Monday, August 1, 2011

August Happenings

This month's design isn't my favorite.  I really loved last month's and I was kind of sad that it got messed up before I could get a screen shot.  This month's is okay and I do love the picture selections, but neither the background or the header are anything special.  

Okay, so August.  It's really the last month of Summer, as it's the last month before we start back to Mother's Day Out.  I'm looking forward to it, but I'm glad I've got another full month to just relax.  I think this month will be pretty laid back and that makes me smile.

- Peyton isn't working an extra Saturdays this month, just his regular two and I'm really excited about it. Unfortuantly, he does have some extra hours he's putting in on Fridays, but I'm glad we'll have some easy weekends.

- We've got at least two kid birthday parties coming up and although those things make me super nervous these days, I'm sure they'll be fun.

- We're trying to make the most out of this time of year when Peyton can get away from work quickly.  In the Winter when everyone is sick he always ends up staying late and sometimes last year he wouldn't get home until close to midnight.  We decided to do some house stuff before things get busy again and I think our first big project will be the kitchen.  We're planning on redoing the floors, but first I want to paint or stain the cabinets.

- An extra motivation for all that came in the form of an unexpected occurence.  Someone hit Peyton's car at work and was nice and left a note.  Well, the insurance company just cut us a check instead of paying directly for the damages and it was a nice sum of money.  Peyton's brother popped the dent out and it's still a little noticeable, but nothing we're concerned about, so we decided to use the money on the house, which unlike a car is not a depreciating asset. 

- In the realm of the day to day- I have been more pleased with what I've been able to get done this month.  I feel like I've done better with our finances (I still have some catching up to do) and with getting some things organized (I've finally finished my closet, just about, now that Summer is almost over; glad it'll be hot for awhile longer). And I've also broken back out the old sewing machine, cooked more often, and spent a little time in the yard.  More importantly, I've done better in making my time with the Lord a priority and Peyton and I have been spending more time just talking and hanging out (mostly in the car; it's our fave).  There's ALWAYS room for improvement and I know once "school" starts making sure my priorities are on track will be even more important.

- One thing I haven't done is any sort of formal exercise.  We're not joining a gym and I just cannot run in the heat at this point.  I'm okay with that to be honest.  I really want to start in the Fall, but right now I'm concentrating on other things.

My plate is sufficiently full and my cup is overflowing!

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