Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #127 (August 15-21)-- Ups and Downs

[Baby Graves was so upset and Peyton decided we should all pretend to scream, as well!]

This week started out really nicely and ended well, but there was one day in the middle where I just really felt almost to my breaking point. I don't want to keep saying "I'm just so tired" over and over. What mother with an infant and a toddler isn't? I think of moms with tons of kids and I feel dumb complaining. I also think about moms with toddlers who never sleep and aren't as compliant as Ann Peyton. And I feel stupid. But the truth is- I hit a wall Friday and it was hard. The rest of the week was really great and we had some super fun things going on!

Peyton got up with Graves around eight on Monday and then woke AP up at nine when I got up. We all got ready and headed to see Dr. Dennney for Graves's four month check up. He got a good report and it was nice to see Dr. Denney. We went by the church and McDonalds on the way home and then tried to feed AP lunch. She was tired and kept saying "Go to bed", though, so we let her! Peyton left for work and I cleaned up the house a bit and got Graves down for a nap.
[Some sweet friends from church gave us a bunch of their old VHS tapes, so I organized those and put them in the closet by our tape player!]

I got on the computer and then started a load of dishes. Graves woke up in not the best mood and I held him and watched Lost and then folded clothes. AP woke up and had a snack and then I put up clothes in the nursery. I went in the office to type an important email and Graves started fussing. I took a few minutes to get in there and AP had covered his face with a blanket. She wasn't trying to be mean, but we had a discussion.
What's under there making BG so happy?

A rice sock, of course!

We all went outside and played a little and then Annie had supper and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and emailed back and forth with a friend and then Peyton got home. I finished last week's Weekly Happenings post and we had sandwiches and leftovers and went to bed.

Tuesday was a bit of a rough day. Peyton woke up and we chatted a little before he got ready for work. I was about to go back to sleep, but Graves woke up, so I took him in the den. Annie woke up right after him and I got her breakfast ready. Graves was super fussy all morning and really didn't even care about being held. He was just so cranky...I think from his shots. I still managed to get a few things done- dishes put up and another load rinsed and put in, laundry changed over and kitties fed. I kept having to go give Graves his paci, hand him his lovey, remove his lovey from his face, ect. and he never did take a morning nap. I decided to organize a little and I cleaned up some piles and then went through some old VHS tapes and put them on a shelf in Peyton's armoire next to the TV in our room. I cleaned out the box they were in and used it as my sewing bin; I sorted the stuff to go in it and labeled three ziplock bags- stuff to mend, scraps and stuffing, and fabric. I put Graves in the sling part of the time and then he played a little on the floor. I put AP in the tub and put up laundry in my closet.

She had lunch and I fed Graves and put her down for a nap. She never did fall asleep and Graves kept waking up, but I ate lunch and played on the computer and finally got a bath!

Peyton got home and I cooked Suddenly Salad to take to our Ultreya group. I fed Graves and got ready and we headed to the meeting. It was good, but short and when we got home, we fed the kids and put them to bed. They were both overly tired and had a hard time going to sleep. I got on the computer and wrote a post and went to bed.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off. Baby Graves had been up a few times during the night, so Peyton got up with the kids and I got a little more sleep. Once I got up, I got ready and got the babies ready and we did a few errands to help get ready for this weekend's Cursillo. After that, we both had hair appointments.

I usually don't put nursing pictures on the blog, but I had to share- look at the 'ittle footsie!

[our attempt at the post cut picture]

After our haircuts, we came home and had about an hour before we needed to be back at church for the Fall Wednesday night program kick off. My mom and Cookie dropped by to pick up a bed frame Cookie is going to use when she moves to Nashville (sob) and I did some dishes. We got ready and headed out the door again. We went to church and then picked up Abner's to take to Morgan and Haydn's house for dinner. We had such a good time hanging out and Annie loved playing with Mary Milton.
We put the children right to bed when we got home and I got on the computer and Peyton fell asleep on the couch. I straightened the house and started some laundry and went to bed.

