Friday, August 12, 2011

Letter to (Four Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

You are four months old now.  And you are so big!  As soon as I got the newborn stuff out of the closet, you outgrew the 0-3 mo. outfits and now I'm having to make trips to the attic with my arms full of 3-6 mo. stuff.  It's going way too fast, sweet boy!

You are growing up in so many ways- we exchanged the swaddler for a sleep sac, you're no longer dependent at all on your swing for naps and you spend a lot more of the day awake.

You had the most pleasant day of your life today.  You hardly cried at all and napped so well.  It's probably just a coincidence, but Momma just completely cut out dairy to see if it would help with some of your "tummy issues".  The reflux medicine we got last month really didn't make much difference and now I think it's just gas.

You still nurse great and here lately I think you've been having a little growth spurt because you want to eat a lot more frequently.  You have kind of a basic schedule in which you take a short morning nap and a long afternoon one and then go to sleep around eight.  You wake up to nurse around midnight and then fall right back asleep and either sleep until in the morning or sometimes wake up one more time.  You usually wake up for the day around 8:00.

You still have your cute little caterpillar hair.  The nursery workers at church call you "Spike" and someone told me the other day that "Baby Graves's hair is to die for".  Baby Graves has, by the way, become the most common way for us and those close to you, to refer to you.  Papa swears you will be going on your fist date and he will be all "Take it slow, Baby Graves".

For some reason, the age you are right now is really one of very favorites.  You were so sweet and precious your first four months of life, but here recently I have just fallen head over heels in love with you.  It's kind of like you have most of the perks of a newborn, but not as many of the constraints.  You are, of course, not mobile yet and you still love to sit and be held, but you're a bit more independent and like some variation- like laying on your play mat or playing with Sophie the Giraffe, your absolute favorite toy. Sometimes if I lay you on a blanket on the floor, you strain and strain to pull your head up, like you're trying to do a sit up.  Your sister was dainty and lacked the motivation to do ANYTHING like that.  Such a big strong man, Baby Graves is!  Awhile back when you first started liking your play mat, your Aunt Elizabeth asked me if I was sort of sad and at that point, I was, frankly, very releived to be able to put you down for five minutes at a time and not have to hear you scream.  But I realize now that a time is approaching, and approaching quickly, when you will prefer playing independently to being held for most of the day.  That DOES make me sad.  These moments with you and your sister are so fleeting and I have to remind myself that I have years and years to get our house organized to my satisfaction, to read books, and to accomplish all the other tasks that seem to haunt my poor Type A soul.

You have really started to interact with us more this month- lots and lots of smiles and a few laughs and it's so wonderful!

  You are a special little boy and seeing you happy makes my heart want to burst. I love you more and more each day.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your onsie is a 3-6 mo. Your sister wore it in her 4 month picture, too! By the way the reason is sopping wet is that you were drooling like crazy.  Kinda gross to mention, sorry.  You did spit up a little, but the majority is drool.  You are too young to be getting teeth, so I have no idea what it could be ;) Momma needs to break out some bibs, though!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I gave up dairy too and it has made a HUGE difference. It is hard but worth it. Baby Graves is so cute.

Carrie said...

He is such a sweet little man! Is the front of his onesie soaking wet in the pic, or is that just a shadow? Just curious!

Sarah Denley said...

Um, soaking wet. I didn't think anyone would notice and I didn't realize it was that bad at all. He did spit up but the majority is drool. Pray for me it's not teeth? I did consider including it in the letter, just for fun, but I didn't want to draw attention. Doing it now anyway ;)

Oh...saw you MIL at a wedding tonight!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

C got her first two teeth at 4 months, so you never know! :)