Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #125 (August 1-7)-- Long, Sweet Summer Days

Last week was good.  I got a few things done around the house, but we also managed to get out some this week.  Annie had a couple of epic nap days and that was wonderful.  I have to say, I think that she's a better than average sleeper and Graves may sleep a little less than the typical four month old, because some days I feel like they basically sleep the same amount!

I was super tired on Monday and Peyton was already up, so after Graves woke up at 8:00, he took over and let me sleep.  Annie woke up and he took her to Cokesbury to get some Bible Study material while Graves and I spent the morning snuggling on the sofa.  They got home and we had lunch and watched some videos of the gubernatorial candidates debates so we could make an informed voting decision.  Peyton helped me get the kids down for naps and left for work.  I talked to my sister in law on the phone and took out the trash, recycling, and compost and did the dishes.  I woke up Annie and we all got loaded up in the car because I was taking them to my parents' house so I could go to a consignment sale.  My battery was dead, so my mom and Cookie ended up coming over and picking them up and I took the extra "yard truck" (my old 4Runner) that doesn't have car seats in it.  The sale was good and I got a lot of great stuff and then had dinner at my parents'.

They followed me home with the babies and I got them to bed and wrote a post.  Peyton got home and we chatted and I went to bed before midnight!

On Tuesday, Peyton had an evaluation with his boss so I got up and got the kids dressed and ready and then I hopped in the shower when he got home.  I got myself ready and we headed out to go vote. I had to vote at the old location by my parents' house because I still haven't changed my registration in three years(!!).  They told me I could do that last time, but this time the lady at the poll knew my mom and  called her and told her that if I do it again, it will be considered voter fraud.  Wow.  We went by Walgreens and the bank and then to the Mediterranean Cafe for lunch.  It was yummy and when we got home, I took AP's monthly picture.
Annie is quite the fan of the Eskimo kiss.  Which is strangely ironic, because mine and Peyton's first kiss, the one that "shouldn't have happened", started all innocent with an Eskimo kiss.  Because people in platonic relationships Eskimo kiss, no?

The camera battery died, so I had to take a break.  I hung up laundry and then finished the pictures and put her down for a nap.  Peyton went to work and I wrote her twenty eight month letter.  Graves woke up and I talked to my sister in law again on the phone and then when AP woke up, I practiced with the different settings on my camera.
 [Clearly, I'm not quite there yet.]

  [Back to automatic.  Graves is "tickling" Ann Peyton.]

Annie had supper and I fed Graves and got him to bed.  I tried a few 2T outfits on AP and then put her to bed.  I spent a long time working on my sewing project and watching Lost.  I ate supper and worked on Annie's letter and Peyton got home and we went to bed.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and it was full of company!  We all slept kind of late (9ish) and then we put the kids in bed with us and just hung out.  Graves kept grabbing AP's toes and she was giggling and saying "No, No, Baby Graves!!" It was hilarious.  Peyton had a meeting at the church and a dentist appointment at ten, but I wanted to get a bath before he left, so I took mine and then he had one.  AP had a huge breakfast of bananas, cherries, and grapes.  We had a laid back morning at home, but Graves was kind of fussy.  I ended up holding or wearing him most of the remainder of the morning. I did get some laundry folded and unloaded dishes and my mom and Cookie came over.  She had left her charger to her laptop in Nashville when she went up there and she wanted to borrow ours, so she just left her computer.  We did more laundry and watched TV and then Peyton got home and Cookie and my mom came back to pick up the computer.  We got both babies down for naps and I worked a little on sewing and then Ellis and Minda said they wanted to drop by.  We had a nice time and AP woke up and surprisingly didn't freak out when she saw El.  They left and Peyton and Annie went to run an errand at the.  Elizabeth called to say that their power was out and wanted to come visit in the cool so she, Simeon, and Peyton's mom came by.  We had fun talking and Graves woke up abut that time.  Peyton and Annie got home and we all went outside to play and then they left and we got ready to run errands.  I wanted to buy some craft supplies at Hobby Lobby and some heel inserts at Target.  We went by Sonic and Diary Queen for treats and then had dinner (fried chicken!) at my parents' house.  We got home late and AP was already asleep.  I caught up on blogs because I hadn't been on the computer hardly at all in two days and wrote a post and then went to sleep.

