Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Growing

Fourteen pounds and nine ounces.  At five months, Baby Graves weighs two ounces more than his sister did at nine months.

I look at him and as amazed as I am by how beautiful he is, I am also amazed at how big he is.  I never knew I could have anything but a tiny, petite, and though precious, underweight baby.

I squeeze his chunky legs and run my fingers along his soft round baby cheeks.  I admire the "rubber bands" around his wrists.  And it makes me happy.  Because I've done that virtually all by myself.  He hates baby food right now and he hates bottles.  That leg chub?  The rosy pink cheeks? Those delicious rubber bands? I gave him all those things.  When I wake up, exhausted, and feed him at four in the morning because no one else can, I think of those legs.  When I, still exhausted, crave the caffeine he can't tolerate, I envision those cheeks.  And when I look at my own unflatteringliy thin reflection, I'm reminded of those precious rubber bands, worth every calorie he needed from me.

I know the day will come, sooner than I'd like, I'm sure, that he'll be bigger than his sister.  People tell me that all the time. I fairly confident the day will come when he'll be bigger than me.  One day the responsibility of growing his body will no longer rest solely with me.  Yet, I'll always have the even greater task of  growing his heart.

Praise God for the privilege of both!


Manju Sara Jacob said...

It indeed is a wonderful responsibility of feeding the body and the heart... Children are indeed an inheritance from the Lord. I pray we will be able to raise our children just like how Jesus grew in stature and in wisdom and in favor with God and men.(Luke 2:52)

Christi said...

Isn't it amazing? With our third (the one after our very tiny little girl)...I love to sit there and feed her admiring every little roll, every little finger, etc. Oh how I would sit there and praise God as I fed that sweet baby. It didn't take all that long for her to outgrow her sister. They are older now and I can't quite cuddle them like I did back then, but I still find myself admiring every little dimple, etc on them and thanking God for the honor of helping them grow in other ways than in size now. We are such lucky moms.

A Diamond in the Rough said...

I love how much you love in this post. It shines through so clear that this little man has stolen your heart. Blessings and permission to revel in these moments before he is bigger than his sisters and you!

Mallory Pickering said...