Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Smorgasbord

Another content heavy Smorgasbord, folks. Some things really got me thinking this week...

Posted: 21 Aug 2011 09:13 PM PDT
"Her face is beet red and crinkled with pain, her body making little sounds of too much air."

"I am a stubborn one and so motherhood is one of the only ways I'll allow a holy kind of soul cleansing thing to happen in me. I am otherwise so occupied with myself that I pay that kind of change no mind at all."

"So I answer to her when she cries and it is an honor to serve her. No matter what kind of ugly I am when I'm at the end of myself at the never-end of the days, it is an honor."

I have felt every one of the emotions articulated by Heather. And I've felt them particularly strongly this past week. I get frustrated with Graves. I doubt my competence as a mother. I get upset because Annie was so easy and as much as I know he's a little bit of a needy child, part of me thinks "WHY CAN'T YOU HANDLE A TYPICAL BABY??". And then there's sleep. I ALLOWED people to make me feel guilty abut how well Ann Peyton slept and now I allow people to do the same with how poorly Graves sometimes does.  Clearly, the problem is me.  I'm becoming so much more aware of my own insecurities lately and that is a good thing.  For example- I really have had myself convinced that several of my real life friends have their stuff together in a way that I unfortunately do not.  And those friendships, friendships that I truly love and value, have suffered for it.   This post was just a good reminder that it's okay to be real and it's okay to feel things deeply and it's okay to say "I'm not good enough" and then find the grace to be enough.
Posted: 21 Aug 2011 09:07 PM PDT
I love Heather's simple photography tips!
Posted: 21 Aug 2011 09:06 PM PDT
"I don't feel like I fit the "mommy-blogger" world but because have the mummy-stuff on here, I can't fit in the spiritual/deep/writer blogs either."

As you may have noticed from a post or two, I've kind of been analyzing the "direction" of my blog lately, too.
Posted: 21 Aug 2011 09:05 PM PDT
"He was talking about emotions and how emotions are REAL, but they are ignorant. We FEEL a certain way because of how the mind thinks about a situation."
Posted: 21 Aug 2011 09:04 PM PDT
Okay, nobody freak out, but I've felt all of this so much this week, and if I'm honest, the last four months. This week was the first time that Peyton asked me if I thought I needed to get back on some sort of medicine. I'm not there yet, but it was nice for him to notice and acknowledge that I was feeling the burden of my own mind.
Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility » Hugged And Unhugged
Posted: 21 Aug 2011 08:58 PM PDT
I love this quote. I need the reminder to "unhug".
Posted: 21 Aug 2011 08:57 PM PDT
I am so here. I just feel frazzled so much of the time. Twitter (and some blog posts) say that a life planner will help with this, but I'm not convinced. Pretty sure I need to just buckle down and find a system.
Posted: 21 Aug 2011 08:55 PM PDT
"So, as I'm trying to be more intentional with my encouragement and do-gooding every day (and finding that it's not easy in this already not-easy life) it doesn't mean I won't keep trying."
Posted: 20 Aug 2011 12:02 PM PDT
I thought this article was interesting. Let me be clear before I start up another controversy. I fully believe that Christ is the only "path" to heaven. But just what does that mean? In the comments the author points out that a child can have a very real relationship with his or her parent, but not know the parent's proper name and have very little intellectual "knowledge" of the parent. SO is it necessary to call on Jesus BY NAME to be saved or is it possible for those who have never heard of Him to recognize a sin nature within themselves, repent, and enter into a relationship with Him without having ever been exposed to Scripture or hearing the name "Jesus Christ"? Something I've mulled over for quite some time.

Hope you find something that you enjoy!

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