The kids slept kind of lateish on Thursday, which was nice since Peyton had to rush in to work. He was supposed to be off that morning, but his old partner went into labor, so he went in to work for her husband, who is also a pharmacist. Graves got up and I took a quick bath before Annie woke up and then dried my hair and cleaned the vanity in our room while Annie played in our bed. Annie and I read books and played and I fed Graves and he took a nap. Graves woke up and I gave AP a bath and folded and put up clothes in our room. Annie had lunch and I ironed some clothes and Graves took another nap.

I tried to put AP down for a nap, but it was storming and the thunder scared her. I put her in timeout for getting up, but then I felt bad because she was so scared, so I just let her stay up. We read and I put up more laundry and then we got Graves up and got ready. I was having dinner with some people from our Ultreya group, so I dropped AP off at my mother in law's house and brought Graves with me to Applebees. Graves did pretty good and then we picked up AP and headed to my parents' house. We had a good time and when we got home, I gave Graves a bath because he had a blow out diaper and put Annie to bed. I cooked some chicken to add to leftover soup and shredded it and then got on the computer. Peyton got home and we stayed up way too late.

Friday was a rough day. I was SO tired and Peyton had a meeting in the morning and was working the afternoon shift. We all got up and just had a lazy morning. I did get a shower and folded a load of laundry, but mostly we just hung out on the couch, snuggling and reading books. Peyton came home for lunch, and I put up clothes and fed Annie lunch. She took a good nap, but I couldn't get Graves to sleep. He was so mad and just cried and fussed, even in my arms. At one point, I had to put him in a "safe place" like they tell you in childbirth class because I really wanted to just scream "Please stop crying". I got him up and I started wondering if that's how people feel right before they "snap" and hurt their babies. It made me sick, even though I know I wasn't close to that, really, it scared me. The termite guy came to check our house and then I woke up AP and we headed to my parents' house early. I got to rest, but poor Graves screamed in my mom's arms most of the time. I wish I could figure out what was wrong with him. He's so inconsistent- he has some good days and some really bad days. I know some of it is just fussiness, but my dad did say "Babies don't just cry for no reason" and I wonder if he's right. If something is hurting him, I just want to figure it out. We got home and Peyton got home shortly after. We chatted a little and I went to bed before midnight I was so tired.

Peyton had to work on Saturday, but we had some fun things going on! I got up and got ready and then got the kids ready and wrapped a present and we headed to my nephew, Simeon's birthday party. I made the mistake of telling AP when she got up, so the morning was full of asking and pestering about "biiiiiiirthday potty". I'm glad it was so early!

It was a pool party and we got there around 10:30 and stayed until almost one. We swam and had lunch and Graves did pretty good, too, since there was always a grandparent to hold him. We got home and I put both kids down for a nap. AP took one of her epic naps and Graves slept a little while and woke up pretty happy. I read blogs and then spent a long time organizing videos we've taken with the video camera on the computer. Graves woke up and I fed him and sorted through more videos. Then I got neatened up the house a little and got ready because Peyton's parents were coming over to watch the children while I went to a fundraiser for the women's ministry at The Pointe (our church's church plant). [Peyton was down at Camp Wesley Pines doing stuff for Cursillo.]

I finished getting ready and my in laws got here and I left for the fundraiser. It was SO MUCH FUN! They had a really good local singer whose not technically a Christian musician but a lot of his songs are about his faith. He kind of had a country/Jimmy Buffet vibe. There was a Chinese auction, an adorable (super relatable) speaker, and a fabulous dinner. It was chicken spaghetti, and I KNOW it had dairy in it, but I decided "go big, or go home" and got a big serving and decided I'd watch Graves the next couple of days and see if he had much reaction to it. It was probably a bad move, but I couldn't just not get any you know? I got home and Graves had been sort of fussy, but right when I walked in he started smiling. Um, Momma's boy? Right now it is so hard to leave him with anyone, because he's just so unpredictable and doesn't take a bottle well and I feel bad when he's fussy like that for someone else. Anyway, I fed him and got AP to bed and then straightened the house and got on the computer. Peyton got home and we caught up and went to bed pretty early.

