machine. I fed Annie lunch and she teeteed in the potty(!!!)  and then it was naptime.  She took a good nap and I hung up a ton of Peyton's clothes and then he got home.  I ate lunch and folded laundry while we watched Lost and when she woke up we got ready and headed to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.  We had a good time, but we got home late.  Annie had a terrible time going to sleep and at 12:30 she had been crying and fighting it for two hours, but she finally went to sleep after two hours of Peyton and I taking turns going in there and and also giving her long stretches to work through it.  I worked on a couple of posts and ironed mine and her dresses for church.  I ended up ironing a big stack of other clothes, too.

Annnnd...she was up so much throughout the night.  I'm pretty sure she just wanted to play because after we'd get her up, she'd calm down, so I don't think it was night terrors.  Those things take a good half hour to talk her down from.  Anyway, there was no way to just turn of the monitor; our house is not huge and we don't even have a split plan, so all three of us were up a lot of the night (thankfully, it wasn't all FOUR of us!).  I think I got up with her two or three times and once with Graves and Peyton got up at least five times he said.  At 5:00 he let her stay up.  We ended up realizing after a conversation with my mom, that it was really our own faults because we let her eat a super sugarry dessert right before we left their house on Saturday night.  I was relieved to know what the problem was; I was having major anxiety thinking this might be something that our good sleeper was going to have to work through nightly. 

Today, (Sunday), we went to Sunday School and late church again this week since Peyton wasn't working.  He was visiting more classes doing a discleship survey, so I went to SS by myself.  We had a little party with cake and stuff because a girl that's been coming to our church for a little while was getting baptized and making a profession of faith.  One thing our church (and lots of Methodist churches) have a great record on is adult baptisms and professions.  Of course, I support infant baptism and the conformation process, but at the same time there should be more adults coming to Christ as a result of our church's ministry.  It's something to strive for and it was wonderful to celebrate with Erin!  She got baptized at the late service and her family was unable to come, but she said she was just glad to have her church family stand by her.  And we did, literally!  Our class all came up and laid our hands on her as she was baptized.  It was such a powerful moment and I cried, as did several other class members.

We got home and transferred a sleepy girl into her bed.  I fed Graves and pumped a little and then got my stuff ready to take to a consignment sale.  I dropped of the stuff and went by Target because they had had their car seats on sale and I was going to by a booster for future use.  The sale was off, though, so I went by McDonalds for burger and headed home.  I feed Graves and watched Lost and started dishes and then I read some in Modern Parables.  I took a thirty minute power nap and then we rushed to get Annie fed and everyone ready for church.  Peyton went to worship and I went to Bible Study. We were going to drive around, but Graves was hungry.  We contemplated nursing at Sonic again and Peyton said they'd probably start talking about us and saying "there's that breastfeeding couple".  I told him I'd just tell them that he was too young for tots and shakes, but he had to eat, too!  Ha!  Annie was getting cranky, too, though, so we just went home. We got home and I fed Graves and pumped again and Annie ate supper and then they went to bed.  Fortunately, it was much better tonight!  Peyton and I talked and then I finished this post.

This coming week should be pretty low key, but hopefully we'll have a little more activity that this week!

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