Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Smorgasbord

It's not a very long list as I was out of town this week and some of them are kind of old because I was catching up on old bookmarks, but here are this week's links. Enjoy!

    Posted: 09 Jul 2011 12:01 PM PDT
    I think the project at the end looks so fun!
    Posted: 09 Jul 2011 12:00 PM PDT
    I just love the beauty of the writing in this one.
    Posted: 09 Jul 2011 11:59 AM PDT
    Interesting post about immigration. It got me thinking. Alot.
    Posted: 09 Jul 2011 11:58 AM PDT
    Another really good response to the Mark Driscoll thing (see the post bellow this one). I don't know why my Reader and TweetStream are so full of stuff about it, though. He says that kind of thing all the time!
    Posted: 09 Jul 2011 11:56 AM PDT
    Peyton, in general, really likes Mark Driscoll. I personally don't know much about him. I think most of his theology is sound and he's a good preacher, but I don't like how he tries to stir things up a lot of them time. And I definitely don't like what he said in this situation. Great post!

    Anything else?

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    The Taffs said...

    Wow, that Mark Driscoll stuff is certainly interesting. I don't even know wgat to say.