I'm glad I did because Graves was up every two hours. I have no idea what was going on- I don't think it was the spaghetti because he'd go right back to sleep if I fed him. I tried to just give him his paci and pat him back to sleep, but he wanted nothing to do that, so I ended up feeding him. I think part of the problem is he needs to be out of our room, but he's not ready to be in the nursery with AP because I don't want them both waking up! I'm thinking I may just move his Pack N Play into the study. I've read several places that around four months a lot of babies kind of go through a bad sleep phase and it fixes itself in a few months. I may try some gentle sleep training around the six month mark, but I know it's not going to be a ten to twenty minute fuss like it was most of the time with AP, so I'm not really sure.

Sunday came nice and early and AP tried to get up at 5:00. I let Peyton handle that one and he got her back to sleep for a few hours. We got ready and went to Sunday School and late church. Peyton had to be back at Camp Wesley Pines for the afternoon, so I got AP to help me clean up the toys she got out before church and I got the kids fed and down for naps and cleaned up the kitchen, which was a disaster from the whole weekend. I watched some TV and ate lunch and then Graves woke up fussing, but I got him back down and then made some homemade laundry detergent. I had stopped for awhile, but it really is a cost saver and it's not too much of an inconvenience, so I decided to start back up. I had been procrastinating, though, and the laundry got kind of out of hand. Graves woke up fussy and then Annie woke up. At least she was happy! I got some laundry folded and Peyton got home and we got ready to go eat with some of his pharmacy friends. We went to a sushi place, which is good because sushi, edamame, and miso soup don't have dairy! The kids did remarkably well and we stayed almost two hours at the restaurant! We got home and put the babies to bed and then talked some. I got on the computer and straightened the house and then read my Bible and went to bed.

Things are about to start to get busy around here! We're starting a new Bible study at church that Peyton is leading and the reading is about forty five minutes a day. Several people told Peyton that they just didn't have time for that kind of commitment. He said that it didn't bother him if they didn't have time for his study, but he hoped that they had time for that kind of commitment to the Lord in some facet. In truth, I have been doing pretty rotten with reading my Bible lately. I have good weeks and bad weeks and I am hoping this will keep me accountable and get me in the habit of more good weeks. Additionally, Mother's Day Out is about to start up and it's high time for me and the kids to start reorienting ourselves to a normal schedule. I'm ready!


Anonymous said...

Poor girl. I think all moms understand that "end if your rope" feeling. My daughter has reflux (she is 2 and still on meds) so I wonder if Graves just needs a different medicine. Prevaid has been our life saver. It does decrease the amount they spit up, just the associated pain. In any case, I do agree with your dad- babies don't just cry for no reason, it is always to communicate something. I would have a serious talk with his doctor. I personally do not agree with sleep training, but please, do make sure there is nothing medical going on before attempting it. We ended up cosleeping and it saved my sanity. I could just barely wake up, feed my daughter, and we would both fall back asleep. Nights when she woke at least hourly were still rough, but nothing like if I had to get up. Good luck, I hope everything mellows out soon!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Hang in there it can take up to 4 weeks for dairy to leave the baby and 2 weeks to get out of the moms system. It is hard when you do not know what is going on.

Amy said...

first of all, i'm so glad someone else nurses their child while sitting in a car in the parking lot :)
secondly....laney and graves sound A LOT alike! some days she is just the happiest most content little thing and then others, she screams and cries and i can't console her to save my life. it is so frustrating, because like you said - i have no idea what's wrong with her or why she can go from one extreme to the other....aaah!