Thursday was a really good day.  It was one of those days where I felt like I accomplished a lot AND my priorities were balanced.  I've had maybe three of those in the last four months ;) I felt really good about that, especially in light of the fact that it seemed like Graves wanted to eat a bit more frequently than usual.   Anyway, Graves slept the longest stretch he's gone so far.  He ate at my parents' house the night before and then didn't wake up again until six something.  I think it might be because I forgot to turn the fan on in our room.  Our house was 80 degrees and he was wearing a fleece swaddler and I guess he was pretty comfortable.  I woke up about a little before him sweating bullets and decided to go ahead and pump since I had an oversupply.  He woke up and nursed and then went back to sleep.  I'm not sure if it was the pumping or the long stretch without eating or maybe just a growth spurt that had him so hungry all day. Anyway,  Peyton had gone for a bike ride and Annie and Graves didn't get out of bed until close to ten.  AP had missed her nap the day before and she's really good to me about making it up ;)  We got up and I fed Graves and started laundry and then Peyton got home.  We talked some and had lunch and I played around with some camera settings and then I had a bath and we gave both the kids baths, too.  Peyton was watching Annie in the tub, but he turned away for a minute and I came in and found her with my razor IN HER MOUTH.  I about had a heart attack, but she was fine.  I flipped out and kind of jumped on Peyton even though I shouldn't have left it there in the first place.  As Peyton was leaving I knocked Graves's head on the door facing and then Ann Peyton got "lost".  I couldn't find her anywhere and I started to freak out after a few minutes and almost called Peyton to turn around.  She was in my closet and I think I scared her when I grabbed her so abruptly because she started crying.    I got her calm and  fed Graves and got everyone down for naps.  It was a pretty easy process that day!  I was worried maybe AP is sleeping too much and it was making her bedtimes harder, but I think it's the opposite- she took a good nap because she was well rested.

During naptime, I got on the computer and then decided to be productive.  I was really tired, but sometimes it helps me more to just do things, so I fooled around with the manual setting on the camera.  I'm still trying to figure out shutter speed and ISO.  After that, I finished TWO sewing projects and started sorting and washing the stuff I bought at the consignment sale.  AP woke up and I talked to my sister in law on the phone and loaded the dishwasher.  Graves was still asleep so Annie and I had some time just the two of us- we read books and practiced identifying letters and pictures on her stackable blocks.  She started laughing about something and I laughed, too and she told me "Annie SO funny".  Ha!  I woke Graves up and my friend Amanda called to ask me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding(!!!) and I fed Graves and then we went outside.  We had some oranges for a snack and played for about half an hour and then came in and cleaned up toys.  I fed Graves again and got on the computer and AP "worked on" putting his paci in the pocket on the front of his outfit.  It was pretty cute. We all went in our room and did the final phase of the closet cleanout/changeover- shoes.  I feel like I have drug this thing out forever, but at least this time I have two big bags of stuff to get rid  of!  I fed Annie supper and nursed Graves and put him to bed and then got her ready for bed.  They both went down super easy and I worked on a post and read blogs until Peyton got home.  I read my Bible, Modern Parables, and some in Peyton's book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters and went to bed.

I turned on the fan and Graves slept pretty poorly.  Not sure about all this, but I do think the cold bothers him.  Anyway, Peyton got up with him after he ate around 7:00 on Friday and then brought him back so he could get ready for a meeting around 7:30.  We snuggled and then I hopped in the tub because I saw AP playing on the monitor.  I got her up and finished drying my hair and getting ready and then I got both the children ready because we were going to meet Carrie, Aubrey, and Jude for lunch.  We ended up having a lot of extra time to spare, so I folded a load of laundry and put up several loads.  We met the Howies at Pizza Shack and it was good; a nice change since we always go to the same places!  Annie acted really good, especially since I brought her some appetizers (cheese crackers) and dessert (a cereal bar) and let her take of the top of her sippy cup and use a restaurant issued plastic straw to drink her milk.  And Graves didn't really start to crank up until the very end.  On the way home, Carrie and I took turns watching each other's children while we ran in to get our clothes/money from the consignment sale.  I didn't sell anything, but that's okay, I mostly put my very least favorite stuff in and I had to save some for the next sale so I can get into that preview sale.  Ha!

