Monday, August 22, 2011

A Dramatic 'Do or Two

For awhile now, Peyton has been asking me to get a "dramatic" haircut.  I told him I would, under one condition....

That he get one, too.

So last week we loaded everyone up and made a trip to see Mandy, our hairstylist that we love.  Mandy is super cute and is the quintessential hairdresser. I feel all Steel Magnolias when I walk in and she starts talking to me about Target, babies, and everything in the People magazine she tosses me.  It's like we've been best friends for ten years.  This is what I pay her the big bucks ($20 plus tip!) for. 

Anyway, I thought I would show y'all the results of our new dramatic 'dos. 

First here I am before the cut.  [Of course, I remembered last minute that we needed to take before and after shots, so these were snapped in the car.]

And here is my new look:
It feels so fresh! [Disregard all the hair in my face.]

Before Peyton moved into the chair, we decided we needed another photo op because our hair was virtually the same length for a few minutes: 
Baby Graves and Ballerina Bunny included!

Here's a couple of better shots of Peyton's before:
And, wait for it....
here's the after:
It's a Mad Man!  Per Ashley's advice, we Googled "Mad Men haircut" (which, um, I have yet to rent/watch-- WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, period piece fanatic that I am?) and it led us directly to one of Peyton's favorite blogs, The Art of Manliness.  We showed Mandy and she did her magic.  She suggested Peyton use liquid gel to smooth it, so as to avoid the crunchiness that often comes with a pomade.  It seemed like it dried up and just evaporated pretty quickly, so it didn't hold well.  TAOM recommended this pomade, but we couldn't find it in Jackson and plus it's pricey.  We found a (we thought) comparable substitute, but it gets greasy really fast, so Peyton decided to just bite the bullet and order the American Crew. A real old fashioned pomade- legit on so many levels as Ash said.  Whew!  This guy has never been one to put "product" in his hair, so it's a whole new world!  Oh and I think his definitely took the cake for "most dramatic".  Two people at church thought he was a visitor!

I feel like my haircut is nice and fresh and was a welcomed change, but I am obsessed with Peyton's.  Honestly, I think part of it is that it just looks sort of old fashioned and I like that look.  He looks "sharp" as my grandmother would have said when she was alive. I also just love that he's so adventurous and not scared AT ALL to take a risk with something so inconsequential. 
 I'm mad about this man for sure!


Alison said...

love the new 'dos!

Katie Smith said...

you guys both look awesome! Mad Men is one of Andrew's and my favorite shows. In fact, we're planning to dress up as two of the characters for Halloween this year! You should take advantage of their break in production (season 5 doesn't start til March) to watch the first 4 seasons. it's an awesome show, but be prepared... it blows your mind quite often!

Sarah said...

I love both haircuts! I had my hair similar to your new cut a couple years ago, and I'm thinking about cutting it short again before the baby's born.

Courtney said...

Love both of your new looks. You guys look like such a hip and happening couple.

Anonymous said...

Love the new haircuts!! And wish I'd known Mandy when I was in Jackson for several years (we just moved), as I had the worst time finding a great stylist!

Mallory Pickering said...

You look like a movie star!