Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Happeings Post #126 (August 8-14)-- Spike's Spurt

In reference to the title of this post- I think I've mentioned that the nursery workers call Graves "Spike", an affectionate nickname inspired by his precious caterpillar hair.  Anyway, sweet boy has been eating like a horse this week and lucky momma here gets to be the trough.  I'm assuming it's a growth spurt, although the thought makes me a tad emotional, as I've already packed up a bunch of three month things(!!!) to send to the attic.  Kid needs to slow the heck down!

I addition to the constant eating and waking up more than usual in the night, Peyton has been gone a bunch.  The weather was also kind of yuck, which wouldn't be a big deal, but I get awful sinus headaches.  The medicine I used to take for them can kind of make everything dry up, so it's really not worth the risk to  Graves's only form of sustenance for me to take it.  Nursing him at least to a year is really important to me, but there were a couple of really dreadful headaches that had me in tears thinking "maybe this isn't worth it".  Of course it is, though!  I hate to be Debbie Downer, but overall this week was just physically and emotionally exhausting for whatever reason.  I'm glad we're already on to a new one!

Annie woke up around eight on Monday morning and I hopped up and started laundry and was about to get in the bath when she decided she was done playing in her bed.  I fixed her some milk and locked her in the bathroom with me.  She finished her milk and started asking where Baby Graves was.  I told her he was still asleep and she said "Wake him up!!".  I told her we were not going to do that :) and gave her a little dollop of shaving cream to play with. I got ready and made the bed while she played and then Graves woke up.  He was pretty happy most of the morning and hung out in the sling while I unloaded dishes, folded laundry, and talked to my friend Morgan on the phone. 
 Very blurry picture of me wearing him correctly- I think.  He sure is um, active, these days!

Ann Peyton had a peanut butter sandwich for "brunch" (I figure it's close enough to toast).  It was actually the first time she's truly eaten a sandwich; she usually picks them apart and makes a big mess.  Graves fell asleep in his swing for a few minutes after I fed him, so I straightened some piles in the kitchen and loaded the dishes from the sink and then we got ready and went over to my parents' house to see if we could get my Buick to crank.  Cookie was going to follow us to the shop and I was going to drop it off.  Well, I couldn't even get it cranked.  We hung out for a little bit and then Cookie decided to go to Target with us.  We bought diapers, a few groceries, and baby coat hangers and Graves feel asleep on the way home.

I got Annie down for her nap and fed Graves, even though it had only been about two hours, so I could go ahead an put him to bed, too.  Of course, he was still tired but not tired enough since he had fallen asleep in the car.  Of course, I prefer that they nap at the same time, but when he's good natured it's really not that big of a deal at this point.  Well, he didn't want to play, swing, or really do anything but be held and then he got bored with that really fast, too.  He was just cranky and miserable.  I actually put him in the bed and let him cry for about five minutes after he fussed for nearly two hours with me holding him.  I was just desperate.  Finally, as a last ditch effort, I tried feeding him again.  He nursed on one side and feel asleep.  It must be a growth spurt, because it seemed like he had just eaten!   I had a snack and got on the computer and finished last week's Weekly Happenings post.  Peyton got home and Annie woke up and he played with her some and then mowed the yard while I fed her supper.  Peyton had leftover burritos for supper and I had a pita pizza.  Graves woke up and we all had fun talking and playing and then I went through Graves's closet and got out a bunch of too small stuff to take to the attic.  We put the babies to bed and Peyton watched a movie and I read my Bible and then did some housework.  I cleaned up piles, dusted and swept in the den and moved everything out of the way and scrubbed the kitchen counters.  I got on the computer and read blogs and then went to bed. Graves was basically back to his newborn schedule and up every three hours to nurse.  I'm just not about putting a baby his age on a schedule (no judgment) and if he wants to eat that often, it's not a huge deal.

I did let Peyton take over around 7:00 on Tuesday morning, though, after I fed him.  I went back to bed and woke up a little before nine.  We were out of milk and Peyton ran to the store to get some while I fed Graves and fixed Peyton's lunch.  It was technically his day off, but he was filling in at a store a few hours south of here and he wanted to leave a few hours early so he could stop by and see his grandmother.  He got back with the milk and finished getting ready and I ate breakfast and changed the kids diapers that were both leaking.  [He's a great dad, but he forgets that diaper changes should be #1 on the to-do list in the morning.] After he left, I tried to put Graves down for a nap, but he wasn't really interested, so I let him fuss in the bouncy seat while I hopped in the shower.  I got ready and then did some straightening in the kids' room.  AP had about a billion books on her bed and I needed to put up laundry.  This is when I counted her clothes and was horrified.  I fed Graves again and got AP's lunch ready and then put her down for a nap.