We got home and I put Ann Peyton down for her nap and tried to give Graves the rest of the bottle he had started at lunch, but he was just mad, mad, mad.  I nursed him finally and got him down for a nap and then Peyton got home and we talked and I wrote a blog post.  AP woke up and Peyton took her outside with him to wash his car and then my mom came over to wash my sister's comforter in our washing machine because hers wasn't big enough. When they finished with the car, we got ready and headed over to Mickey and Minnie's house for Red Beans.  We had a wonderful time, but my car wouldn't crank again.  Peyton had driven the 4Runner so he could ride his bike while we were there, so we transferred the carseats and took it home.  I read a few blogs and wrapped up a birthday present and went to bed.

I was pretty proud of myself, because Peyton left for work Saturday morning and I got myself and both kids bathed and ready and out the door before 9 AM.  It was the first time I've done it by myself that early with baths included! I've gotten a lot faster, because I didn't even get up until a little after seven.  I also managed to start some laundry and get a few things together for my sister. My friend Amanda, who is getting married, was having bridesmaids' dresses fitted that morning, so I dropped off Ann Peyton with my dad and Cookie (Minnie was at work) and took Graves with me.  He was a sweet little gentleman and we got done pretty quickly.  We went back to my parents' house and Cookie got AP dressed for her sweet friend, Mary Milton's second birthday party. I fed Graves and we headed to the party.  Ann Peyton, in contrast to her last party, acted really nicely and Graves was a little angel.  My good friend, Sara Ashley was there and was a HUGE help with Graves, so that took a lot of the pressure off.  Annie had a good time and fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I transferred her and fed Graves and got him down for a nap and then got on the computer and took a nice, LONG nap myself.  I ended up having to wake AP up after four hours and she played while I fed Graves and unloaded the dishwasher.  Peyton got home and I cooked burritos for dinner and made homemade Monterery Jack salsa.  I really want to get in the habit of cooking about three meals a week- but the last two weeks I've hit two and one and at least that's something!  We channeled the Howies and all ate at the table ;) Well, Graves hung out on his play mat.  I put up some clothes  int he kids' room and reorganized like I always have to when I get new stuff and then we put Annie to bed.  I got on the computer and read some blog posts and articles and then I read Modern Parables and and cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

I was up with Graves several times and Sunday morning came early.  We all got ready and made it to early church on time, though.  Our associate pastor preached and the sermon was on the decision to either "conform or be transformed".  It was really good and in Sunday School we started a study on the book of Isaiah.  We got home and I got Annie's lunch ready and fed Graves and then put them both down for naps.  They both took long naps and I ate my own lunch, got on the computer, watched a little Lost, and feel asleep on the couch.  Annie took forever to fall asleep (almost two hours of mostly content playing and reading) and then slept for three!  I finally went to wake her up because I was not going to let her sleep five full hours in the middle of the afternoon and she told me "No, No, Momma....Annie so tired".  I let her get up on her own and she got out of bed a few minutes later.

 We got ready and headed over to my parents' house for burgers because our Bible study had been canceled since the leader had the stomach flu.  We had a nice visit and stayed pretty late since Peyton was visiting with his family.  AP got upset because I told her she needed to leave some stuff she was playing with at their house and she got upset, but I was so proud of her because instead of throwing a fit, she put herself in time out and cooled down!  Once we got home, Peyton and I got everyone to bed and talked some and then I read my Bible and worked on this post. 
Peyton really has my style pegged because he picked up these when they went on sale at his store.  I'm just kidding, he knows how I feel about denim diaps, he was just being funny.  But now she's gotta wear them.  Ahhh! 

This week is going to be a busy one for Peyton at work and then our weekend is pretty full.  I really want to get some things organized around the house and catch up on finances and thank you notes now that I've finished with the closet changeover and a couple of sewing projects (posts coming soon).  I'm also realizing that we (specifically me and Ann Peyton) need to start working toward a better, more consistent sleep schedule as the start of "school" (Mother's Day Out) is fast approaching!

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