Annie never did go to sleep, but she did spend couple of hours in her bed, mostly quitely.  Graves slept a bit, but kept waking up, which was frustrating since I hadn't been able to get him to take a morning nap.  I think she spent more time in the bed than he did th whole day!  I got on the computer for a little bit and then Graves woke up.  I fed him agin and he slept a little more and then woke up just as I was fizing myself something to eat.  I held him and watched a little Lost and then put up a few baby things and moved the mobile in his crib so I could put the aquaium soother in it.  It started raining, so we just played in the carport for a few minutes and then came inside.  Annie and I cleaned up toys and then she ate dinner.  I fed Graves and gave them both baths and then put them to bed.
 First time in two piece jammies!

 I guess he was ready to be out of the swaddle.  Look at the little guy stretched out!

I got on the computer and wasted some time and then I ate some supper I watched more Lost and chatted with my best friend via Twitter.

Wednesday was a big blah.  I woke up with a bad headache and felt so tired.  I am going to HAVE to start making myself go to bed earlier.  Also: I really, *really* hate no being able to take Sudafed for these headaches, but, as I mentioned, Peyton said it can dry everything up and that would be a sad day for Baby Graves.  Sweet boy is worth it, of course!  Anyway, we had a super low key morning.  I did make myself take a shower and fold a couple of loads of laundry, but beyond that I stayed on the couch. Peyton had a manager meeting, but he came home for lunch and played with AP some and then left for work.  I put the kids down for naps and Graves slept for maybe and hour and AP never went to sleep, but she stayed in bed a long time.  Graves and I watched Lost and I folded more clothes.  I got Annie up and put up some clothes in their room and then we headed to my parents' house.  We had fun but we ended up staying longer than I expected.

I put the kids to bed when we got home and got on the computer and cooked some soup from a mix for Peyton's supper.  He and I had a really nice little chat and went to bed.

Cookie sent me this sweet picture she found of Annie from last year:

I woke up feeling SO much better on Thursday.  Annie slept until almost nine and then we all got up.  I was taking pictures of Graves and I thought about Carrie's recent nursery post and decided to take some pictures of their nursery.
 [I think I'm getting better with the portrait setting!]

I fed Graves and put him down for a nap and was about to hop in the shower about fifteen minutes later when I heard him crying.  I put him in the bouncy seat and then AP started saying "EAT! Hungry!" so I fixed her some dry cereal and oranges and let her sit outside the bathroom.  It's the first time I've done that and I left the door open and kept peeking out at her because our room isn't super babyproofed, but she sat still and ate.  [I've done it before, but it seems kind of gross to let her eat on the floor of the bathroom.]  We read books and I wasted time on Twitter and then Graves ate again and fell back asleep.  Annie wanted to wear big girl panties, so I let her, but she did not want to sit on the potty, so we went back to diapers. I got her lunch ready and put up dishes and reloaded the dishwasher and she helped me pick up toys and then it was bedtime for her.  She fell asleep pretty fast and took a good nap.  Of course, that's when Graves woke up.  I'm just glad they both slept! 
 Beep Beep!

 I call this game "Where's Baby Graves???"

I held Graves and wasted more time on the computer and then I decided I should clean out my Google Reader.  It's absurd and I'll admit I think I hoard blogs.  That's why I can't hardly ever get through the thing!  I cleaned out my Twitter list a little, too and Peyton got home.  We talked and then I swept and scrubbed the tile and laminate floors.  We all got ready and then headed to a friend's surprise birthday party.  We got there at 7:30 and the honoree didn't show up until around nine.  So it was kind of a long night, but a super fun one! 
 This girl loves a party!

 How did he go to sleep like that?!?

We got home and put the kids to bed immediately and I straightened the house.  I got on the computer and wrote a post and then put the sheets I had washed earlier in the day back on our bed and read my Bible.

Friday was a fun, busy day.  Graves woke up around eight, but since we had been out so late, I attempted to put him back in the Pack N Play.  He ended up sleeping in until almost ten!  Annie woke up a little before nine and I got a shower and got ready and then gave her a bath.  She had a little breakfast and I woke up Graves and bathed him.  We were meeting Carrie and her crew for lunch and decided to go a little early this week.  We went to Corner Bakery and everyone did great.  Graves even feel asleep again!

We got home and Peyton was back from a meeting and had an hour or so to kill before work, so we loaded everyone back in the car and headed out to look for new flooring for the kitchen.  I think we found some on the first try!  We went by Sonic for a cherry limeade and then Peyton went to work and I put AP down for a nap.  I held Graves a little but he seemed tired.  He fussed for a few minutes in bed and then feel asleep!  I guess he's like Annie (at this point) and likes to make up missed sleep.  Anyway, I pumped a bottle and got on the computer and then he and Annie woke up.  I took his monthly pictures and cleaned up around the house.

I got the dishwasher and washing machine loaded and then we went over to my parents' house for Beans.  Graves slept some more(!!!) and I took a little nap myself while Minnie and Annie played.  We got home and I dropped the kids in bed (I had taken EVERYTHING- clothes diapers, ect. over there so bedtime would be fast once we got home).  I put Peyton's beans on the stove and started the laundry and dishes and then worked on Graves's monthly letter and uploaded and organized a TON of pictures. I went to bed late.

Peyton got up around five and was going to ride his bike but it was at my parents' house and he didn't want to wake them up going into their storage room.  He left around eight....right as the kids were waking up.  I had an AWFUL headache and Graves was so sweet, but AP was unusually whiney and just frustrated me so bad.  She had taken off her diaper and of course her bed was wet and then she just wanted to throw fits.  I really lost my patience and snapped at her and then had to apologize.  I did get a shower and we had breakfast.  Graves woke up and I fed him, but I was feeling so bad.  I got AP and him snuggled with me on the couch and we watched They Might Be Giants YouTube videos.  Peyton got home and took a shower and then he was going to take the kids to the Natural Science Museum.  I wasn't feeling great, but I hate to miss things and I felt like we hadn't had any time together this week, so I got dressed and got a birthday present wrapped for the party we were going to right after.  I got everyone's stuff together and we headed out.  We spent about an hour at the museum and then went to our friends' three year old little boy's party.  It was fun, but it was outside and the sun kind of zapped all of us.  Peyton wanted to show me some houses, so we went and looked, just for fun and then rushed home.  I fed Graves and hopped in the shower to get ready for a wedding.

I went with my parents and Peyton kept the kids (sidenote: it is my pet peeve when dads refer to keeping  their own kids as "babysitting").  Anyway, we had a wonderful time.  The ceremony was beautiful and I saw so many people I knew.  Baby Graves had been SO easy the past two days, but he gave Peyton a rough time.  I picked up my Buick from my parents (they had gone and gotten it from the shop for me) and came home.  I had eaten some at the reception, but I was still hungry and feeling AWFUL so I ate some popcorn and watched TV and then went to bed.

Sunday was another busy day!  We went to Sunday School and late church and then came home for a short break. AP had lunch and took her nap.  Peyton made some chicken spaghetti for a sweet older lady at our church who has been sick lately, using some chicken I had cooked earlier in the week.  I took a short nap, but Graves was super fussy, so I ended up just getting up.  We headed to church  early because Peyton had a meeting at four and I was going to read Modern Parables and watch the kids in the nursery.  AP and Graves were both in awful moods, though, so I didn't get much read.  I went to Bible Study and Peyton had another meeting, so I fed Graves and took him to the meeting while AP stayed in the nursery with the nursery workers.  After that, we dropped of the food with our sweet friend and went by Morgan and Haydn's house to drop off something.  We had a nice unexpected visit and drove through Sonic and then got home and got everyone to bed really late.  I stayed up too late messing around on the computer.

My house is totally out of order and this week I really need to get a little better organized.  We have some stuff going on each day, but nothing unmanageable.  I am looking forward to having Peyton home more!

[By the way, I know it really doesn't matter to anyone, but I am considering moving my "regular" posting day for the WH to Monday.  I like to write on one of my blogs at least four out of five weekdays and I used to only post of weekdays and take the weekends "off", but with this and my Smorgasbord posts, I seem to basically be posting almost daily.  I'm going to try, in an effort to step back, to just let this be the one of the weekday posts and see how that works.]

Oh and my overdue Smorgasbord post will be up tomorrow!

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